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May 1, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 1, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, May 1, 1997 AA15 Grace Coach  Drew Carey Ellen (In O WXYZ Under Fire [In Stereo) Stereo) ' O KOLO News News ,BC Wld News Jeopardy! Wheel of Grace Coach  Drew Carey Ellen (In Primetime Uve fr News  Fortune  Under Fire IIn Stereo) Stereo) O KLAS News " CBS News News  News  Ent. Inside Nanny (In Dave's Movie: "Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac" Tonight Edition : Stereo)  World  I1997, Drama) WiLliam Devane, Kevin Dobson. Nanny (In Dave's Movie: "Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac" News Late Show (In Stereo) 3 Hard Copy Late Late Show (in (0D w'roc Stereo)  World  (1997, Drama  William Devane, Kevin Dobson. 3  Stereo) 3 News ', Home Coach "Call Grace Coach [] !Drew Carey Ellen (In Primetime Live () KTNV News  NewsABC Wld News   reprove. Me Cup d Under Fire I,(In Stereo) Stereo) 3 In the Wild "Cheetahs Jack Parr: As I Was Saying...: "An American Masters Charlie Rose (In Stereo) State of Theater Newshour With Jim ([) WNET With Holly Hunter" 3 Special" (In Stereo)  Poetry Talk Lehrer 3 ;> TVData News 3 News 3 CBS News News  Real 13/(In Cops (In Nanny (In Dave's Movie: "Knois Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac" News 3 Late Show (In Stereo)  Late Late Show (In News (R) [] IE) KTVN Stereo)_ Stereo) 3 Stereo) 3 World 3 (1997, Drama) William Devane, Kevin Dobson. :' Stereo) 3 ID KVBC News  NBC News News 3 Jeopardy! Wheel of Real TV (In Newsradio Newsradio Wings (In Men Behav- Law & Order "Passion" News  Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo)  Later (In 3 Fortune r Stereo)  'Sleeping" (In Stereo) Stereo) " Bad n Stereo)  lr Stereo) [] Newsradio Newsradio Wings (In Men Behav- Law & Order "Passion" News Tonight Show (In Stereo) Jenny Jones (In Stereo) Paid Late Night (In Stereo)  Later (in Leeza (In Stereo) NBC News () WDIV "Sleeping" (In Stereo) Stereo) : Bad (In Stereo)  ".  Program Stereo) . Nightslde (E) KRNV News NBCNews News Ent. HardCopy Inside Nawsradio Newsradio Wings(In MenBehav-Law&Order"Passion" News Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo)  Later(In Tonight  Edition  'Sleeping" (In Stereo) Stereo) 3 Bad (In Stereo)  , Stereo) [] Extra (In Access Hard Copy Mad About Simpsons Simpsons I Beverly Hills, 90210 Pacific Palisades (In F/X: The Series Star Trek: The Next Married... LAPD: Life F/X: The Series (1]) KVVU Stereo)  Hollywood ' You  (in Stereo) (In Stereo) !"Mother's Day" (In Stereo) Stereo) 3 "Reunion" Generation (In Stereo)  W th on the Beat "Reunion" Kratts' Science New Red Business Newshour With Jim Spontaneous Healing A lecture by Dr. Andrew Well Eight Weeks to Optimum Health A Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Eddie Files Eddie Files Eddie Files () KNPB Creatures Guy Green Report Lehrer  ',in Stereo) lecture by Dr. Andrew Well. (In Stereo)   3 Primetime Live 3 News Nightline  Inside American Politically Matlock "The Informer" Nativity '96 Caryl & Marilyn: Real ABC World News Now Edition 3 Journal 3 Incorrect 3 n Stereo) (Part 1 of 2 3 Friends 3 (Joined in Progress) [] News Nightline 3 Politically Night Court Paid ]News (R) Incorrect 3 Program I News  Late Show (In Stereo)  Ent. Late Late Show (in Tonight Stereo) E CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) News [] Nightline [] PoliticatlYncorrect [] PatroIHighway MurphYBrown [] News (R) 3 Instructional Programming ]} KAME i Mr. Cooper Roseanne Roseanne Married... Star Trek: Deep Space Sentinel "Survival" (In Star Trek: Voyager Strange Extra (In Movie: **, "The Day of the Dolphin" (t973) Paid Paid "Lost Youth" "Vegas" 3 With Nine "Cardassians" 3 Stereo)  'Displaced" (In Stereo) 3 Universe