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April 24, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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April 24, 1997

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10 Thursday, April 24, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette Nye County Corruption--a matter of perception If you believe Nye County government is totally and irreversibly corrupt then stop here and go to another column. I offer a breath of fresh air  stopping to smell the roses as I often do. Oh, I like to contemplate serious things and look at politicians with some degree of skepticism, like most of us do these days. But I don't believe black helicopters are about to swing down on us and take over the world. I think about goofy things. If space aliens really exist, why do they only abduct weird people? IfI was born in Johannesburg could I check the box on an employment application that I am African-American? Ifa cat always falls safely on its feet, how far up do I have to drop it that it no longer matters? There truly are serious problems in Nye County. One of them/s not corruption. Let's take a look at the commissioners: Cameron McRae. A great man. A local, and successful businessman. Willing to spend the time in an ungodly posi- tion for which there is only criticism. Highly active in the Pahrump Volunteer Fire Department. My only worry about Cameron is that be's over-extending himself. Take care of your health, my friend. Bob Davis. I don't know much about Bob. I do know that through his actions on the commission, he sincerely cares about Tonopa.h and the actions of the commission. He's a good watchdog over the others. Ira "Red" Copnss. Hah! What the beck can I say about the old dog? He'll sit on his commissioner's throne and talk back like a drunk Texan. But when it comes down to the matter at hand m take heed to what he says in his drawl. He shines. He makes me smile m and God bless him for that. Robert "Bobby" Revert. Speaking of old dogs, eh? I've not met Bobby face to face', but I don't really need to. His votes speak for him. He's the swing vote between the north and the south. That puts him in a tough position folks. But, so far, he has exercised good judgement (despite a previous tongue NORTHERN EXPOSU00 by Dave Downing lashing from me over the hospital). He obvi- ously cares about the problems in both com- munities. Keep up the good work partner! (Meaning, don't listen to me.) Let's see. Who's left? I missed someone. Give me a minute, it'll come to me... Richard "Dick" Carver. Whew. What a show. Talk about roots. Few people have a heritage that winds up with a community, if you can call a four comer block in the middle of the desert a community, named after him. Dick Carver has more love for this county than I can muster up for my family. I've seen him get so emotional, with tears coming down his cheeks, while trying to portray the rough-'n-tough cowboy image. He and his wonderful wife, Midge, opened their home to me and let me, stupid to the issue, ask dumb questions about his campaign against federal control of lands. The story ultimately won me an award from the Nevada Press Associa- tion for "Community Service," but it was Dick that should have won the award. God bless you, my friend. So, there you have it folks. Our commissioners in a nut shell. Pray tell, where is the corruption, the deceit, the incompetence? I'll tell you where it is: It is in the pea-brained minds of those who think there is a conspiracy around every comer. Those who can actually convince others that "their way is the only way." Yes, commission actions are always open to legitimate criticism. I have probably criticized each of these individuals myself. But I would never-- ever-- challenge the integrity of any one of them. They are honest, good, and sincere, community interested people. There are others that take blasting on these editorial pages. Rachael Nicholson, whom you all know as the Wicked Witch of the East and Les Bradshaw who you probably recognize as He Who Wants Kingdom. Let's get some perspective here. Rachael Nicholson is one fine lady who I admire very much. Little known to most, she authored Nye County's response to the federal lawsuit over the issue that has come to be known as the Jefferson Canyon Lawsuit. If the commissioners had left her draft alone, we would have won the lawsuit. When I read what she wrote I was flabbergasted. It was a work of art. She is also the only person I ever saw that directly answered commissioner's questions regarding legal matters. I never heard her say, 'Tll get back to you on that." She had instant answers. She deserves more than she's making. Les Bradshaw I only met when he was local manager for Nye County's Yucca Mountain Management Project. I only had a couple of encounters with him but he struck me as an extremely intelligent individual that knew what he was talk- ing about. I had respect for his opinions and found he was extremely competent at his job. Through too many articles and columns you may be led to believe the sky is falling. Don't bother to duck. EDITOR'S NOTE: You can email Dave Downing at: downing@sierra.net. Letters to the Editor Grave dangers A friend of mine, while handing a man a printed invitation to a John Birch Society presentation, "Conspiracy for Global Control," overheard a bystander comment, "Oh, that's a communist front!" The guy I bought my home from, who claimed to be a retired Cop, said the same. I should have demanded my money back with such a malinformed state- ment. To the contrary, the JBS has for 40 years been alerting Americans to the grave dangers of communism, socialism, fascism, and other totalitarian dictatorships---in spite of the massive campaign of smears perpetrated by left-wing, power hungry despots. Through effective lies, misrepresentations, and outright fraud, many decent people such as the above, have been conditioned to swallow that dribble. As Robert Welch, the founder of the Birch Society stated, "Don't take my word as gospel truth, until I've proven it with documen- tation." Is it just coincidence that criminals, while serving time, have more privileges and rights than honest taxpaying citi- zens? That illegal aliens are granted guest amenities, bribed by unethical politicians to register to vote (but unlawful for American officials to demand proof of citizenship!) that the ten commandments and prayer in schools have been replaced with sex education and multiculturalism; that our precious