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May 1, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 1, 1997

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&apos;8 Thursday, May 1,. 1997 PahrumpVaiJey Gazette  Jeanna watches through the bars of her crib. Her tiny body tenses with fear when she sees the shadow on the wall. Pain. The infant's daddy insists on changing his daughter's diaper. He hurts her. He always hurts her. This is Jeanna's earliest memory. Jeanna is an adult survivor of child abuse. Jeanna is a miracle. She survived sexual, physical, mental abuse and torture that began in infancy and continued. Her name has been changed to 3rotect her privacy. 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"  .: .: , .:i.::!::::.::`.**.!:*.* : !:... :.+:.. ::::;':::iL,:;'';,:.:::::;-'::...':$:!!-:.::..:: .i:!L!?.::::L`i::::i:!!::..:::`!::i::.;?::$!:!!!;! !::i!::::!:!" .';: ::`;:`?.::!.:::!:`i:`.:`:.`.:`::<.$::::::::.:::.: "(4" ": :' : ..::: '::::::,:. " ::.. :: ..:.. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::.L':::. only a small portion of the abuse she suffered can be profiled here. Raped repeatedly by the time she was three. Hurt with objects inserted into her body cavities. Hit when she protested. The tiny, porcelain skinned child learned early not to cry. "Jeanna has been naughty and needs to be punished," an uncle said after he had ejaculated in the four year old's mouth and all over her face. The child's mother put her in the bug and rat infested basement for two hours. The little girl, quivering with cold and terror, begged her unrelenting mother to "please turn on the light." "I never get over feeling cold," Jeanna says. Her head hurt from the pressure of Daddy's big hands over each ear as he carried her, by her head, to the room where he threw her on the bed. The cold hurt more. Stripped of her clothing, the toddler shivered while her Daddy rubbed his penis over her face and body. When he penetrated her, "the pressure felt like my legs were being torn off." School. Scary. She went alone, just across the street. First day. Lots of mothers with their children. Kids playing and laughing. Jeanna was different. She was sure they were looking at her and laughing. She thought their moth- ers were telling them not to play with her. Couldn't sit in class any longer. She needed to use the toilet, but bath- CHOOSE FROM THESE NAMES: Muzelle Petrof Technics Kawai Lowrey Suzuki Baldwin Kimball Roland Young Chang Hammond ]ohanus USED USED is SHEET ORGANS MUSIC EGGS 25 TECHNICS ROLAND SUZUKI DIGITALS KEYBORADS USED PIANO BENCHES each FIRST COME FIRST SERVE 2 DAYS ONLY SAT SUN MAY SRO MAY 4TH 25 .. DOORS OPEN AT 10 AM BRING YOUR TRUCK AND SAVE Iohannus Church Organs SAVE $$S MUSIC ACCESSOIUE$ KEVaOAaD STANDS: s249s USED UPRIGHT PIANOS From USED OFFICE FURNITURE Used Karaoke Machines $$$ usrl 99. miss this sale (702) 457-68 rooms were terrifying places. Places where people hurt you. Jeanna couldn't cope with her fear of the bathroom. She had an acci- dent. She was humiliated. The principal told her she had to go home because she was too young to go to school. When she returned to school, no one seemed con- cerned .with the frightened child, the miserable little creature who was always alone. The desperate little girl hurled herself down a flight of concrete stairs when she was six. She felt stupid because it didn't kill her. Where was Mommy? Jeanna's mommy and brothers were watching and laughing while the child squirmed and pleaded with Daddy to take away the spiders and bugs. They all laughed at ]eanna's terror as Daddy put the insects on her face, arms and legs. Family entertainment. Mommy was there to tell her eight year old daughter, "You better make your daddy stop what he's doing to you, or you'll never be able to have children when you grow up." "How can I make him stop? I've been trying to make him stop hurting me all my life," she screamed. But her screams stayed inside, living there with her tears. "I love you" were words Jeanna never heard from her parents. She heard plenty of others: Bitch, whore, bad girl and many that are unprintable. Mingled with her pain and fear were shame and guilt. Daddy left the family for a young woman with a two year old daughter when Jeanna was 14. Mommy tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized. Mommy sent for Jeanna and told her, "You must go to the police and tell them all the things your daddy did to you if you want me to get out of here." Jeanna was afraid. Daddy said he'd kill her and the rest of the family if she ever told. It was their secret. Mommy insisted. Jeanna obeyed. She told her story to two officers. They asked her questions, wrote things on papers and asked more ques- tions. She described in detail what Daddy had done to her. The uniformed men kept asking questions. The girl was ashamed. Searching for a word that wouldn't sound so bad, she nervously blurted, "I guess you could say he abducted me." The two men looked at each other, tore up the papers and threw them in the trash. One of them said, "You go home, and quit telling bad stories about your Daddy." She heard them laughing as she left. The abuse revealed here is true. Sadly, it is only a glimpse of the sadistic, painful, degrading abuse Jeanna suffered from her father, his six brothers and two cousins. The mental battering and physical abuse heaped on by her mother. The silence of relatives who knew. Jeanna' s survival is as heroic as a prisoner of war. The fight her psyche made to live. Her decision to heal. 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