Stereo) 3 Dolphins are used in a presidential assassination plot. Program Program Fresh Cosby Roseanne Cheers (in Seinfeld 3 Roseanne Sentinel "Survival" (in Star Trek: Voyager Matlock "The Rat Pack" Martin (In Baywatch "Seize the iStranga Tru Paid (]) KRLR Prince Show  "Lost Youth" Stereo)  'Therapy Stereo)  'Displaced" (In Stereo)  IIn Stereo) [] Stereo) 3 Day" (in Stereo 3 Universe Vantage Program In the Wild "Cheetahs Jack Parr: As I Was Saying...: "An American Masters Being Keeping Up In the Wild "Cheetahs Jack Parr: As I Was Saying,..: "An American Masters Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Humanities Marketing WTVS With Holly Hunter" [] Special" (In Stereo)  Served With Holly Hunter" 3 Special" (in Stereo) I AMC A&E CNN CaM DSC E! ENC Remember Movie: *** "The Story of Dr. Wassell" 1944, Drama) Gary WENN ; Cooper. A dedicated doctor rescues men from the Japanese. [] Biography "Katharine American Justice (R) Graham" Prime News Burden of Larry King Live [] Proof (R [] Movie: **/ "National Lampoon's Vacation" (1983) A vacationing family detours into screwball side trips. 1"ravelers "Oktoberfest: Movie Next Step jMunich, Germany" (R) Magic (R) IR) Father's Day: Behind the Gossip :News Daily Scenes (R) (4:15) Movie: "Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu" 20th Century "Hippies/ Cults" (R) World Today Stand One Night Dream On Wings "Thunder From the Sea" (R) Talk Soup INight Stand (R) I Movie: **,/ "The Secret of My Success" (t987) An ambitious youth climbs Manhattan's corporate ladder. Movie: *** "Unconquered" (1947, Adventure) Gary Cooper. An Movie: ***v "The Westerner" (1940) Gary Cooper. evil trader goads the Senecas into a war with colonists. An itinerant cowboy feuds with Judge Roy Bean. Law & Order "Apocrypha" [] CNN/Sports Moneyline Illustrated Daily Show John Henton Wild Discovery "Gorilla" (R) Howard Howard Stern Stern (R) Movie: ***V "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" (1989, Fantasy) John Neville. 'PG' Movie: ***/ "Beau Geste" (1939, Adventure) Gary Cooper, Ray Miliand. iBiography "Katharine American Justice (R) !Graham" (R) NewsNight Showbiz NawsNight CNN/Sports Today (R) Update Illustratod Tick 3 Saturday Night Live [] Daily Show ;R) Discover Magazine earch for Dracula (R) "Poison" (R) Melrose Place '1 Am Talk Soup Night Stand Curious Melrose" (R) 20th Century "Hippies/ Law & Order "Apocrypha" Cults" (R) Larry King Live (R)  Overnight CNN/Sporta I ustrated Movie: **/ "Over Her Dead Body" (t990) A deputy and his sister-in-law dispose of his wife's body. Wild Discovery "Gorilla" Discover Magazine (R) "Poison" (R) Howard News Daily Paid Paid Stern (R) (R) Program Program Movie: 'Jr** "10 Rillington Place" (1971) Crossfire Newsroom (R) : Paid Paid Program Program Search for Dracula (R) Paid Paid Program Program Movie: **/ "Peter's Friends" (1992) An Englishman Movie: ** "The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Movie: holds an eventful reunion for old friends. (In Stereo) 'R' Fu Manchu" (1980) Peter Sellers. 'PC' "Morituri" ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGN LEARN LIFE MAX (4:30) Major League Baseball: Teams to Be Announced. (Live) [] Major League Baseball: Chicago Cubs at San Diego Padres. From San Diego/ Sportseenter [] Up Close Racehorse [Jack Murphy Stadium. (Live) [] (R) Digest(R) Carson Carson Carol Carol Waltons Erin becomes the Highway to Heaven "All Rescue 911 (in Stereo) [] 700 Club (Left in Three Stooges Carson Classics Classics Burnett Burnett town's first pinup girl. That Glitters" (In Stereo) Progress) Classics i CBS News !News [] Nanny (In Dave's IVIovie;"Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac" News 3 Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In ;ordon Elliott Senior Stereo) 3 World 3 Jeopardy! Wheel of Grace Coach [] [] Fortune [] Under Fire MTV NASH NICK PS SCIR TBN TBS TCM TNT USA WGN HBO DSN SHOW TMC (1997, Drama) William Devane, Kevin Dobson.  