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May 15, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 15, 1997

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f Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, May 15, 1997 AA9 TVData News  News [] O KTVN News  NBC News ID KVBC National Geographic: O WDIV "Volcano!" (in Stereo) News [] NBC News O KRNV Extra (In Access O KVVU Stereo ) [] Hollywood Kratts' Science IB KNPB Creatures Guy David Blaine: Street 8 WXYZ Magic (in Stereo) [] News News ]1 KOLO News [] CBS News O KLAS Cosby (In Murphy g) W'TOC Stereo)[] Brown [] News [] ABC Wld KTNV News America's Scenic Rail I) WNET Jourys ) KAME Mr.Cooper Roseanne (In Stereo) Fresh Cosby lI) KRLR Pdnce Show[] Eyewitness wiid W0dd "Mammal" (in Stereo) III I CBS News News [] Real W (In Cops (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] News [] Jeopardy! Wheel of Real TV (In Fodune [] Stereo) [] Movie: "The Odyssey" (1997) Based upon Homer's oem of th e wanderings o| King Odysseus, [] News [] Ent. !Hard Copy Inside Tonight  Edition 1 Cosby (In Murphy Cybill "Let's Ink "Going Chicago Hope "Hope Stereo) [] Brown [] Stalk" [] o the Dos" Against Hope" (In Stereo) National Geographic: Movie:'"The Odyssey" (1997) Based upon Homer's "Volcano!" (In Stereo) [] :m of the wanderings of King Odysseus. [] News Tonight Show (In Stereo) Jenny Jones (In Stereo) Paid [] . . [] Program National Geographic: Movie: "The Odyssey" (1997) Based upon Homer's "Volcano!" (In Stereo) [] )Dam of the wanderings of King Odysseus. ,) WTVS I Hard Copy Mad About Simpsons [] You [] IIn Stere 0) New Red Business Mewshour With Jim Green Report Lehrer [] Movie: "Detention: Siege at Johnson High" (1997, Drama) Rick Schroder. Premiere. (in Stereo) [] ABC WId News Jeopardy! Wheel of News [] Fortune [] News [] News [] Ent, Inside Tonight. Edition [] Cybill "Let's Ink "Going Chicago Hope "Hope Stalk" [] to the Dogs" Against Hope" (in Stereo) News [] News [] Home Coach (In Improve. Stereo) [] American Experience Suez Crisis Britain invades over Suez "Hawaii's Last Queen" [] Canal. (in, Stereo) [] Roseanne Married... (In Stereo). With Roseanne Cheers [] (in Stereo) American Experience "D- Day" (R) (In Stereo) [] Simpeone Melrose Place (Season Finale) Amanda tries to keep Outer Limits "Straight & (In Ste,reo), .D&,D stable after c!,aig and SYdney,depart. (in ,Stereo) Eyewitness Wild World American Experience "D- "Mammal" (in Stereo) Day" (R) (tn Stereo) [] News Nightline [] Inside American Edition [] Jouma [] Narrow,i' ,(In Stereo) [] David Blaine: Street Movie: "Detention: Siege at Johnson High" (1997, Magic (!n Stereo) : Drama) Rick Schroder. Premiere. (In Stereo) [] Cosby (in Murphy Cybill "Let's Ink "Going Chicago Hope "Hope Stereo) [] Brown [] Stalk" [] to the Dogs" Against Hope" (in Stereo) News Late Show (In Stereo)  Hard Copy Late Late Show (In [] Stereo) David Blaine: Street Movie: "Detention: Siege at Johnson Hi" (1997, Magic (In Stereo) [ Drama) Rick Schroder. Premiere. (!n Stereo) [] Chadie Rose (in Stereo) Mystery! "The Memoirs of Sarah Star Trek: Deep Space In the Nine "Rivals" (In Stereo) House [] Seinfdd (In Roseanne In the Stereo)[] (n Stereo) House America on Wheels (In Being Stereo) (Part 3 of 3) [] Served III III III Malcolm & sparks"[] Eddie [] Malcolm & Sparks [] Eddie.