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May 15, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 15, 1997

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10AA Thursday, May 15, 1997 'ump Valley Gazette ie== TUES] G) WTOC Q) KTNV WNET g) KAME g) KRLR @ WTVS IIII COM worn 5:00 5:30 N..[] I.--[] IB KI"VN News [] INBC News 8 KVBC mmmmm;ou m+ @ WDIV dh"mc News [] INBC News 8 KRNV a(m IAcce. B KWU eo) leywond Kn' IScience O KNPB Creatures IC, uy Roseanrl 'Into That O wxYz GNr' News INews O KOLO Ices News O KLAS Promised Land "Stealing Home"[] Nova "The Day the Earth shock" (R) ( Stem) r= Mr.cooper IRoseenne l(in Stereo) I Nova "The Day the Earth ' (R) (In stereol [] (4:00) Movie: *** "Dear AMC pitte" (tBeS) Biography "Gen. Ornar A&E Bradley" (R) Prime  In ot CNN ] IProot (H} [[ II 6:00 6:30 CBS News News [] News [] Jeopardy! [] Frssier (In Frssier ] Dateline (In Stereo) [] Stereo) r ws [] Ent. Tonight Hard Copy Mad About 'el You [] Red Business Newshour With Jim rean Report Lehrer , Rome Spin City NYPD Blue (In Stereo) reprove. (In Stereo) (PA) [] ;BC Wid News ews News ! Movie: "True Women" (1997) Dana Delany. Phemie md Georgia reunited after many years. [] ewa [] {I Mad About You "The Bidh  [] Ill/ofld's Scariest Police Chases 2 (In Stereo) (PA) Promised Land "Stealing Movie: "True Women" (1997) Dana Dalany. Phemie Home"  and Georgia are finally reunited after many years. [] Mad About You "The Frssier (In Dateline (In Stereo) [] Birth" [] Stereo) [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Jenny Jones (In Stereo) -, Frasier (In Dateline (In Stereo) [] Stereo) r World's Scariest Police Day the Earth Sreat Railway Journeys Frontline"The Opium ')n Stereo) [] b(ings" (In Stereo) [] Inside IAmerican Edition [] IJournai [] Stereo) [] Home ISoin City NYPD Blue (in Stereo) (PA) Promised Land "Stealing Movie: "True Women" (1997) Dana Dalany. Phemie Home" [] reunited after many years. [] Late Show (In Stereo) [] Voight. (In Stereo) [] Roseanne "Into That Home NYPD Blue (in Stereo) Good Night" [] (PA) [] Frontline "The Opium Masked gS" (in Stereo) [] , onne darded... IStar Trek: Deep Space JMoe [] In Stereo) N'h [ne 'The Alternate" [] [ loseanne ,hears [] Baiofaid (In Rneeanne IUueshe [] n Stereo) IStereo)[] (n Stereo) I K'lgs"Frontltne 'Tne Opium(in Stereo) [] IIn the Wild (In Stere)  J,d Movie: ,P** "Captain From Castile" (f947, Adventure) Tyrone Power. A Spanish nobleman joins Hemando Codes' quest. Movie: **'/z ;'Cadillac Man" (1990) Robin Williams. A crazed husband confronts a womanizina car salesman. mwe i iext Step lagic (HI I R) iosslo I lews Daily R) Travelers "Gion Matsud DSC Festival: Japan" (R) Inside WYPD Blue "NYPD E! Blue." (R) 14:00) Movie: *** ENC 'Roxanne', (1987) 'PG' ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGH LEARN UFE MAX MTV NASH NICK PS SCIR TBN TBS TCM TNT USA WGN HBO DSN SHOW Columbo "An Exercise in Fatality" A physical fitness Fanatic Ls suspected of murdering his business partner. Larry King Live [] World Today [] Viva Variety ]Dream On I Wings "Soviet Rotors" (R) k Soup NightS,and l"Citader' Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Royal Opera House (In Newshour W'h Jim Stereo) (Part 2 of 6) [] Lehrer [] In the Burning Zone "On Wings Istrenge Ia (In Houae ] of Angels" [] IUniverse IStereo) [] In the IBurning Zone "On Wings Matlock "The Annihilator" House [] [of Angels" [] I(in Stereo) [] Chef! INova "The Day the Earth IFrontline "The Opium IShock" (R) (In