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May 15, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 15, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, May 15, 1997 AA3 ) TVData 'O KTVN 8 KVBC IE) WDIV O KRNV News [] NBC News News [] Jeopardy! Wheel of Real TV (In [] Fortune [] Stereo) ,. Friends  Fired Up Seinfeld  Fired Up [] ER "One More for the "The Rules" Road" News  NBC News News [] Ent. Hard Colby Inside Tonight [] Edition lovie: **;/ "Grumpy Old Men" (1993) Feuding 48 Hours (In Stereo) [] tnelghbors vie for the affec!ions of a nearby widow. [] iFriends[] FiredUp Seinfeld[] FiredUp[] ER "One More tor the 3"he Rues " Road" [] News [Tonight Show (In Stereo) Jenny Jones Troubled Paid [] :een-egers update. [] IProgram Friendsr FiredUp Seinfeld[] !FiredUp[] ER "One More for the : i,"The Rules" , , j Road"  World's Scar eat POt De New York Undercover Star Trek: Deep Space Late Show (In Stereo) [] iLate Late Show (In Stereo) [] News  Tonight Show (In Stereo) !Late Night (In Steieo) [] Later (In [] Stereo) [] Late Night (In Stereo) [] ltei'(In ' Lesza Daughters'in love NBC News [Stereo) [] with criminals. {in Stereo ) Nightaide News [] ..... Tonight'Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In [] Stereo) , Extra (In Access !Hard Copy Mad About Simpsons Simpsons Star Trek: The Next Married... LAPD: Life Poltergeist: The Legacy O KVVU  Stereo)  Hollywood ,[] You [] (in Stereo) {In Stereo) Shootouts! [] !"The Last Hurrah" [] Nine "Blaze of Glory" , Generation (in Stereo) [] With on the Beat "The Dark Priest" [] Kratts' Science New Red Business Newshour With Jim Pole to Pole (HI (Pad 2 of Mystery! "The Memoirs ol Royal opera House (In Charlle Rose (in Stereo) Pole to Pole (R) (Part 2 of Mystaryi "The Memoirs Of O KNPB I Creature s Guy Green Report Lehrer  8) [] Shedock Holmes" (R) [] 3tereo) (Part 2 of 6) [] 8) [] Sherlock Holmes" (R) [] Three Stooges Greatest Movie: "Columbo: A Trace of Murder" 1997, News ]Nightline [] Inside American [Politk ally Matlock "The Secret" (In 15 to Fit Caryl & Marilyn: Real ABC'Wodd News Now O WXYZ H.it a (In Stereo) [] Mystery) Peter Falk. Premiere. (in Stereo) [] | Edit on [] Journal [] [ncorr ,,ct [] Stereo) (Part 2 of 21 [] Friends [] (Joined in Progress) [] News News ABC Wld News Jeoperdyf Wheel of Three Stooges Greatest Movie: "Columbo: A Trace of Murder" (1997, News Nightline [] Politically Night Court Right [NewS' (R) O KOLO News [] Fortune [] Hits (in Stereo) [] Mystery) Peter Falk. Premiere. (In Stereo) [] Incorrect [] (Part 2 of 2) Answers I News [] CBS News News  News [] Ent. Inside Movie: ,, "Grumpy Old Man" (1993} Feuding 148 Hours (In Stereo) [] News  Late Show (In Stereo) [] Ent. Late Late Show (In O KLAS Tonight Edition [] neighbors vie !or the affections O f a nearby widow. [] .... ] Tonight Ste!eo) [] Mavie:**"GrumpyOldMen"(t993}Feuding" 48 Hours (ln Stereo) [] News [Late Show {In Stereo) [] ]NerdCopy Late Late Show (ln CBS Up to the Minuta (Joined in Progress) (]D WTOC neighbors vie for the affections of a nearby widow, [] ...... Stereo) [] News [] ABC Wid News [] INows[] Honle Coach "Oh, Three Stooges Greatest Movie: ;'Columbo:ATrace of Murder" (1997, [News [] JNightline[] P'01itically Highway "Murphy "' [News (R)[] (B KTNV News 1 Improve. a Pro Job" Hits (In Stereo} [] Mystery) Peter Fatk.. Premiere. (In Stereo)  [ Incorrect [] Patrol Brown [] I Thirteen on the Line Mystery! "The Memoirs of Royal Opera House (In Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Great Performances: Burt Newshour With Jim Instructional Math Turning on All Students to Math, (B WNET l[Jve} Sherlock Holmes" (R) [] Stereo) (Part 2 of 6) [] Baoharach Lehrer [] Programming Basics (R) Science (R) Roseanne Babylon 5"Rumors, F/X: The Series"Script' ',Strange Extra (In Roseanne Married... Gordon Elliott New Paid Psychic } KAME (In Stereo) Bargains and Lies" [] Doctor" Universe JStereo) [] !