[] . Mulberry Eyewitness "Mammal" Df-=]l: News [] Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In News (R) [] Stereo) [] News [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In [] Stereo) [] Late Night (In Stereo) [] ILater (In Leeza (in Stereo) NBC News JStereo) [ ....... Nightaide News [] ' Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In [] Stereo) [] Suez Crisis Britain invades over Suez Canal. (in Stereo) [] Politically Matlock "The Model" (In Incorrect [] Stereo) [] News AMC A&E CNN COM DSC E! :30) Movie: *** "The pirai Staircase" (1946) Biography "Erwin Pdrot "The Lost Mine" RommeL The Last Knight" Prime News Burden of Larry King Live [] [] Proof (R) [] Movie: **V2 "National Lampoon's Vacation" (1983) A vacationing family detours into screwball sJe trips. Travelers (R) Movie Next Step Magic (R) (g) Anna Nicole Smith: The Sosaip News Daily True Hollywood Story (R) (R) Movie: **V2 "Against All Flags" 1952, Adventure) Errol Flynn. Miss Marpie "A Caribbean Mystery" (Part 2 of 2) World Today [] Movie: ** "The Stand at Apache R ver' (1953) Stephen McNally. Comics on Dream On Delivery (R) Wings "Last of the Gunfighters" (R) Talk Soup JNight Stand (R) ] , , Law & Order "Pride" [] Moneyline [] Daily Show Tommy Devidson , I Wild Discovery: "Komndo, Dragons" (R) Howard Howard Stem Stern (R) Sherlock Holmes" (R) [] Chang , Goode Strange Extra (In Behavior [] Universe Stereo) [] Goode Matlock "Blind Justice" (in Behavior [] Stereo) ,' Wild Word American Experience "D- (In Stereo) Day" (R) (in Stereo) [] Movie: *** "The Spiral Staircase" Movie: **/2 "Against All Flags" (1946, Suspense) Dorothy McGuire. (1952, Adventure) E!rol Flynn. ... Biography "Erwin Poirot "The Lost Mine" Miss Marple "A Caribbean Rommel: The Last Knight" Mystery" (part 2 of 2) NewsNight Showbiz NowsNight C Larry King Live (R) [] Overnight ' CNN/S Today (R) Update Ilt lluatmted ,:: Tick [] Saturday Night Live Daily Show Movie: ***V2 "Harold and Maude" (1971, Comedy) Eddie Murph r. [] (R) A 79-year.-old woman teaches a youth the art of living. Fast Cars: The Power Planet d Life (R) (Part 3 Wild Discovery: "Komodo Fast Cars: The Power and the Passion of 7) Dragons" (R) and the Passion (R) Melrose Place "Dr. Jeckyll Talk Soup [Night Stand Howard News Daily Paid [Paid Saves His Hide" (R) I Stem (R) (R) Progran ]Program Star Trek: The Next Married... LAPD: Life Outer Limits "Straight & Generation (in Stereo) [] W th on the Beat Narrow" ( n Stereo) [] Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Suez Crisis Britain invades over Suez Canal. (In Stereo) [] WWI Pillow Caryl & Marityn: Real ABC Word News Now Friends Five finalists. [] (Joined in Progress) [] Nightline % Pditically Night Court Paid INews (R) Incorrect [] Program I News [] Late Show (in Stereo) [] Ent. Late Late Show (In Tonight Stereo) [] CBS Up tO the Minute (Joined in Progress) News [] Nightline [] Politically Highway Murphy INews (R) [] ..... I . ].Incorrect [] [Patrol.. Brown [] [ . Instructional Programming Great Lakes Alive (R) Movie: **"'Settiethe Score" (1989i"A poiicewoman' Media Team Psychic searches for the man who raped her years ago, Value Martin (In Baywatch "8[indside" (In Strange Empty Nest iOdd Couple Stereo) [] Stereo) [] .. Un verse .. (In Stereo )  ............. America on Wheels (R) !Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Humanities Faces of (In Stereo) (Part 3 of 3) [] .Culture [] Movie: ***Vz "The Black Pirate" (1926) Silent. A nobleman sets .out to avenge his father's death. Law & Order "Pride" [] Movie: ,/r** "Framed" (1992) Timothy Dalton. Crossfire Newnroom (R) [] Paid Paid Program Program Planet of Ufe (R) (Part 3 of 7) Paid Paid Program Program ENC :-' ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGN LEARN LIFE MAX MTV NASH NICK PS SCIFI TBN TBS TCM TNT USA WGN HBO DSN SHOW TMC Carson Carson Carol Card Classics Classics Bumett Bumett CBSNOWs Newa Cosby(tn Murphy Stereo) [] Brown [] Jeopardy! Wheel of David Blaine: Street Fortune [] Magic (in Stereo) [] Newshour With Jim America's Scenic Rail Lehrer [] Journeys [] ' EnL National Geographic: Tonight "Volcano!" (In Stereo) [] Home Home 7th Heaven "Dangerous Improve. Improve, Liaisons" [] Extreme Machines (R) Prehistoric Predators (R) Golden Golden Supermar. !Debt Girls  , G ds []. ket Sweep (4:30) Movie: *t* "Abson of Malice:: (1981) Paul Newman: PC' [] Movie: *** "Ratliners" (1990) Med.school students Movie: *** "What's Up, "rir Uly?" Movie: **/ "Carry o 1 Cruising" (Off Air) make trips past the threshold of death. 'R' [] (1966, Comedy) Woody Allen. PG' (1966, Comedy) Sidne, James. Up lose ' Stanfey   Ierence Fal '  .......... ;; , ! ........ Oi ; (R} .. ,e2:-:Te$toBenou: (R) Wsitons "Founders' Day" Highway to Heaven Rescue 911 (in Stereo) [] 100 Club Three Stooges Carson Carson Paid Paid ' Parents' Day" (In Stereo) Classics Classics Program Program sCybill "Let's Ink "Going Chicago Hope "Hope News [] Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In Gordon' Eiliott Families""' Mews (R) Paid Paid ta k" [] to the Dogs" Against Hope" (In Stereo) Movie: "Detention: Siege at Johnson High" (1997, Drama) Rick Schroder. Premiere, (in Stereo) [] America's Scenic Rail American Experience "D- Journeys Day" (In Stereo) [] Movie: "The Odyssey" (1997) Based upon Homers )oemd the wanderings of King0dysseus. [] Bully the Vampire Slayer News (In Stereo) [] "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" Stereo) [] Mews [] Mightline [] Inside Politically Edition [] Incorrect [] Keeping Up Being Chadie Rose (in Stereo) Served i Nows [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) ]Cheers [] [ Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Space Generation "Homeward" Mine"Distant Voices" [] UFOs and Alien Extreme Machines (R) Encounters (R) Intimate Pork=it "Reba Unsdvel Mysteries (in McEntire" (R) Stereo) Prehistoric Predators (R) LJFOs and Alien Encounters (R) Movie: "Butterbox Babies" (1995) Susan Clark. A midwife !s implicated in a baby-trafficking operation. Movie: ** "Think Big" (1990, Comedy) Movie: */ "Black Sheep" (1996, Dav d and Peter Pau. 'PG-13' ComeDy) Chris Farley. 'PC-13' [] Movie: ,, "Hollow Print" (1996, Drama) Thomas lan Griffith. 'R' [] Program Program Caryl & Morgyn: Real Friends Five finalists. [] reunited. (R) Amedcan Paid Rolooda Journal[ Program Imaging Amedca Billy Joel From Movie: "Kind Heads and "Portland, Oregon"[] Leningra d , U.S.S.R. Coronets" (1949) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In !Two Extra (In Jenny Stereo)[] ,Extreme Stereo) Jones[] Martin (In Ricld Lake (R) Paid I Love Lucy News (R) (In Sterne) [] !Program Stereo ) [] Hometime Hometime Paid Paid Elementary School (R) "Decks" (R) "Decks" (R) Program Program Homicide: Life on the Unsolved Mysteries (In Sisters "Not in a Miilion Street "Dead End" [] Stereo) Years" (In Stereo) [] Movie: **"Broken Arrow" (19) A renegade Air Madl yn Chambers' Foree.pilot commandeers two nuclear bombs. 