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May 15, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 15, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, May 15, 1997 AAll 1 "rVData News [] News [] CBS News News [] IB KTVN O KVBC News [] NBC News News [] Jeopardy! [] Newsradio Men Behav. Wings Joe leads a O WDIV "Space" n= Bad treasure hunt for all. [] News [] NBC News News [] Ent. IB KRNV tonight RealTY(In Cops[] Nanny[] Dave's Movla:,w*;'UnderSiege"'(1992)StevenSeagaI.A NewsRr iLate Show (in Stereo) [] Late Late shmw (In (R)[] Stereo) [] World [] Navy cook thwarts a plot.to hijack a battleship. [] Stereo) [] Wheal of Real TV (in Nowsradto Me, Behav- Wings Joe leads a fLaw & Order (In Stereo) News [] iTonight Show (in Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (in Fortune [] Stereo) [] "Space" [] Bad treasure hunt for all. [] 1[] I[] Stereo) [] IPald Later (in Laeza (In Stereo)  News []Law & Order (In Stereo) News Tonight[] Show (In Stereo) Jny[] Jones (In Stereo) ]Program Late Night (In Stereo) []. Stereo) r Mihtside Hard Cop/ Inside Newsraldo Men Behev- Wing= Joe leads a Law & Order (In Stereo) News [] ]TonigM Show (in Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In [] Edition [] "Space" [] Bad treasure hunt for all. [] [] ][] Stereo) [] Extra(In Access HerdCopy HadAbout Simpeons Simpeons Bevedy Hilla. 90210 Frlends and family gether for the F/X:Thesedes'The (D KWU Stereo)[] Hollywood [] You [] (in Stereo) (in Stereo) graduation; Donna decidesto get Intimate with David. RIng" (R) Kratte' Science New Red Business Newshour With Jim O KNPB Creatures Guy Green Report O WXYZ y'dme Emmy Awards (In Stereo Live) [] Star Trek: The Next Married... I.Jd=D: Life F/X: The Series "The Generaon (In Stereo) [] With on the Beat RIng" (R) NewExplorera"ls Skaiing Beat of Auetin City Chadie Rose (In Stereo) MathTalk MathTalk MathTaik JMethTalk Trinidad Drowning?" [] Umits [] [] [] I [] La[] Six to Watch (In Stereo) News Ntghtltne [] V,le lAmerin Poldca,y IMe,ock"The Court WWI Pillow Caryl & Medlyn: Real ABC World News Now [] Edition [] ]Journal[] Incorrect [] IMartr ' [] Fdds WInner chosen. (Joined In Progress ) [] O KOLO  New= ABC Wkl News Jeogerdyt Wheel of Daytime Emmy Awards (In Stereo) [] Six to Watch (In Stereo) News Nighttine [] Polldosgy Night Court Paid News (R) News [] Fortune [] [] Incorrect ]. Proam O KLAS News 3] :BS News News[] News[] iQt EditionlnSide [] Nanny[] WoddDaVe's[] NavyMoVie: *** "Under SKR#'(1992)Steven Seagal. Acook thwarts a plot to hijack a battleship. [] News[] Late Show (in Stereo)[] Eight Late Late Show (Instereo) [] IHa Late Late Show (in CBS Up to the Minute (JoIned in Progress) (0D Wl"OC Nanny[] Dave's Movie: *** "Under siege" (1992) Staven Seagal. A News Late Show (In Stereo) [] rdCopy Stereo)[] Wodd [] Navy cook thwarts a plot to hijack a battleship. [] l NighUine [] Politically Highway Murphy ]News (R)[] KTNV News [] NewsABC Wld News [] News [] Improve.Hme ICach [] Daytime Emmy Awards (In Stereo) [] []Six to Watch (In Stereo) News [] nconect [] Patrol Brown [] I New Extdorera "Is Sonja I.lenie: Queen of Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Interact ]Theater Newshour With Jim Instructional Programming U.S. Department of () WHET Trinidad Drowning?" [] the lce (R) (In Stereo) [] Cofe |Talk Lehrer[] Education ) KAME Mr. Cooper Rosoenne Roeaanne Mewled... Star Trek: Deep Space Sentinel "Sleeping Star Trek: Voyager Strange Extra (In Movie: ,'/2 "Personals" (1990) A journalist meats a Paid