(In Stereo) With Orleans. Program Value Fresh Coshy Roseanna Cheers  Seiofeld (in Roseanne Movie: *** "Throw Momma From the Train" (1987, Matlock "The Doctors" (In Martin (In Baywatch "Showdown at Strange Empty Nest Odd Couple ) KRLR Prince Show [] (In Stereo) Stereo) [] In Stereo) Comedy) Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal. Stereo} [] Stereo) [] Malibu Beach High" [] Universe !(tn Stereo) Yankee This Old" Mystery! "The Memoirs of Being New Red Yankee This Old Practil Great Lakes Mystery! "The Memoirs of [Chariie Rose (In Stereo) Econom cs Marketing () WTVS Shop House [] Sherlock Holmes" '1 Served Green Shop House [] S: Outdoors Sherlock Holmes" [] USA  "Prophecy" I I / I II Movie: **, "Duel in the Sun" (t 946, Western) A Movie: ,P, wr "Sody and Soul" (1947, Drama) John Movie: *** "Ball of Fire" (1942) A nightclub singer Movie: ,k** "Duel in the Sun" (1946, Western) A Movie: *** "Body and AMC half.Americ, Indian moves in with a rancher's family. Garf.!eld. A boxing champ gets mixed up with crooks, helps a prolessor studying American slang. !half-American Indian moves in with a rancher's family. Soul" (1947) . r . Biography Roseanne: Ancient Mysteries Unexplained "Exorcists" Law & Order Biography "Roseanne: Ancient Mysteries Unexplained "Exorcists" Law & Order ovle: ,,,** "Four A&E .Tabloids, Trash & Truth .... Bigfoot" (R) Exorcists today. (R) "lnderence" [] Tabloids, Trash & Truth .... Bi.gfoot'i.(R) iExorcists today. (R) ... "Indifference" [] Friends" (1981) PrimeNews Budenof Larry King Live [] World Today []  Moneyline NewsNight Showbiz " NewsNight CNN/Sporta ,Larry King Live (R) [] Overnight Illl. uatrated ',R} CNN [] Pr( of (R)  Illu [] Today (R) Update. Illustrated CNN/S !Crossfire Newsroom . ' | Movie: ** Airheade" (1994) Brendan Fraser. Young Dream On Daily Show Paul Tick [] Saturday Night Live [] Daily Show Movie: *,/r,kt/2 "Heathers" (1988) Winona Ryder. A Paid Paid COM Aspiring musicians take a radio station's staff hostage. Comedian s J Provenza (R) ,teen.ager grows tiled of her class-conscious peers, iProgram Program DSC Travelers (R) Movie Next Step Wings "ME 109: The Wild Discovery: "Shark: Mysterious Movie wings "In Harm's Way" Wild Discovery: "Shark: Mysterious Movie Wings "In Harm's Way" Magic (R) (R) Legend" (R) The Silent Savage" Universe Magic (R) (R) The Silent Savage" (R) Universe Magic (R) IR) celebrity Weddings (R) Gossip News Daily Talk Soup Night Stand Howard Howard ' Melrose Place (In Stereo) Talk Soup Night Stand Howard INews Daily Paid Paid Paid Paid ....... E! (R/ {R) "Pushy Stern (R) IStern (R) (R) J' Pushy" Stern (R) J(R) Program Pr0gra m Program Program (4:15) Movie: "Phantom Movie: **Y2 "Lonely Heads" (1982) Wendy Hughes. Movie: ,,t*/2 "Slaves of New York" (1989) Based on Movie: ** "Bloodbroths" (1978) An idealist is Movie: *** "Hanna K." (1983, Drama) Jill Clayburgh. ENC of the Paradise" (1974) A flamboyant piano tuner romances a prudish clerk. 'R' Tame Janowitz's tale of aspiring New York artists. 'R' tom by his demanding conservative family. 'R' [] A Jewish lawyer gets involved with a Paiestinian client. (4:30) Stanley Cup0ffSlConfe! SemifinatGe 7 I1 S' be!i rica'S PRCA Ro: RedBiuff ertsoenter@  Up close Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference ESPN Teams fo Be Announced, ime Ap.proximate) If neck: (Live)] ITonight.. Tonight Horse RoundUp,, . ,....... ,.R) ......i Semifinal Game 7.Teams TBA . Carson Carson Carol Carol Waltons "The Home Highway to Heaven Rescue 911 (In Stereo) [] 700 Club Three Stooges Carson Carson Paid Paid FAM Classics lessics Bumett Burner Front (Part 1 of 2) "Normal people" [] Classics Classics Program Program Paid Paid KCNC