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May 15, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 15, 1997

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4AA Thursday, May 15, 1997 Pahntmp Valley Gazette TVOata O KTVN News[] News[] CBSNews hkvs ReeiW(ln Cops(in KidsSaytheDamdest Miss Universe Pageant Eighty women fr0m around News[] Late Show (ln Stereo) [] Late Late show Tiger News (R) ?e&apos;. Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Things (in Stereo) [] the world compete at the 46th annual pageant. : Woods' father, Earl. [] O KVBC News[] NBC News News[]' lopardyl Fortune[]' of Stereo)[]Real TV (In Ste reO}[]Unsoived Mysteries (in Dateline (in Stereo)[] Street Hmicide: Life on the News  ,JTonight Show (in Stereo) Late Night (in Stereo)[] ,,', ,-rF;LtY _'.,' iBsst of Bernie's Dateline (in Stereo) [] Homicide: Life on the News (night Show (in Stereo) Jenny Jones Teen make- IPeld Late Night (in Stereo) [] Paid Friday Night (In Stereo) !NBC News WUIV Bloopers Street [] l+m overs. (In Stereo) ; [Program Program Nightside ....... i ........ Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Friday ws[] IBCNews News[] EntnightTo HardCopy Inside Unsolved Mysteries (In Dateline (In Stereo) [] Homicide: Ufe on the News 0 KRNV Edition [] Stereo) [] Street ; .. Night Extra (In Access Hard Copy Mad About 5impsoos Simpaons Sliders+'This Slide of Millennium "The Paper Psi-Factor: Chronicles of Star Trek: The Next Married... LAPD: Life Psi-Factor: Chronicles of g KVVU Stereo) [] Hollywood [] You [] (in Stereo) (In Stereo) Paradise" [] Dove" + the Paranormal [] Generation "Devil's Due" With on the Beat the Paranormel [] Kratts' Science Nevada Business ' Newshour With,Jim Washington Wall Street Capitol McLaughlin UNR Western Traditions Chaflie Rose (tn Stereo) Washington' Wall Street New Urban Renewal: g KNPB Creatures Guy Business Report .ehrer ; .Week .... Week ...... !ssues. G!oup Week Week Reclaiming AA-star T.G.LF,' Magic (In "Sabrina- step by 20/20 [] News aightline  Inside American Polit'icali'y 'Matlock "The Othei ' ' it's Showtime at the Movie: ** "The'Adventures0f Huck WXYZ Stereo) [] Witch Step [] Edition  Journal [] ncorrect [] Woman ( n Stereo)  Ape o Finn" (1993, Adventure) Elijah Wood. O KOLO News JNows ABC WId News Jeopardy! Wheel of All-Star T.G.LF, Magic (in Sabrina- Step by 20/20 [] News Nightline ; Politically' In Concert Night Court Movie: News ![] Fortune  Stereo)  Witch Step  ncorrect [] In Stereo) "Choices O KLAS News  CBS News News [] News.[] Ent. Inside Kids Say the Damdest Miss Universe Pageant Eighty women from around News [] Late Show (in Stereo) [] Ent. Late Late Show Tiger Tonight Edition [] ' Thing s (In Ste[eo) .the.orld compete at the 46th annual pagean!. [] Tonight Woods' father, Earl. [] Kids Say the Darndest 'Miss Universe Pageant Eighty w cmen from around ' i News )Late Show (In Sterec)  Hard Copy Late Late Show Tiger (Off Aii) I[i) WTOC Things (I n Stereo) [] the world compete at the 46th annual pageant.  I  Woods' father, Earl. Nightline [] ]Politically Highway Murphy News (R) IgD KTNV News [] ABC Wld News [] News [] Home Icoach (In All-star T.G.I.F. Magic (in Sabrina- Step by 20/20 [] News"[] ]ncorrect @ Patrol Brown News ............. Improve.... JStereo) Ste!.eo!  ........... Witch Step [] Washington Wall Street Antiques Roadshow Pole to Pole (R) (Part 2 of Chadle Rose (In Stereo) New York Composers: Newshour With Jim Instructional Programming Chateau on Instruc- () WNET Week Wee k ....... 