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May 8, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 8, 1997

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Sonic Booms and Glass Houses Sonic Booms and Glass Houses. People like me who live in one gotta be careful about throwing rocks and get a little concerned when our tranquility is shattered by sonic booms. After experiencing one we keep waiting to see if this will be followed with the sounds of tinkling glass. So far we've been lucky as I hope the rest of the residents of Goldfield were after last night's episode. Knock on wood. Although there were reports of cardboard being blown out of some win- dows. They don't make duct tape as good as they used to. The reason I class myself with the people living in glass houses is I gotta lot of glass around the place. What with my roof solar heater, solar water heater and front room green- house. We're looking at over 400 square feet of glass alone here. Not counting the regular house windows and the skylight in the outhouse. We would be in a world of trouble l,J the latter got blown out especially if we were in there at the time. What would be the cost of replacing all this glass at today's prices. In the past when folks have complained to the government about Sonic Booms you get a runaroud where Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes one of the first questions asked was. "Who's aircraft was it and what was the numbers?" By the time you got your pants pulled up or on they're long gone. What gets me is why does the government and the military (same thing) want to keep expanding their training Letters to the Editor Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, May 8, 1997 11 areas here in the West? They can get all the training they need down in the Middle East. Now they want to expand their desert warfare training area down by Death Valley. I wonder what the BLM got to say about that? Maybe what the plan is is to get all the people here in the West uncomfortable enough that we all move out to the big cities. Then there would be nobody to protest Nuclear waste, Sonic Booms, BLM closures and regulations. Landfill per- mitting, restricted air space etc. In effect creating a Utopia where the different agencies could do whatever they wanted. Now all we gotta do is find out which states have the least stringent welfare requirements. In March there will be more gatherings down at the Nevada Test site to protest Nuclear waste being brought here to Nevada and Nuclear test. We will be there. Will you? Something to think about. Have a good one. Reul's Back I received my April 10th edition of the Gazette and was pleased to see Richard Reul is back. The article he wrote about Oklahoma City was su- perb, and I am sure future writings will be the same. Thank you for the return of Richard. Mrs. Doris Myers DenvHle, N.J. Valley Cruisers "Thank You" The Valley Cruisers of Pahrnmp would like to thank the Gazette for your photo coverage and articles on our Second Annual Show and Shine, which was held at the park on Saturday, April 26. The show was a great suc- cess ! There were a few incorrect statements in the last article, however, so for the record: Cruiser's President, Jo Cohan, and Vice-vresident, Kevin Elsea were in charge of the Show and Shine for the Valley Cruisers. Over the past six months these two men have spent countless hours attending club meetings and events all over the southwest to publicize our upcoming show. Bruce Paskvan, who is a member of the Cruisers and also of the Chamber of Commerce, was the liaison to the Chamber and was in charge of organizing their part, which was the Food vendors and the Craft Show. He did an excellent job! The Cruisers would also like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for their cosponsorship this year. This year The Valley Cruisers donated $1,327 to the Nevada Child Seekers organization. The money was raised by raffles, donations and entry fees. Last year's donation was given to Support Inc., Crisis Hotline. Local participation was excellent this year, but the majority of the entries were from Las Vegas and sur- rounding areas. Unfortunately we ran into a scheduling conflict with the Nellis Air Force Base 50th Anniver- sary, Industrial Days in Henderson (which also had a Car Show) and the Sand Drags in Amargosa, all on the same day. Next year we will try to avoid this problem. We would like to take this opportunity to THANK the following people. Our Vendors and sponsors, hope to see you again next year. Cruiser's Committee chairmen (and chairwomen) and members. A show like this is definitely a team effort Sinvolving everyone who is willing to work. Since we plan to make this an annual event take a breather guys and gals you have just a few months to relax before we start planning the Third Annual "Over the Hump to Pahrump" Show and Shine for 1998. Linda Cratty, Secretary Another Mountain, to Climb Lord you gave me ahother mountain to climb but I may not be able to climb it because this one is too steep. I know every body has mountains to climb, with illness, death, family separations, mental illness, alco- holism, financial fall and, loss of property. But, believe me, the Alzheimer mountain is the worst. It makes all other mountains seem like mole hills, because it goes on for years. Alzheimer sufferers can verbally, mentally, and physi- cally abuse other people, and make them really suffer. , A spouse, family, or friend is in constant danger because these people can hurt, kill, or destroy and they don't know they are doing it. Please don't be afraid to call the police when your spouse goes into a rage. Here are a few things I would like to see done in my life time. I would love to see research come up with a solid link to what causes this illness and to find medica- tion that would help these people to live a more normal life. I also would like to see a twenty four hour Alzheimer care home here in Pahrump. Let's stop all the jokes about this disease. It is no joking matter. I would like to write and compile a book on Alzheimer's signs, symptoms, and experiences of other people who have dealt with this illness. So if you feel like you can share with me these things. Write me: Phyllis J. Walder, 471 W. Wilson Rd.