Paid In Stereo) (In Stereo) With Nine (In Stereo) [] Beauty" (In Stereo) [] "Scorpion" [] Universe Stereo) [] woman who leads a deadly double life. Program Program Fresh Cosby Roseanne Cheers [] Seinfeld (in Rm Sendnd "Sleeping Star Trek: Voyager MeUock"The Husband" Martin (In Beywatch "Short-Sighted" Strange Action Al Coldns ) KRLR Prince Show [] (In Stereo) Stereo) [] ....,..vv Beauty" (In Stereo) [] "Scorpion" [] (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] (n Stereo) [] Universe Raadir Graphics New Explorers "Is Di Catchers Keeping Up New Explorers "is ] Being Chamldon=dlipSkating Di Catchers (R) Charlie Rose (in Stereo) Humanities Marketing WTVS Trinidad Drowning?" [] Served Trinidad Drowning?" [] ....... 1 "1';I =J 'F =hl; V-'ll=t=i': I Remember Movie: *** "The Flame and the Movie:  "This Earth Is Mine" (1959, Drama) Rock Hudson, Jean Simmons. California vintners spar over Movie: *** "The Flame and the Movie: **V2 "Don O, Son of Zorro" AMC WENN [] Arrow (1950) Burt Lancaster.  use of their grapes. Arrow" (t950) Burt Lancaster. (1925, Adventure) Douglas Fairbanks. Biography "The Red American Justice 20th Century "The FBI: Law & Order "Manhood" Biography "The Red American Justice 20th Century "The FBh Law & Order "Manhood" Movie: "The Immortal A&E Baron: Master of the Air" "Profilers" Life Without Hoover" [] Baron: Master of the Air" "Profilers" (R) Life Without Hoover" (R) [] Battalion" (1944) .... CNN/Sports Crossfire Newsroom []Prime News ProofBUrden(R)f[] Larry King Uve [] ;World Today [] []Mneyline NewsNight TodayShwbiz(R) UpdateNeWsNight Iluatrated'NN/Spor Larry King Uve (R)  Overnight Ilustrated (R) CNN Movie: **V2 "Ferris Bueller's Day Oft" 0986, Comedy) Matthew Dream On Dally Show Young Tick [] Saturday Night Live [] Dally Show Movie: */2 "My Demon Lover" (1987) A man literally Paid Paid COM Brederick. A brash teen pie/s hooky and borrows a vintage Ferrari. Sole S ster' Comedians (R) turns into a monster when sexually aroused. Program Program DSC Travelers (R) Movie Next Step Wings "Modem Missiles" Wild DiscoVery "Cougar: Discover Magazine Planet of Life (R) (Part 2 Wild Discovery "Cougar: Discover Magazine Planet of Ufe (R) (Pad 2 Magic (R) (R) (R) Ghost of the Rockies .... Deception" of 7) Ghost of the Rockies" (R) "Deception" (R) . of 7) Secrets of Victorla's Gossip News Daily Talk Soup ]Night Stand Howard Howerd Melrose Place "The Days Talk Soup ]Night Stand Howard News Dally Paid Paid Paid Paid E! Secret (R) (R) (R) I Stern Stern (R) of Wine and Vodka" (R) J Stern (R) (R) Program Program Prognun Program Movie: **/ "Zoot Suit" (1981) Young Hispanics in "Milagro- ENC 1940s L/L become scapegoats for murder. 'R' War" Up Close Boxing: Phillip HoMey vs. Pete ESPN (It) D (R) Taliaferro; (R) Carson Carson Carol Carol We]tone "The Diploma" Highway to Heaven Rescue 911 (In Stereo) [] 700 Club Three Stooges Carson Carson Paid Paid FAM Classics Classics Burnett Bumatt "Heavy Date" (in Stereo) Classics Classics Program Program KCNC CBS News News [] Nanny [] Dave's Movie: *** "Under Siege" (1992) Steven Seagel. A News [] Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In Gordon Elliott Hence News (R) Paid Paid World [] Navy cook thwarts a plot to hijack a battleship. [] Stereo) [] Taylor. Gina Tognoni. Program Program Jeoperdyl Wheel of Daytime Emmy Awerde (In Stereo) [] Six to Watch (in Stereo) News [] Nightline [] inside Politically American Personal Rolonde Caryl & Marilyn: Real KMGH [] Fortune [] [] Edition [] Incorrect [] Journal[ Secret Friends Winner chosen. Newshour With Jim Spirit of Spirit of New Explorers "Is One Foot in Being Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Imaging America New Explorers "Is KRMA Lehrer [] Colorado Colorado ]'rinad Drowning?" [] the Grave Served "Salisbury, Maryland" [] Trinidad Drowning?" [] News [] EnL Neweradio Man Behav- Wings Joe leads a !Law & Order (in Stereo) News [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) ICheera [] Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In Extra (In Jenny Jones (R) (In KUSA Tonight 'Space" [] Bad treasure hunt for all. [] :  l Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Home Home Sister, Steve Jamie Foxx Wayans News (In Stereo) [] Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Space Martin (In Ricki Lake (R) Honey- I Love Lucy News (R) (in KWGN Improve. Improve. Sister (R) [] Harvey [] (in Stereo) Bros. (R) [] ueration "Sub Rosa" Nine (in Stereo)[] Stereo) [] rnoonere [] Stereo) [] Wonders of Ultrasci- Prehistoric Paleowodd Alien Secrets: Area 51 Wonders of ]Ultrasci- Prehistoric Paleoworld Alien Secrets: Area 51 Homatime: Hometime: Paid jPald Paid Paid LEARN Weather (R) ence (R) Australia "Killer Birds" (R) (Part 2 of 2) Weather (R) ence (R) Australia "K Iler B rds" (R) (Part 2 of 2) Landscaping Landscaping Program Program Program Program Golden Golden Supermar. Debt Intimate Portrait "Tammy Unsolved Mysteries (in Movie: **/2 "Jersey Gift' (1992) A deycare worker Homicide: Life on the Unsolved Mysteries (In Sisters "The Bottom Line" LIFE Girls [] Gids [] ket Sweep Wynahe" (R) Stereo) opes for love with a wealth v salesman. ;treet "Law & Disorder" Stereo) (in Stereo) [] 4:30) Movie: *** Movie: ,**, "Runaway" (1984) A computer genius Movie: ,Vz "Wee Craven Presents Movie: "Night of the Running Man" (1994) A cabbie Movie: ***Vz "Ermo" (1994, Comedy- Movie: ** "Losin' It" MAX "That s Life (1986) [] reprograms domestic robots to kill people. 'PC.13' [] Mind Ripper" (1995) Lance Henriksen. s on the run with $1 million of the mob's money. 'NIT Drama) Ailiya. Liu Peiqui. 'NIT (1982) Tom Cruis e. 'IT (3:00) M'rv 500 The top Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny Singled Out JLoveline (In Stereo) Adult ght Jema ]Music Videos (In Stereo) Music MTV 500 videos. (In Stereo) McCarthy McCarthy McC&y (in Stereo) I iVideo= [In Stereo) McCarthy Videos I Life and Times of Ray Prime Time Country (In Marly Party II (R) (In Dallas "Homecoming" (in Dukes of HazzaN Prime Time Country (R) Marly Party II (R) (in (Off Air) HASH Price (In Stereo) Stereo) [] Stereo) Stereo) "Double Dukes" fin Stereo) [] Stereo) HeyAmold! HappyDaye oveLucy Bewitched Nowhert[] IOddCoupie Taxi[] IDreamof Paid ]HappyDays ILoveLucy Newhert[] Taxir MeryTyler NICK [InStereo) ] L ][] Mary Tyler Dick Van Bob Rheda Moore [] Dyke Nowhart Jeennie Pr [] IMoors [] Paid .... Paid' Paid Paid Seaquest DSV "By Any Forever Knight "Night in Sightinge (In Stereo) Quantum Leap "Sea Seaquest DSV "By Any Forever Knight "Night in Sightinge (R) (in Stereo) Program Program Program Program SClFI 3ther Name" (In Stereo) Question" (In Stereo) [] Bride- June 3, 1954" [] Other Name" (In Stereo) Question" (In Stereo) [] Behind the Creflo A. Precious Jack Ven Praise the Lord [] Jerry Jesse Full Gospel Benny Hinn Dave Mylos Praise the Lord [] TBN ;Scenes [] Dollar Jr. Memories mpe Savelle Duplantis Ruever Monroe Movie: ** "Little Big Lea9ue" (1994, Comedy) Luke Edwards. A Movie: **** "Mary Poppins" (1964, Fantasy) Julle Andrews, Dick