Stereo) ,' [Kings" (In Stereo) [] Movie: *** "The Right of the Phoenix" (1965, Drama) James Stewart. Plane crash survivors face death in the Arabian Desert. Law & Order "Heaven" [] lMoneina )ally Show Jk?lemn Allen: Wild Discovery "Australi New Detectives "Faces of -- The Big Picture" Tragedy" Howard Howard Melrose Place "And Stern Stern (R) Justice for None" ;leasice ICluaies ,3BS News INows [] Promised Land "stealing Movie: "True Women" (1997) Dana Delany. Phemie , Home" [] , reunitad after many years. ieoperdyl ]Wheel of Roseenne "Into That NYPD Blue (In Stereo) ] IFortune [] (PA) [] With Jim of National FronUine "The Opium Lehr [] ,-,aphic Stereo) [] Ent Mad About You "The resmr (In I Presier L Dateline (In Stereo) [] Home Stereo) [] Improve. IDemer (R) , IZone I of 2) Golden permar- I ebt lntimatePortrait [] t Sweep "Katharine Hepburn" {R)  River Phoenix. 'PG-13' [] (3:00) MTV 500 The top presents music video ) (In Stereo)  Wrote  Movie: TMC (In 1:30 Late Show (in Stereo) [] Late Late Show Actor Jon News (R) ! (In Stereo) [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In 3c Stereo) [] Late Night (In Stereo)  Lueza (In Stereo) NBC Now Nightside Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (in Stereo) [] Later (In Stereo) r Star Trek: The Next Cape "Hurricane" (R) (In Generation (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Cheriie Rose (In Stereo) Nova "The Day the Earth Frontline "The Opium S," (R) (In Stereo) [] ings" (In Stereo) [] (In Caryl & Marilyn: Real ABC World News Now Friends Five finalists, [] (Joined in Progress) [] Paid News (R) Program Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show Actor Jon Voht. (In Stereo) [ CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) Instructional 3rsat Lakes Alive Programming Movie: ** "Murderous Vision" 0991, Suspense) A detective teams up with a psychic to locate a killer. Martin (In Baywatch "Mirror, Mirror" Strange Stereo) [] ( n Stereo) [] Un verse In the Wild (R) (In Stereo) IChariie Rose (In Stereo) [] t Movie: .P** "Dear Brigitte" (1965, Comedy) A crush on a movie star waylays an 8-year-old math genius. Psychic Friends Empty Nest (In Stereo) Humanities Murphy INews (R) Brown  I Great Lakes Alive Psychic lalue 3dd Coopl :aces of .'ulture [] Movie: *** "Captain From Castile" (1947) Bingrsphy"Gen. Omar IColumbo "An Exercise in Fatality" A physical fitness ILaw & Order "Heaven" [] Movie: *** "Framed" Bradley" (R) fanatic is suspected of murdering his business partner. J (1992) Tnothy Dalton. NewsNight Showbiz NewsNight I Larry King Uve (R) [] IOvemight C Crossfire INewaroom ! Jtoday (R)JUpdate li, " I II !i Tick [] Saturday Night Live [] IOaily Show Movie:, "Ranted Ups" (1988) A documentary Paid IPaid ](R) filmmaker's art film is supposed to be pore, Program I Program IHunting the Dragon (R) Wild Discovery "Australia New Detectives "Faces of Hunting the Dragon (R) - The Big Picture" (R) Tragedy" (R) Talk Soup Night Stan Howard News Daily Paid Paid Paid I )aid (R) " Citadel' Stern (R) (R) Prngram Program Program I )rngram Movie: ** "Morituri" (1965) Marion Brando. A Movie: *** "Promise Her Anything" (1966) A youn( German opposed to Nazis fails victim to blackmailers, mother falls for a child psychologist who hates kids.  