#3, Pahrump, Nevada 89048-4527 or call (702) 727-8926. Thank You. The New World Order, The United Nations, New York You don't know me or my associates. But it is time you become informed of certain facts. We are people motivated by greed and a hunger for power. Do not be surprised by my candor. My associates and I have de- cided to prepare you for your true status as regards us. rll start with another seemingly bold statement. We desire to overthrow the Constitution of the United States because it pleases us to do so and we have accom- plished much in this regard already. It matters not who knows now. Our strength is massive. Thousands of "public servants" do our bidding in setting aside the Constitution. Many millions of the ignorant are already totally unfamiliar with it as a result. The existence and operation of the Constitution is the last and most power- ful roadblock in the path of our takeover but only if there are sufficient individuals willing to risk their lives to enforce it. We feel there are not. We want more than that however. In the United States several million potentially effective fighters for individual liberty rally around the Constitution as their talisman. These dedicated adver- saries are the last important obstacle before us. Com- plete ownership and control of the entire world and of all people on it is our ultimate goal. We shall succeed! The most powerful amongst our group of elite con- spirators are international bankers. Through banking we today control and manipulate huge sums of artificial money which is itself intrinsically valueless and which is not even backed by deposits of valuable materials such as gold and silver. This flat money is simply paper or computerized ledger-book-entry enumerations which exist only because of the fraud behind it and because most people do not understand what honest money really is. Most importantly, they don't understand how simple yet tremendously sly banking is. It is our magic! It is our key to conquest. Yet it is only a mere parlor trick. The common serfs imagine banking is that which goes on in the little banks on the corners and streets in their myriad towns and cities. It is so much more! With less than a flick of a wrist, we may enter new even more insanely large sums into our accounts. We are acc6untable to no one but ourselves. Continued use of this system is de- signed to put total ownership of the world into our hands. We created the fraud and we control the continued application of the scheme. No one or group is more powerful than we are; so there is no enforcement or oversight we are subject to. We are at the top of the food chain, so to speak. For basically the same reason that counterfeiting is wrong and destructive; replacement of real money with a private and unsupported flat money is too. We who control that flat money are invincible. It allows us to amass virtually unlimited power for little more effort than administration of the accounting figures. And, we even have servants to do that simple task for us. We are above the lawI We are the real LAW[ Occasionally fools spastically blurt out that, "As long as I can spend it to buy what I need or want, I don't care!" These sheep, ready for the shearing, always grin and shrug like careless children when they make this state- ment. The existence and function of any money consti- tutes much more than a mere tool for simple transac- tions. It delineates the essential value of all material things we use or own on Earth as well as the labors of all of those empty-headed peasants who populate the planet we own. I reiterate. Those who control its issue have absolute power and we are those. All stock markets are ours to manipulate freely. The lives of every soul on Earth are ours to toy with as we will. We are the perfect insider traders. No one on Earth has the power to oppose us. No government, no army, no police may oppose our unified cabal. We the scions of power rule despite any trite assertions to the contrary. We have de facto control of all governments along with the appurtenant armies and police of those hollow shells. Who on Earth may dictate to a permanent international alliance of multi- billionaire families? No one! Even if one of ours dies, there is no disruption. Not even a ripple. Our organiza- tion is immortal. The U.S. Constitution states that only real, money issued by the federal government may be used in the United States and it dares to define just exactly what that is. Ha! In 1913, we directed our well bribed and thor- oughly supported "traitors" in Congress to unlawfully pretend that our private banking corporation, cleverly called the Federal Reserve, would take over control of issuing what today passes for money in this country. We implemented the details gradually over many years. We are very patient and gradualism is one of our special techniques. We have essentially done the same in all. countries so that our rule is being implemented globally today! This treason is not merely against any single country, it is universal. We are traitors to all of human- ity, but we are winning. So we are happy ! And, our plans are further compounded each day by endless numbers of new traitors in Congress who willingly do our bidding in order to prosper as our lowly lieutenants. They allow the original unconstitutional so-called Federal Reserve Act to be treated as law. We own the Federal Reserve. Paul Miller I1 Illll , The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should he brought to the attention of the newspaper by caning 727.$f83. O@@ All opiniorm expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated, Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only he published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists. ll I I I