'R'  Bedtime Fantasies Music Videos (9:00) MTV 500 The top Dada (R) (In 500 videos. (In Stereo) Stereo) Today'a Cntry (In Prime Time Country (In Stereo} Stereo) [] Hey Amdd! Happy Days ove Lucy Bewitched (in Stereo) BMastmTo Saaquest DSV "Playtime" Forever Knight "Trophy (In Stereo) Girl" (tn Stereo) [] Dehind the 1, Benny Hinn Scenes [] ulow IDaria (R) (In Deria (R) (In Deda (R) (In Singled Out ]Lovellne (In Stereo) Adult ,Ste.!eo) Stereo ) Stereo) (in Stereo) I Videos Trsvis Tdtt: A Dallas "Family" (In Dukes of Hezzard "t0 Celebration (In Stereo) Stereo) Million Dollar Sheriff" Stereo)[] PraisetheLord[] R.W. E.V. Hill Schambaoh Night Jams IMusic Videos (In Stereo) (In Stereo) I )rime Time Country (R) Travie Tdtt: A '(In Stereo) [] Celebration (in Stereo) JackVan ]BennyHinn Bible Donald' Impa [ Prophecy Whttaker (Off Air) Love Lucy Newhart [] Taxi "Going Mary Tyler [] Home"  Moore [] .... i ........ In  m Pe . es s :i Paid Paid Paid Paid Program Program Program Program Praise the Lord [] Movie: *k* "Dressed to Kill" (1980) A suburban Movie: ** "She's Dressed to Kill" (t979, Mystery) A Comer housewife is brutatly murdered in an elevator. esiger's return to fashion is cicaked in terror. Pyie, USMC Movie: *** "The Roaring Twenties" (1939, Drama) IMovie: ** "Madame X" (1937, Movie: **/ "They Gave Him a Gun" (1937, Drama) Movie: *** "The Hard Way" (1942) Ida Lupine. An Movie: **** "The Maltese Falcon" Prohibition holds different fates for three war veterans. Drama) Gledys George, John BeaL A coward-turned-war-hero becomes a gangster, impoverished woman seeks to make her,sister a star. (1941, Mystery) Humphrey Bogart. P[.:T;  [nd_dethe WCNoo(R);:i:]!ntHea.toftheNight In the Heat of the Night Movie: k, ' Tacumseh: The Last Warrior" (i995, OurGang p ..:,:]  ,:o,:, ': ..  ::i. i :: (n Sereo) L (In Stereo) [] , ,, Drama)Jesse Borrego, David Morse. (In Stereo) [] Shorts (4;WoHI Winge 'ffi La Femme Nik Silk Staikings "Judas Renegade (in Stereo) [] C-Net Reel Wild Cinema "Gals Paid Paid [Paid JPaid Paid ., ;,i :.., , " ;; .i.;. " Escape (In Stereo ),[] Kss (R) (in Stereo) [] . Central and Gouls" (In Stereo) Program Program IProgrsm IProgram Program Burly the Vampire Slayer News (In Stereo) [] Wiseguy "Black Gold" (In In the Heat of the Night Simon & Simon "Still Phil Paid Paid Movie: ** "Midnight's Child" (1992) A woman grows 7th Heaven "Dangerous ' Out of Mind, Out of S ht" Liaisons" [] ig Stereo) "Don't Look Back" [] After All These Years" Program Program suspicious about her family's new caretaker. Movie:.ht ThreeWishes"(1995)PatfickSwayze.A Movie:*** ByeBye, Love' (1995, Comedy) Three Movie:**/ IfTheeeWaiieCouldTsik (1996, Movle: "The Last Days of Franlde the Movie: ** "Screamers" (1995, Scieoce mysterious vagrant inspires a 1955 Little Leaguer. 'PC' fathers try to cope with thei r post-divorce lives. 'PC-13' Drama) Demi Mourn, Char. (In Stereo) 'R'  Ry" (1.997) Dennis Hopper, 'R' [] Fictiun)peter Welter. (In Stereo) 'R' [] Tale Spin [] Duck'tale-,= Chip 'n' JGOOf Troop Movie: *** "The Santa Clause" Movie: *,1/2 "Can't Buy Me Love" (1987, Comedy) A]Movte: **' "Rock'n' R Morn" Movie: ,v, "No esrt oar, * You "T Santa [] Dale I[] (1994. Comedy) T Allan. 