Stereo) ,. Drew Carey Ellen (In Primetime Live [] News [] Nightline [] Inside Politically (In Stereo) Stereo) [] Edition [] Incorrect [] Spirit of Spirit of In the Wild "Cheetahs Jack Parr: As I Was Saying...: "An American Masters Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Colorado Colorado With Holly Hunter" 3 Special" (In Stereo) 3 Newsradio Newsradio Wings (In Men Behav-Law & Order"Passion" News [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Cheers [] "Sleeping" (In Stereo) Stereo) [] Bad (In Stereo) [] Sister, Smart Guy Jamie Foxx Wayans News (In Stereo)  Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Space Sister  (in Stereo) (In Stereo) Bros.  Generation "Gambit" [] Nine "Fascination" Connec- Conneo- Connections lU "Drop the j Wonders of Uitrasci. Connec- Connec- Connections Ig "Drop the lionsll(R) tionsll(R) Apple"(R) Weather(R) ence(R) tionsll(R) tionsll(R) Apple"(R) : Supermar- Debt Intimate Portrait "Carly Unsolved Mysteries (In Movie: "Esca )e From Terror: The Teresa Stamper ket Sweep Simon" (R) Stereo) Story" (1995, Drama) Maria Pitillo, Adam Storke. Newshour With Jim Lehrer News  EnL Tonight Home Home Improve. Improve. Wonders of Ultras, el- Weather (R) ence (R) Golden Golden Gids [] Gids [] Auto Racing: NASCAR Winston Cup - Save Mart 300. (R) Carson Paid Paid Classics Program Program News (R) Paid Paid :itizens on the move. Program Program American Paid Rolonda Advice Caryl & Marilyn: Real Journal [] Program columnists. Friends [] Personal Success (In In the Wild "Cheetahs Spirit of Spirit of Stereo) With Holly Hunter" [] Colorado Colorado Late Night (In Stereo)  Later (In American Extra (In Jenny Stereo) 3 TV Time Stereo) 3 Jones [] Martin (In Ricki Lake (R) Psychic Love Lucy News (R) (in Stereo) [] Friends Stereo) [] Homete: Hometime: Paid Paid Paid Paid Addition Addition Program Program Program Program Homicide: Life on the Unsolved Mysteries (In Sisters "The Four Street "Happy to Be Here" Stereo) Elements" (in Stereo) [] Movie: **V "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Movie: "Calling the Movie: **V "Neoronomicon" 0993, Movie: "Deceptions Ih Edge of Deception" (1994) A Movie: ,t/ "American Strays" (lgO, Movie: *** "The Across the Eighth Dimension" (1984) Peter Welle!. Ghosts" (1996) 'NR' [] Horror) Jeffrey, Combs. (in Stereo) 'R' voyeuristic detective is obsessed with a sexy neighbor. Comedy) Luke Perry. (In Stereo) 'R' Gambler" (1974) 'R' Music Videos (In Stereo) Real World Jenny Singled Out ILoveline (In Stereo) Adult Night Jams ]Music Videos (in Stereo) Music (In Stereo) McCarthy [In Stereo) I Videos (in Stereo) I Videos Life and Times of Buck Prime Time Country (In Road (In Stereo) Dallas "Turning Point" (In Dukes of Hazzard "Bye, Prime Time CounW (R) Road (R) (In Stereo) [Off Air) Owens (In Stereo) Stereo) [] Stereo) Bye Boss" (in Stereo) (in Stereo) [] Hey Amold, ,Happy Days ave Lucy I []l Odd (in Stereo) I  Bevtcbad Netart Couple Taxi "Jim .IMary Tyler Dick Van Bob Rhoda (Part II Dream of Paid Happy Days I Love Lucy INowbart [] Taxi "Jim Mary Tyler ,ets a P" IMoore [] Dyke  1 of 2) l,n,= Prlxjrem  I JGets a Pe t`' ]Moore [] Wi! ............. J ........ i' ;$ .... i  PBT. Pro Beach From W'.  Fvs; U, Si.Nattonal Te:!::: er=n ......................... '  ......  