CBS News News [] Movie: **/ "Grumpy Old Men" (1993) Feuding 48 Hours (In Stereo) [] News  Late Show (in Stereo) [] Late Late Show (in P, ordon El iiott New News (R) Program Program neighbors vie for the affections of a nearby widow. [] Stereo) [] Orleans. Jeopardy! Wheel of Three Stooges Greatest Movie: "Columbo: A Trace of Murder" (1997, News [] Nightline [] Inside Politically .merican Paid Rolonda Hispanic Caryl & Marilyn: Real KMGH [] Fortune [] Hits (In Stereo) [] Mystery) Peter Fall(. premiere. (!n Stereo) [] Edition  Incorrect [] Journal [] program celebrities. Friends [] Newshour With Jim Wild World Rocky Mystery! "The Memoirs of Nova "Secret of the Wild Waiting for Being Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Chicano! History of Paralegel Certificate , Spirits oi the Jaguar (In KRMA Lehrer [] (in Stereo) Mount. Shedock Holmes" (R) [] Child" (R) (In Stereo) [] God Served Mexican-American Program "Legal Authority' Stereo) (Part 4 of 4) [] News[] Ent, Friends[] FiredUp Seinfeld[] JFiredUp[] ER "One More for thej NewsY] [] JTonight Show (In Stere} [Cheers [] Late Night iln Stereo) [] Later(In 2Xtreme Extralln Jenny KUSA Tonight. "The Rules" . . Rd"r ..... Stereo).[] Pref Stereo) [] Jones [] Home Home Movie: *** "Arachnophobia" (1990) Jeff Daniels. News (In Stereo) [] Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Space Martin (in " :Ricki Lake (R) Paid I Love Lucy News (R) (In KWGN Improve. Improve. An army of lethal arachnids descends on a community. Generation (In Stereo) [] Nine (in Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Program Stereo) [] LEARN Real Amerka: 48 Hours !What Hned? ' Super Highway Robbery Real America: 48 Hours What Happened? Super Highway Robbery Homefime Hometime Paid Paid Paid Fatd ............ I "The NY Ugderground" "The NY Underground" ,, (R) (R) (R) Program " Program Program Program Golden Golden .... Supermar- Debt Intimate Portrait "lngrid Unsolved Mysteries (In Movie: ** The Innocent" (1994)'Kelsey Gra'mmei. Homicide: I'ife on the ..... Unsolved Mysteries (In 'Sisters "Pandora's Box" UFE Girls [] Girls [] ket Sweep Bergman" (R) Stereo) Ar autistic boy !S e sole.witness to a brutal crime. Street "Partners" [] Stereo! (in Stereo)  ] (4:30) Movie: "k*'/z "The Net" (1995, Movie: ** "Deliver Them From Evil: Movie: ,/r* "Jimmy Hollywood"/1984) Joe Pesci. An Movie: ,kVz "Heatseeker" 1995, Movie: ,k, "Desperado" (1995) Antonio Bandoras. A "Pinoc-' Science Fiction) Norbert Weisser. 'R' guitar.toting gunman takes aim at a Mexican drug lord. chios Rev" MAX Suspense) Sandra Bullock. 'PG-13' [] The Taking of Alta View" (1992) [] i aspiring actor catches villains on videotape. 'R' [] Music Videos (In Stereo) Yo[ (in stereo) House of' [J, McCarthy, Singled Out Loveline (lfi Stereo) tAduit Night Jams ]Music Videos (In Stereo) ...... Music .... MTV Style (R). J {In stereo) Videos (In Stereo} t Videos Chamip R Prime Time Country (in Dallas "If at First You Dukes of Hazzard "The' Today's Country Statler [Off Air) " NASH Bronc boilding. (R) Stereo) [] Don't Succeed" (in Stereo) Fugitive" (In Stereo) Bros. (R) (In Stereo) Se'crot-of 'HappyDays oveLucy I I R l NICK Alex I "KldStufl"  Bewitched :)f 2) raxi' (Part 2 IMaryTylerMoore DyDickVan ...... Bb ..... Munstars "Kid Stuff"HapPy Days oveLucy Newhert[] 0f'21oTaxi(Part'2' iMrMaryTyler" Seaquest DSV "Vapors" Forever Knight "Hearts of Sd-Fi Buzz Inside Quantum Leap "Pool Hall' Seaquest DSV "Vapors" Forever Knight "Heads of Sci-Fi Buzz Inside Boris Karloff Presents Paid Paid SCIFI (In Stereo) Darkness" (in Stereo)[] Space ] Bls: September 4,1954" (R) (In Stereo) Darkness" (in Stereo) [] (R) Space [] 1'hriller Program Program TBN Scenes [] Briefing Jakes [] Wilkereon Briefing Cherry [] Movie: ',k* "Kid(boxer" (1989) A kicldx)xer swears Movie: "Kicki)oxer 