'PC' [] desperate nard hires a girl to pose as his girlfriend. [] [(1988, Come ly) Dyan Cannon. [] Mow the Lawn" (994 Joanna Kerns. [Clause" [] (3:00) Movie Movie: ,Vz "The New Adventures of Pippi Movie: "Sabdna the Teen.Age Witch" Movie: * "Showgirls" (1995) Elizabeth Berkey. An Movie: ,Yz "Object of Obsession" (f 995) A divorcee Movie: * "Night Eyes... Longatocking" (1988, Fantasy) Tami Erin. 'G' !(1996, Fantasy) Melissa Joan Hart. 'PG' ambitious dancer makes a bid for Las Vegas success, is drawn into a dangerous game of passion. 'R' Fatal Passion" (1996) 'R' (3:'50) Movie Movie: Vz "The Boy in Blue" (1986, Movie" ,.*& "Devil in a Blue Dress" (1995) A private Movie: ,/ '111ogsi in Blue" (1995, Movie: ** "Slamdancs" (1987, Drama)lMovie: ** "Hologram Man" (1995) Joe Lara. An Biography) Nicolas Cage. 'R' ]eye scours 1948 L.A. for a mysterious, woman. R' [] Adult) Stacey Dash: (In Stereo) 'R' Torn Hulce. (In Stereo) 'R' [] [imprisoned terrorist becomes a deadly hdoram. 'R' [] I II III I I III IIII I I Jill Jackson's Hollywood NOU.YWOOO .. Cubl Goodkt jr. is slill iliij high a his Oscar , and m  judy Garland, Hedda HOlN:ler, jura Hldow and ajl le otrr greals of.lal er& Beauch,tp has dore a "sng him ffe money." Tons of scpts pouring in, among ffwrn an offer to pray Otis Retiring,  of rnasterlui job of research and turned it aU into a highly readable book at should grace Ihe shel of  e top figures in American rock idlled in a plane crash at Ihe age of 27. A s viting,   11 anyone who ever loved a moe, and eveff school and college in Ihe counb7 gtat tea . mulling, bu we'tl keep you posU, lnciOentally, loelore "Je Maguire," now many of you   Several weeks ago, Mine Job Cabot died at the age o{ 97 without ever ImoW Evl was name, Cuba Goo Jr,? gone. In and out of it for wveral yearn, he ,s never told aboul It dH of her younge N ff  I'' laug when i rem:l gti, s in one of the Trades: "Sy tMiom will soon marry Ihink the Gabor sisters were somellli you ;ould have Imown Man, re. She was one d  W fl mdei Jemtkt FII' e mE"ef  his infant daugilter SevemnPld 'ldl Role  3  Of nt v she ote her biognlphy along 11 Cindy Adlnw in 1974. She was prelt, lunnier and ge cerernnY" Nw lets U'ink alut Ihat" C'ertamlY, she's t yun9 t 9ire bSe bride awaY, r to be a ,'deer lhan any el P girls, and respo ior all Eley became. H w=s quite  experience f . i flower girl, or !o read at Iw oremony. Oh we{I. I suppoee libra m some ltngs one can,t secon remember we did e intenew in the Polo L of Ihe Bevedy Hills Ho and at Ihe lime,    guess. Maybe by U'=e me you read thi=, welhave lhe amwer, at Zm Zu, so Bhe wanled to adopt me. 8he never did, ot coume. They made up, but Mama and I  Qne el my most lavod bool "MklNght in lhe Garden of Good and Evil. by jolm , kept in touch. is Nt to be maOe into a movie. Jelm Cumk will iay Bemndt. vho narrales i story about  . Ws bound to I.  a lira or tekm about the Jo,Bemt RmIt horror stoy. To me, o in Savamah, Georg .../d   subject of books --/ intm=Ki in films hould la   the most horrible parl is t 'ey did to a child. Dmmi and luming her into  a    Carl lp's "W Lying Down" (Scdbner). Though ire a biograpt of ie screenwriter tragedy./nd an even more horrible Ihougt is if ts had h and been made in Ihe put, woulD,1 Fmnm= ll ('The Scadet Letler," "Camille," "Anna Chdse," "The Champ. and on and on),  t Slddey Tutple have made a pedect JmBenet? up do= an pemom  ek=Uore, Umm ca Zk=on Ow=, me/ink= , C,n , I I I I I IIIIIII I II I I I II I I