Saaqueot DSV "Higher :Movie:  "Time Runner" (1992) A space agent antum Leap (In Saaqueot DSV "Higher Movie:  "Time Runner" (1992) A space agent Paid Paid IPaid Paid Power" (In Stereo) goes back in time to thwart an alien invasion. [] Stereo) [] Power" (R) (in Stereo) goes back in time to thwart an alien invasion. [] Program ProFam Program Program Behind lhe Creflo/L Predoue Jeck Van Pndse tba Lord [] [ Full Goapal IBenny Hinn IDove Scenes [] Dollar Jr, Memories Impa ie Jesse Myles Praise the Lord [] Dupiant Roaver Muerue Movie:r*"DoathWawant"(1990,Drema)Akarate- Movte:.k'k* Oue Good Cop" (1991, Drarne) A cop Movle:** Sbarky'eMechiue (t981,Drama)BurtReynolds, Movie:*** Shaft (1971)RichardRoundtree.A IGomer dcking Officer goes under cover to find a kUler, becomes guardian Of his late partns dau(hters. Rechol Ward. A vice cop uncovers high-level ]ovemment comJptior, detective searches for a .drug dealer's daughter. JPyle, USMC !Movie: **t "Blow.Up" (1966) David Hemmings. A Movie: r '"1..  and How to Movie: *.k.k, "Black Orpheus" (t959) Brene Ivlego. Movie: r,k* "Goodbye Alam"(1961) A young man Movie: *** "Never on Sunday" (1960, photographer thinks he has captured a murder on fi. Gotlt' (1965)Ritausningham. AromeotictriangieignitesduringCamivaltirneinRio. vies for the attention of a Pansian decorator. Comedy)MelinaMercouri, JuiesDassin. Movie: ,k,. "Tribes" (1970) An unconventional Movie: *** "A Christmas Story'(1983, Comedy) A Movie: ** "Shaft: Cop Killer" (1974, IKuog Fu recruit creates problems for his sergeant. oy wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Mystery) Richard Roundtree, Ed Barth. I Murder, She Wrote (In Movie: "The Stepsister" (t997) Linda Evans. A Silk Sking$ "The Renegade (In Stereo) [] Magnum, P.I. "Under Movie: *** "White Palace" (1990) Susan Sarandon. Acapuico H.EA.T. "Code Stereo) [] young woman suspects foul play in her father's death. Scarlet Shadow" (R) [] Nortd' [] A young widower has an affair with an older waitress. Name: Easy Riders" Sister, Smart Guy Jamle Foxx Wayans iNews (In Stereo)  Wiseguy "Point of No In the Heat of the Night Simon & Simon "Double Paid Sister [] (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Bros. [] [ Return" (In Stereo) [] ;)lay" Program ".J--I =lffd tl ffJ l[e,] -" Irh? I n31 =I i,: (4:45) Movie: *.A.Yz "The Indian in the Movie: ,A..A. "Conebaads" (1993, Movie: r* "Girl 6" (1996, Drama) Theresa Reodie. A Tracey SandeLarry rs [] Fifth Cupboard" (1995) Hal Scardino. 'PG' [] Comedy) Dan Aykroyd. 'PG' [] phone-sex operator becomes addicted to her job. 'R' [] Takes On... Element TaiesCn[]lcku. Chip'n' eofTronp Movie: w** "A Buy Nemed Charlie Movle:k-A."Snoopy, Come Nen, e" Movie: *,',r "The Ug/ Dachshund" Da e [] Brown" (1969) Voices of Peter Robbins. (1972) Voices of Chad Webber. 'G. [] (1966, Comedy) Dean Jones. [] i= Paid [Mo'.: **  The Beguiled' (1971) Glint Eastwood. Program i A u,= soier triers tension at a gids school. I Movie: "Skelotone" (1997, Suspense) Movie: .k, "The Expert" Ran Silver. (In Stereo)'R'[] (1994) Jeff Speakman. 'R' Movie: ** "The Incredible Shrinking Movie: *** "Mysterious Woman" (1981) Lily Tomlin. 'PC' Island" (1961) (4:30) Movie: ,Yz "sahara" (1995, Movie: .k* "City Umits" (1985, Science Outer Limits Space music Movie: ,/r** V "Get Shorty" (1995) A sly hoodlum Poltergeist: Movie: **/ "Party Gid" (1995) Parker Pose/. A fun- "Living in Drama) James Belushi. (In Stereo) Fiction) John StockwelL 'PG-13' warps listeners. (In Stereo) conspires to break into the movie business. 'R' [] The Legacy loving young woman finds it difficult to settle down. 'R' Oblivion' r , (3:55) Movie Movie: ** Vz 'The Delicate Delinquent" (1957) A Movie: ** "The Demolitionist" (1996, Movie: ** "The Road Killers" (1995, Movie: ,,** "The Laughing Policeman" (1973, Movie: ** "Deceptions" (1990, rook e police officer has difficulty proving h mseff. Drama.) Nicole Eggert. (In Stereo) 'R' Suspense) Christopher Lambert. 'R' [] Drama) Waiter Matthau, Bruce Dem. 'R' Mystery) Harry Hamlin. (In Stereo) 'R' ENJOY OUR SCRUMPtiOUS BAR MENU Join us for A Mini Buffet served 3:3Opm til 9:00pm Homestead & Thousandaire 727-4474