Van Dyke. A Movie: ***Y "Father Goose" (1965, Comedy) Cary Grant. A Laverne & Leave It to TBS 12-year-old boy becomes the Minnesota Twins' new manager, magical nanny happily disrupts a stuffy British family, woman and seven girls invade a loner's WWtl island lookout. Sh r ey Beaver Movie: ** "The Left-Handed Gun" (1958) A Movie: "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" (1957) Wyatt Movie: ,.P, "They Died With Their Bouts On" (1941, Western) Movie: **** "Fort Apache" (1948, Western) John Wayne, Henry TCM youthful Billy the Kid avenges his employer's death. Earp and Doc Holliday pursue the notorious Clantons. Errol Flynn. Custer meets his fate at Little Big Horn. Fonda. A cavalry officer is held responsible for Indian attacks. Insidethe In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night Movie: *** "Midnight Express" (1978, Drama) Brad Davis, Rdy Kung Fu "Nine Lives" TNT NBA ( n Stereo) [] (In Stereo) [] Quaid. American Billy Hayes is jailed in Turkey on drug charges. Murder, She Wrote "From Movie: ** "Bitter Vengeance" (1994) A woman is Silk Stalkings "Head 'n' Renegade (in Stereo) [] Magnum, P.I. "All for Acapulco H.E.A.T. "Code Movie: ** "The Member of the Wedding" (1997) A USA Russia With Blood" [] spurred to action against her wayward husband. [] Tail" (R) (In Stereo) [] One" (Part 2 of 2) [] Name: Stalking Horse" girl experiences the pangs of her comin 9 adulthood. ; Sister, eve Jamie Foxx Wayans News (In Stereo) [] Wisoguy "The Gift" (In In the Heat of the Night Simon & Simon "Red Paid Paid Movie: **Y "Secret Weapons" (1985, Drama) Sexy WGN Sister (R) [] Harvey  (In Stereo) Bros. (R) [] Stereo) (In Stereo) [] DOg Blues" Program Program KGB recruits seduce and blackmail American bigwigs. I :,liI =h,mZJ ,,E..]: r_, l:t =] : / (4:30) Movie: *** "Roxanne" (1987, Movie: **V "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde" Movie: "Mission: Impossible" (1996) A botched Traosy Larry Real  (R) (in Movie: **v "Eraser" (1996) A gevemment agent HBO Comedy) Steve Martin. 'PG' [] (1995, Comedy) Sean Young 'PG-13' [] mission puts a spy on the run from his employers. [] Takes On... Sanders  Stereo) ] : rotects a witness from gunrunners. (in Stereo) 'R' [] Tale Spin  JDucktales Chip 'n' Goof Troop [Movie: **t/a "Magic Island" (1995, Movie: "Kids of the Round Table" Movie: "The Dark Crystal" (1982) Two Movie: **V "Freaky Friday" (1977) Barbara Harris. "Parent DSN J[] Dale [] IFantasy) Zachery Ty Bryan. 'PG' 3 1995, Adventure) Johnny Morina. 'NIT elfin beings undertake a magical quest. A mother and daughter exchange bodies for a day. 'G' Trap' (4:30) Movie: ** "Old Movie: ** "Unstrung Heroes" (1995, Drama) A 12- Outer Limits "The New Movie: *** "The Santa Clause" Poltergeist: The Legacy Movie: ,V= "Galaxis" (1995, Science Movie: "Best of the Best SHOW Explorers" (1990) 'PG' 'ear-old runs away to the home of two odd uncles. 'PG' Lease" (R) (In Stereo) [] (1994, Comedy) Tim Allen. 'PG'[] "Lights Out" (In Stereo)  i Fiction) Brigitte Nielsen. (In Stereo) 'R' 3: No Turning Back" 'R' (4:40) Movie: ** "The Marrying Man" Movie: *** "Backdraft" (1991, Drama) Kurt Russell. Chicago Movie: *** "Beyond Rangoon" Movie: ** "The Road Killers" (1995, Movie: *'/2 "New York Cop" (1995, "Showgirl TMC (1991, Comedy) Alec Baldwin. 'R' [] firefighters work overtime to stop a mad arsonist. (in Stereo) 'R' [] (1995, Drama) Patricia Arquette. 'R'  Suspense) Christopher Lambert. 'R' [] Drama) Toru Nakamura. 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