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May 8, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 8, 1997

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I0 Thursday, May 8, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette Watch out Tonopah The Pahrump Town Board is carrying out its threat to get "at large" commissioner voting on the next ballot. It's been talked about before and died. Incorporation has been on the ballot more than once and been soundly defeated. As always, if those who want something to fail they keep jamming it down our throat. The reasoning behind this is that eventually well get tired of hearing about it and vote it in. It's a typical political ploy that's carried out even on a national scale. So far the intelligent voters of Pahrump have seen behind this nonsense. The Pahrump Town Board and those who prod them are the movers and shakers behind this most recent movement. More so, those who prod them. Needless to say, any citizen can start a petition and a political movement. But when a town board throws its weight behind something it tends to make more ink in the papers. I'll give it plenty of ink. There will be more in the years ahead. As Pahrump grows the problems of this fine city will become enor- mous. The greater the problems the less competent they'll be handled by the local town board, lfs something along the lines of the "Peter Principle." The problems will ex- ceed the competence level of the town board members. Pahrump voters would do themselves well if they began looking for people who are better prepared to handle such large problems. Meanwhile, these members try to blame their own problems on other entities. The current blame is over the way we vote for our commissioners. Why, of course. Why didn't I think of that? The reasons there are problems in Pahrump is because all five commissioners are not from Pahrump. Yea, sure. Are you really gullible enough to here comes the grab believe this? Nye County Commissioners are elected to handle county matter. A good make-up of commissioners from the vari- ous areas of the county guarantees that no single section of NORTHERN EXPOSURE by Dave Downing the county receives more attention than the other. Allowing two commissioners from Pahrump gives that area extra representa- tion, as it should be. But all five? Let me tell you what's going to happen next. This stupid "at large" issue, if it makes the ballot, will fail. If it should actually become law -- watch for a strong county split movement to appear in the north county. Contrary to what Pahrump politicians may think, the voters in the north county are not idiots. They can see the writing on the wall. In fact, due to the various Pahrump movements, there is already talk about a county split. Several movers and shak- ers in the north county support a split from around Beatty to the south. Esmeralda County has its supporters for this movement also. Some would like to see Esmeralda join northern Nye County, forming an entirely new county. This may very well become an issue the Nevada Legislature will be petitioned to look into. At any rate, the next movement I expect to see come out of Pahrump is an attempt to grab the county seat. They'll claim all their problems in the fast-growing south are because the county seat is in Tonopah. Again, they'll blame anything except their own inability. We in the north are not without our own faults. Commis- sion Chairman Dick Carver has made a terrible tactical blunder in some of his comments about holding commission meetings in Pahrump. Without doubt, commission meetings should take place on a regular basis in Pahrump. The large population of the south county needs to be assured the commission is properly serving them. There are some things that the south looks at and just shakes their heads. The most glaring example is Nye Re- gional Medical Center. Once and for all, this issue needs to be handled. It can be fixed -- stop playing with it and fix it! I don't blame the south for wondering about this "black money hole." Gazette columnist Brunt Mathewson recently wrote that it took up to two-weeks to get an appointment at the clinic. That's true. But the flip-side of that coin is: If the clinic is so backed up with patients, why the heck isn't it making money ? This is a serious issue and the entire county needs to work on it. Not just those of us in the north. Unfortunately, I really don't believe that's going to happen. As the politicians of Pahrump try to grab the whole pie because of their own inability to handle their town, the north-south issue is going to escalate to the point the state will have to step in and split the county. Maybe we should get started on that and get it over with. It might be the best for both sides. EDITOR'S NOTE: You can e-mail Dave Downing at: downing@sierra.net. The Internal Revenue Service - Still a Loose Cannon by Richard Reul We have heard numerous stories about the IRS !ately. It seems their new computers can't be made to work properly. Records are fouled up. Audits are scheduled haphazardly. Raids are based on the accusations of confidential infor- mants without prior investigation. So what else is new[ There are also disturbing reports that the Clinton Admin- istration is using the IRS to selectively audit conservative organizations. Both the Heritage Foundation and the Na- tional Rifle Association have been hit. A Senatorial com- mittee is looking into these allegations. Nye County has been the recipient of IRS abuse in years past. Joe Richards' brothels in Crystal were the victim of a helicopter raid, instigated by the then Nye District Attorney Phil Dunleavy. Nothing was found. Sometime later an IRS team invaded the Pahrump Winery. They were trying to collect the assets of the former owner of the Saddle West, Bob Huffman, who had allegedly invested in the Winery. In both cases the IRS acted with premeditated fury, terrorizing owners, employees and customers. The clear intent was to plant the fear of the IRS in everyone! Dan Rather, the CBS correspondent, has been running an expose" oflRS tactics. A short time back he told how it had completely destroyed a legitimate Jewish restaurant busi- ness in New Jersey. Typically the IRS kicked down doors, terrorizing employees and customers at gunpoint. They were allegedly looking for huge stashes of cash from money laundering. It turned out that their informant was a dis- gruntled ex-employee who wanted revenge. Rather's part- ing comment was: "Germany 1932 or New Jersey 1997...you make the choice!" The next day he had Margaret Richardson, the IRS Commissioner, on and was interrogating her. When he inquired about this incident and others, she completely avoided answering. Then he asked her whether any IRS audits had been done for political purposes or at the behest of the Clinton Administration. She got up and walked out in the middle of the interview! Senator John Glenn, a Democrat, is pushing legislation to make it a Federal crime for IRS employees to "browse" returns. It is questionable whether such a law could be effective. Who is to say when "browsing" occurs and when an audit is or is not politically motivated. As it stands the IR; can audit anyone, for any reason, and does not have to justify it. Efforts to shift the burden of proof to the Agency have failed. It seems clear that the IRS is past control by Congres- sional legislation. It has developed its own terrorist tech- niques for handling alleged recalcitrant taxpayers. There are no internal controls to ensure that innocent taxpayers are not involved and brutalized. The IRS has become a law unto itself and has the capability to destroy an individual or a business. In the absence of executive control by the Clinton Ad- ministration, the only alternatives appear to be: 1. Make the IRS financially responsible for its "mis- takes", with severe budgetary penalties for transgressions, or 2. Abolish the IRS and impose a laational sales tax.