'iChicaoj Illinois" (R) [] 8) [] Searching Lehrer  the Hill (R) lionel i) KAME MrttCger Roaeorme Roseanne Married... Star Trek: Deep Space Movle:**l/z"PointBraak"(1991)PatrickSwayze. Strange Extra(in M0vie:**"RnalNotice"(1989)GilGerard. A private Paid Paid .... ' " (in Stereo) ltn Stereo) With Nine "Sanctuary" [] An FBI agent infiltrates California's surfing subculture. Universe Stereo)  eye stalks a killer in the avant-garde art world. Program Program Fresh Coaby Rossanne Cheere [] Sainfeld (In IRossanne Movie: *** "Hoosiers" (1986, Drama) Gene Hackman. The new Cheers (In Martin (In Baywatch "Money Honey" Strange Empty Nest Media Team ! KRLR Prince Show  [In Stereo) Stereo) [] [(In Stereo) igh-schonl basketball coach meets with resentment. Stereo)  Stereo) [] t(in Stereo) [] IUniveree (In Stereo) "Washingt'on Wall Street Movie: ***h "A Patch of Blue" (1965) A black ged Backstage In the Wild "Cheetahs Movie: ***/z "A Patch of Blue" (1965) A black Chadie Rose In Stereo) Economics Marketing rrvs Week Week Dusssman befnds an 18-year-old blind woman. Pass (R) With Holly Hunter" (R) [] businessman befriends an 18-year-old blind woman. USA t == = = = = , = == == , =, II II I II Movie: *** "The Wrong Man" (1956, Drama) Fact- Movie: *** +'Rower Drum Song" (1961) A betrothed Movie: **** "Touch of Evil" (1958, Drama) An Movie: *** "Baby Doll" (1956) Carroll Baker. A man i Movie: *** "The Wrong AMC based account of an innocent musician's robbery trial. Chinese woman falls in love with another man. =nspector and hi s wile get mixed up in a murder case. spends the day with the chitd-bride of his rival. 'R' Man" (1956) Henry Fonda. By Sam ' ' [Movie: *., "The Mean ," i1985) Kurt Russell. !Law & Order "Happily Biography: Sam Movie: ** "The Mean Season" (1985) Kurt Russell. Law & Order "Happily Movie: *** "Fait-sefe" A&E Giancana . iA Miami reporter is a serial killer's only public contact. Ever After" [] 3iancana A Miami reporter is a serial killer's only public contact. Ever After" [] (1964) Henry Fonda. CNN :PrimeNows ProofS+i'd(R,+ wo.,To.,00 r,,,.++, To=yShwbiZ(R) UpdateNew=Night ]11!1 Larry King Uve (R) [] Overnight L,u=,,=+C Crossfire Future ....... p, e: (R) Watch [] Movie: , "Once Upon a Crime" (1992) Tourists are Movie: **/= "National Lampooo's Vacation" (1983) Movie: *** "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" Movie: ,Vz "Once Upon s Crime" (1992) Tourists are Paid Paid COM hapless suspects in a European murder mystery. A vacationing family detours into screwball side.trips. '1975, Comedy) Graham Chapman, John Cleese. hapless suspects in a European murder mystery. Program Program .. DSC Traveler= (R) Movie Next Step Wings'The West's Naval Wild Discovery "Wild ;Discovery Wodd of Fangs! "Great Whites of Wild Discovery "Wild Discovery World of Fangsl "Great Whites of MOc (R) (R) Combat Aircraft" (R) Australia" (R) News Wonder (R) +,ustralia" (R) Australia" {R) News (R) Wonder (R) Australia" (R) E! Latin Music All-Stars News Weekend (R) Talk Soup Howard .... Howar,J .... Malmee Place 'Love I;alk Soup (R) ' Howard Modal (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid Stem (R) Stern R) Reeks" (In Stereo) Stern (R) Program Program. Procjram Program Movie: **V "Zoot Suit" (1981) Young Hispenics in "House oi ENC 19405 LA. become scapegoats for murder. 'R' Usher" ....... +?  