Playoff ferFinal (R) Game 2  Teams to Be:Announced, (R) Carson Carson Paid IPaid " Classics Classics Program IProgram News  tLate Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show Actor Jon Gordon Elliott Pampered News (R) Paid I Paid Voight. (In Stereo) [] Program I Prngram News  I Folonda Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends Five finalists. [] Law ano I Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Imaging America ovie: *** "The Captain's Paradise" r*'P* "The "Phoenix, Arizona" [] 11953, Comedy) Alec Guinness. I .adykillers' Disorder I News L ITonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Ricki Lake (R) T-Rex Exposed (R) Alien Secrets: Area 51 (R) (Pad 1 of 2) Movie: Dove" Homicide: Life on the Mysteries (in Street "End Game" [] Iovie: *** "Mortal Thoughts" (1991) A woman :he murder of a friend's husband. 'R' , enny ones [] I lews (R) (It  ;tereo) [] I 'aid I toBrem Sisters "Sunstroke" (In Stereo) [] Movie: "The Final Cut" (1995, Sam EtliotL (in Stereo) 'R' [] Lovellne (In Stereo) I dult Music Videos (In Stereo) I ideos Dukes of Hezzard "Sadie Prime "lime CounW Ralph Emery on the Stereo) Record With Travis (R) (Off Air) ! lusic ideos I Mary Tyler eWhed IMonrs [] I/R.5 "Love and Death" (In Quantum Leap "Maybe seaquest DSV "The Forever Knight "Let NO VR.5 "Love and Death" (In I Paid Stereo) - March 11, t983" Sincerest Form of Flattery" Man Tear Asunder"  Stereo) I Prngram Praise the Lord [] Praise the Lord [] Movie: "The Adventures of Huck Rnn" (1993) A boyIMovie: ** "Legend" (1985, Fantasy) Tom Cruise. govie: ** "The Return of Swamp Thing" (1989, IGomer r slave raft down the Mississippi River. ,A youth battles Darkness for the fate of a mystic land. Fantasy) Louis Jourdan, Heather Loctdearo I PYie, USMC MoVIe: **** "The Birth of a Nation" (1915, Drama) Henry B. Walthail, Ulllan Gish. Silent. officer leads a mission to destroy an enemy depot. ISouthern belle lures a teacher away from his true .love. Southerners face the problems of the Civil War. Movie: *** "The Horse Soldiers" (1959) A Union Movie: *** "Raintrea County" (1957, I)rama) A Movie: ,r* "Mssk" (1985, Drama) Chef, Eric Stoltz. A disfigured IMovle: ** Brsw" (1983) The McKenzle Man From U.N.C.LE. life. I "The Hot Number Affair" Renegade (In Stereo) ..'el P.I. "All for Acopulco H.E.A.T. "Coda (Part 1 of 2) [] Name: Ghost" (In Stereo) In the Heat of the Night Simon & Simon "Like Movie: ** "Desperately Seeking Susan" (1985, "Don't Look Back" [] Father, Like Sen" Comedy) Rosanna Arquette, Madonna. (1995, Comedy Hour: "Richard Belzer: Another Six Months to Uve (R) (In Stereo) [] Movie: * "Expect No hter awaken,, I(In Stereo) [] Mercy" (1995) 'R' +o "n' IC t fro IMovie: *** "DuckTaiea the Movie - Bear and the Mcol Right of Movie: *.k "Gus" (1976,,,Cnedy) Movie: ** "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides I"Abbott & m , . Treasure of the Lost Lamp" Edward Asner, Don Knotts. G' [] Again" (1979, Comedy) Tim Conway. 'G' [] I Cos-Killer '' Movie: * "Skyscraper" (1996) Anna Nicole Smith. A Movie:, "Cyberzone" (1995, Science Movie: *** "Sketch helicopter pilot must save hostages from a madman. Fict on) Marc S nger. ( n Stereo) R Art st (1992) Jeff Fahey. Movie: *** "The Raven" (1963, Movie: ** "Wharf Rat" (1995, Drama) Movie: ** "Ruke" (1985, Adventure) Movie:  "Chameleon" (1995, Drama) A federal Movie: ** "Machine Gun Blues" l Vincent Price, Peter Lorre. 'G' Lou Diamond Phillips. 'R' . Matthew Medina. (In Stereo) 'PG' r agent goes under cover to nab money aunderers. 'R (1998, Drama) Nick Dassevetes. 'R' Did you lose your pants last time you Advertised? Our professional sales staff will find the Ad that is right for you! The Pahrump Valley Gazette 727-5583 I IIII