Unitel States constitution has been relentlessly violated by feel good judges who act as legislators ignoring theft oaths. Moreover, is it mere happenstance that we tax slaves have paid dearly with blood and money supporting slave states through foreign aid, including the United Nations? What about our politicians, who' ve permitted this bipartisan treach- ery and to bring us down to an immoral third world level? Are Americans ready to surrender their invaluable sover- eignty to a one world government dictatorship? The John Birch Society vehemently thinks not and neither do I: Need more proof, then go and meet William Norman Giigg, a senior editor of the New American Magazine and author of "The Gospel of Revolt: Feminism vs. the Family" (1993 ) and "Freedom on the Altar: the U.N.'s Crusade Against God and Family" (1995). Tuesday April 22, 7p.m. at West Charleston Library; 6301 West Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas. Phone 658- 4715, 727-9216 To preserve our freedom, Vince Bogdan To: Wander Cable Communications I have tried to he patient with the situation that has evolved here (and as I understand it, also in Pabrump, Beatty and the area service by Wander, according to the local staff). We have not had Disney channel for coming up on two months now..this is a channel that is great for children to watch and I at 68 years of age enjoy it a great deal. That wasn't bad enough now we are unable to receive ESPN since April 16. The local staff ( after continuous inquiries by myself and many other subscribers) has stated they do not know what the difficulty is nor when it will be fixed. As you will note I am forwarding copies of this letter to several authorities who hopefully will be interested and that a solution to the above problems will be handled soon and efficiently. Sincerely, Zelinda K. Lang Tonopah, NV CC: Nye Co. Commissioners, Tonopah Town Board, Pahrump Valley Gazette, Tonopah Times, Bonanza & Goldfield News, Federal Communications Comm., Tonopah W.C.C. office. Settlement Agreement ELKO-- I have just received a fax draft copy of the recent Settlement Agreement between Nye County, Nevada and the United States involving the matter of US v. Nye Co. As one of the members of the original legal team that included California attorney John Howard, I am very much saddened by the dark cloud this agreement places upon Nevada. It is not a good day to call One's self a Nevadan with those certain dements from Nye County signing away Nevada's Sovereignty. Fortunately, the settlement has no force of Law on anyone but Nye County. An appropriate victory for Nye, one could say. The Folks down in Nye County have some vigorous housecleaning to perform. However, in reviewing Nevada's history, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that this same type of collaborative capitulation in vindicating Nevada's Statehood has met with the same results many times before. Which attaches these words of wisdom to those who have promoted such collaborative acts; "It is as difficult and dangerous to try to free a people that wants to remain servile as it is to enslave a people that wants to remain free." Niccolo' Machiavelli. The "people" for the most part, as used here in this situation would he the Ranchers, with a few exceptions. Very few, sad to say. The Ranchers have committed these collaborative acts over the years because of their heavy agriculture welfare subsidy receipts and have kept Nevada a Colony for Uncle Sam. This has caused the mining industry to use their huge doUar reserves to pay out bureaucratic bribes and offer Nevada's water to the fedrocrats to obtain permits, to mine. A system now so corrupt that it will not be able to he corrected until rural Nevada achieves total economic collapse. Oh well. So, what is to be done now? For starters, the urban Nevada Counties had better get their check books out and be prepared to ante up now more then ever for aa, al Nevada. Second, maybe by the time Mining has stripped and vacated Nevada, we'll have a new breed of Rancher from the Eastern States who knows how to stand on their hind legs and resettle the West again. Until that time comes, rural Nevada is an occupied territory and does not deserve to be freed from the totalitarian control of Washington, D.C. Oh, and start practicing the words; Governor, Frankie Sue Del Papa. Ed Presley Elko, NV Treatment unjust I was appalled by the way I was treated on March 24, 1997, by Justice of the Peace Margaret Tsafos of the Township of Pahrump, Nevada. I filed a motion to dismiss with the Justice of the Peace of the Township of Pahrump, Nevada and a copy was sent to the Nye County District Attorney's office, in compliance with estab- lished procedures. No response was forthcoming from the D.A. It is apparent the court violates procedure, the Justice of the Peace is required to grant a motion of dismissal. I have not received a written response to my motion by the court, therefore, I believed the Justice of the Peace should grant my motion to dismiss. Ican't express how disappointed and SHOCKED I was when I asked the Justice of the Peace for her ruling in my effort to establish evidence and she said''DENIED !" How can the Justice of the Peace dny my motion if it wasn't opposed by the D.A.? The Justice of the Peace is supposed to be an impartial magistrate, a mediator, a representative for justice. Of course, this is all a collection of evidence (records) for review at an administrative hearing in the future. Does this mean that possibly Justice of the Peace Tsafos does not understand what a motion is? Maybe when Justice of the Peace Tsafos doesn't like a motion to dismiss or doesn't want to rule on it, her standard reply is "motion denied," in violation of procedure and due process. After the Bailiff gave his introductory speech in the comlroom, and with grand display of emotion, related his good fortune in gambling, enabling him to purchase n firearms. To my knowledge, a magistrate's job is to be our advocate to render true justice. My motion to dismiss should have received due consideration according to procedure. Why is it, when someone attempts to stand up for their constitutional fights--the court looks upon them as criminals? And furthermore, when real criminals go to court' they are afforded their full constitutional rights and provided a jury trial. It appears that the more we demand our rights--the more we continue to lose them. Sunbeam Sandy Wmey The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists. it,, t 2t