i, Up ca'n: + ESPN ++::+++ ++++ + +++ ++ + + + ..... +. +++:++ ' , .... ++ + +++++ +++++++>+++, p Tour +++ )+++++ ..... NC Men s Cp, ..... + Cars. Cars= Carol lpuratt Weitone '`The Home Highwsy to Heaven '`The Reecue 911 (In Stereo) [] 700 Club Three Stooges Carson Carson Paid Paid FAM Clssaics Cieice Bumett Front" (Part 2 of 2) Hero" (in Stereo) [] Classics Classics Program Program ,.^.'... ' 'CB$'New= News [] " Kids Say the Demdest Miss Universe Pagsant Eighty women from around News [] Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show Tjer Gordon Elliott Murder or News (R) Paid Paid " p,..r., , , ,! ........... Th,ln n Stereo) [] , ,world compete at the 4Oh annual pageant. [] Woods' father Earl, [] self-defense. Program Program KMGH Jeopardyl Wheelof All-Star T.GJ.F. Magic (In Sabdna- stop by 20/20 [] News [] Nightiine [] Inside Politically Amedcan i Peter Rofooda Viewers confront Caryl &'Milyn: Real For Stereo)[] iWltch Step.[] Edition[] Incorrect[] Journal[] iTomerken past guests. Friends[] Ne',nhour With Jim Washington State of jWall Street McLaughlin /diquee Road.show (In As Time Being Chadle Rose (In Stereo) Matinee at the Bijou Matinee at the Bijou KRMA Lahrer[] Week Colorado[] Week .... Gro Stereo)[] GoeeBy Served ateilne (In Stereo) [] Homicide: Life on the News [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) ]Cheers [] Late Night (In Stereo) [] Friday Night (in Stereo) Extra (In Jenny KUSA Street [] [] I Stereo) [] Jones ] Home News (ln Stereo) [] S Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Space Martin (In Ricld Lake (R) "Honey- Love Lucy INewn (R) (In KWGN !mixove. Generation (In Stereo) [] Nine (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] mooners i Stereo) [] LEARN r,a {R 1  ot EI'= Fury Destructive Digital Edge Myth Legends of i -lrth'e Fury Destructive DigltaiEdge (R) Hometlme Homatime d Paid Paid Paid power of storms. (R) America (R) the ielss (R) ower of storms. (R) "Roofing .... Roofing" Iogram .Prgram Program ngram Golden Golden Supermar- Debt Wire (In Iwire (in Dish (in Three Blind' Movie: ** "Ladytdllers" (1988) Marilu Henner. A Homicide: Life on the LJnsofved Mysteries (In Elayne Booaler's UFE Gads [] Girls [] kat Sweep Stereo) IStereo) Stereo) Dates female detective sleus the murders of male strippem. Street [] !Stereo) Broadway Baby (R) ,,,=v ' '(4:45) Movie: ** "Ntne Mh=" (i995, Movie:  "Ace Venture: When Movie: ,/+ "Shopping" (194, Drama) Movie: "Die Hard With a Vengeance" (+995)A New iErotic !Movie:, "Midnight Confessions" Movie: m^ ..... Comedy) Hugh Grant: 'PG-131 [] Nature Calla" (1.995.) Jim Carrey. [] Sadie Frost, Jude Law. (In Stereo) 'R' York cop must stop a mad bomber's game of reveng e, ICon(BaSh (1995. Suspense) Carol HoyL 'R' J"Lostn it' Beavis and Amp (R) (In Stereo) Music Videos (in Stereo) Top 20 Video Countdown MTV Butt-head (In Stereo) .............. F (Off Air) ' ' i'Dream of Monsie'rs Happy Days I Love Lucy Newhart Taxi  Mary Tyler NICK Jsennle .................. I [] "Local Hero" Moore [] PS +, ++++;+++: wng++;i +++++++ +++ ++++; ++From+LasVegaS+.(R)++++++ ;++++++++;++/+++:: + :++;+ Movie' **,, "The Return of the Living Dead" (1985 Friday the 13th" The She-Wolf of London Movie. ** "The Return of the Uvin,, Dead" (1985 Frida,, the 13th" The SCIR Horror i Ctu Gulager, Don Caffa. 