2: The Road Back" (1991)'An Movie: ,k'k* "Kung Fu" (1971, Movie: "The Great Text=s Dynamite Chase" (1976) ]Leave It to Laverne & IGomer TBS engeance after his brother is. crippled. American martial artist takes on a homicidal manager. Adventure) David Carted.ins. Two bank robbers lead the law on a inert, chase. J Beaver JSh r!ey JPyle, USM Movie: *'*-* 'Plymouth Adventure" (1952) The Movie: ***' Allegheny Uprising' IMovie: ,k,  The Devil s Disciple' Movie: *** 'Santa Fe Trail' (1940, Western) Errol Movie: ,.k, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois' (1940) A TCM Pilgrims face hardship after landing at Plymouth Rock. (1939, Drama) John Wayne. (1959, Comedy) Burt Lancaster. Flynn. Cavalrymen vow to stop abolitionist terruism. odrayai of Unoeth's personal life and career. NBA Baskettg TeamS|#. ): ;l  al[e:3 ; e) ] .... Inside ]Movie: ,,k Y= One on One" (1977) Hobby Benson. A 'Kuog FU " [Kung Fu TNT ........... ,;,  ............  ...................  ........... ' ..... ,  ' - ............ .................  .......... ": ..................... ::; ,:' "% ............ :'- .  ..............  ............... NBA';! .: :i}baskeall star confronts old-school lage athletics. Murder, She Wrote 1Movie: .k, "Regarding Henry" (1991, Drama) An llk Stalkings "Whore Renegade (In Stereo) [] Magnum, P.I. "Trans Movie: *** "sea of Love" (1989, Drama) AI Pac'o, Ellen Barkin. Facts of Quoc Jones" [] ...... USA ?rediction: Murder' ' [] latteoker's bullet [eaves a ruthles, !awyer with amnesia, iWars" (R) (in Stereo) [] A detective becomes involved with a murder suspect. (In Stereo) [] . Life [] 3:30) 0 B:'Ch Szzz! (In News (In Stereo) [] Wiseguy "Fruit of the In the Heat of the Night Simon & Simon "Grand St. Jude's Story of Hope Movie: ,*** "F" (1986, Suspense) Bryan Brown. An WGN tte .... ' " ....... ,i ,: .':  Stereo) Poisonous Tree" i'q'he Family Secreti'[] Illusion" effects expert is the fall luy for government agents, II I IIII II I IIIII I I III / {4:45) Movie: ,k*,k Clueless" (1995, Movie: 'k'k Coneheads' (1993, Movie: Asylum' (1997) A private eye Fifth Never Say Die: The ovie: Mission: Impossible" (1996) A botched HBO Comedy) Alicla Siiverstone. 'PG-13' [] Comedy) Dan Aykroyd 'PG' [] ! i ;;, [goes under cover at a mental institution. Element Pursuit of Eternal Youth mission puts a spy on the run from his amp dyers. [] ,, ,, 1  " !Tale Spin [] Dud(tales Chip 'n' Goof Troop Movie. , The Chipmunk Movie: An Amedcan Movie: *'k /z 'Utt House on the Prairie" (1974) A Movie: **,k The Diary of Anne Movie: "Jr* "Hands of a DSN [] Dale : IAdveoture ' (198,, Fantasy) 'G' [] ITail: Revel Goes, West pioneer family attempts to survive in 1870s Kansas. [] Frank' (1980, Drama) M elissa Gilbert. Murderer' (19f0) ..... _, i(4:30) Movie: "Beach Movie: ** "Moonshine Highway" (1996, Drama) A Movie: "Fargo" (1996) A businessman's Movie: *** "Sketch Artist" (1992, Movie: "Sketch Artist ll: Hands That See" (1995) A Red Shoe Compro- SHUW Blanke t Bingo" (1985) liquor bootlegger matches wit's with a vengeful sheriff, kidnapping scheme spins out of control. Suspense) Jeff Fahey. (In Stereo)'R' )olios artist tries to sketch a blind woman's attacker. Diaries  mts nl Movie: "Dominion" (1995) Hunters are Movie: .k,** "GoldenEye" (1995) Pierce Broenan. James Bond Movie: ,kS "Man of War" (1998, Movie: *'/2 "Hard Vice" (i994, Drama) Movie: ** "Condition Red" (1995, "Class- TMC stalked by a ruthless killer in the forest. vades Russia to retrieve stolen weapon codes. 'PG-tJ' [] Drama) Dolph Lundgran. 'R' [] ]Shannon Tweed. (In Stereo) 'R' Drama) James Russo. (in Stereo) 'R' Nuke 'Era" Under New Management 95 Buick Park Avenue $17,995 top of the Line Better Than New! TM 1721 S, Highway 160, Pahrump Sales' 727-1050 Stop By & See Us Anytime, HOURS: Mon-Sat 8-6 I)937