'i Series "The Pleouse .... Eclipse" Horror i Clu Guleger, Don Calla. = ' Berte "The P]aouse" ThrillerBris Karloff,,The Cheaters"Presents TomorrowTales of OneBeyondStep .,.,=, Behind  JL & E ]Fck K. Price [] j Preiss the Lord [] ......... Bob Lareoo ]carman (El) IJosh ]Benny Ninn !Tommy ]Highway to Praise the Lord [] =o, Scenes [] ]Tdpp I [] !MODOWell Barnett {Heaven ,, , , ,: ,  +++ ......... o , ,, , , . ",, . . . ,, , . , ..... . -,.,=o +,) ;IMove:*** Mr, Destmy (1990, Comedy) James Belush|, Michael Mov,e: LovePotionNo.9 (1992) An experrmantat Laaveitto Leaveitto Laverne& Laveme& . /o Caine. A stranpr give s a man a chance to change his late. !serum works wonders for a shy biochemist. Beaver Beaver Sh r ey Sh rley MOVIe " I " : ** Housewife" (1934, Drama) Movie: **Vz "Front Page Woman" Movie: ** "Golden Arrow" (1936, Movie: ,.t** "Gate of Hell" (1953, Movie: *** "The G'eat Lie" (1941, TCM Bstte Davis, George Breot. (1935, Comedy) Belle Davis. Comedy) Bette Davis, George Brent. Drama) Machiko Kyo, Kazuo Hasegawa. Drama) Bette Davis, George B,'ent. TNT Movie: ** "The Beast within'"'(1982) Paul Clemens. Movie: * "Deathetalker" (1984, Fantasy) Richard Hill, Berbi Benton. Movie: , "Beauty and the Beast" ++,,; ++ +.+<. !+7 NI ,.+,+.+ A rape victim's child resembles his otherworldly father. A wandering warrior tries to obtain a wizard's magic amulet. .{1963, Fantasy) Joyce Taylor. USA Movie: *** "Witness" (f985) Herrison Ford. A big. La Femme Nikita Movie: ** "The Presidio" (1988) Sean Coonery. An Movie: ** "Bad Dreams" (198, Horror) A cult's Movie: ** "The Substitute" (1996) A mercenar] city cop protects a your Amish murder witness. "Mother" (R) cleans up a drug-infested Miami high school. [] Movie: *,k* "Prett'v winan" (1990) Richard GerM. !New= (In Movie: ** "Light of Day" (1987) Michael J. Fox. A WGN An executive play,s ,naiion to a yot streetwalker, rStereo) [] brother and sister play rock on the bar band circuit. HBO" DSN SHOW TMC (W4:15) Movie: ** "Look F Video blades: !MoVIe: ,P. "Top Gun" (1986) Tom Cruise. Navy Movie: ** '`The Getaway" (1994, Drama) Husband. Tales From Dennis Spawn (in Movie: ** "Last Man Standing" (1996, 's Teiklnf' (1989) ] Before You Go pilots take to the skies to compete for high honors. 'PG' and-wife thieves flee after a gangster's betrayal. 'R'[] the Crypt [] Mille r [].. Stereo ) [] .Drama) Jeff Wott. (in Stereo)'R' Tale Spin []l Chip 'n IGoof Troo Movie: **& "The Land Movie: ** "The Land 8ofm'e Time I1: "Land Before Time Ill: Movie: "Planet of the Apes" (1968) Astronauts crash Movie: ,h "Prehysteda 2" (1994, I[] ....... Dale I[] Before Time" (1988) 'G' The Great Valley Advmture" (1994) 'G' Grt Giving" on a world ruled by intelligent simians, 'G'  Fantasy) Kevin R. Conoora. 'PG' [] (Ma4:15) Me, vie: "Ron and Movie: ,F+ "Sahara" (1995, Drama) James Belushi. ,4 Movie: ** "Unforgettable" (1996, 30-Minute Outer Poltergeist: The Legacy !Movie: **, "Judge Dredd" (1995, Movie:,** "belly dan' (1976) Pro . +tranded tank unit prepares for incomin Nazi troops: Suspense) Ray Liotta+ (In Stereo I 'R'[] Movie ILimits [] "Ughts Out" (in Stereo) [] Science Fiction) Syivester Stallone. R' Rivals' (1992) R' . tt t I, " , ,l . (4:35) MoVe: ** Mommie ..D, reel Movie: ,p**V+ 'In Cold Blood" (1967, Drama) Robert Blake. Two Movie: **  Devil m a Blue Dress' Movie: Showgirl Mordars (1996, Movie: * Vz lllegsl in Blue' (1995, "Elke's- (1981, Drama) Faye Ourmway. PG' ex-cons terrorize.and.raM!tier an innocent farm family. 'R' . (1995, Mystery) Denze Washington. R Drama) Mane Ford. (In Stereo) 'R' 4dult) Stacey Dash. !i n Stereo ) 'R' Nights" , Walt's Wegitz The perfect gift write Walt's Wegitz P.O. Box/467/4 - Pahrump NV. 89041 .+ ..+:5+ + +