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April 17, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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April 17, 1997

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Headline We by we I mean us guys goofed. We shoulda never given them wimmen the right to vote. Mark my words the next thing you know their gonna want all sorts of privilege that so far have been strictly male territory. Here I had one cornor of the front room all set up where I could do my writing business and in general look like I was busy doing something. Once I got settled in I was safe from all the distractions of everyday life. Things like taking out the trash, fixing the flat on the wiles car etc. could be put on hold. I had me a good spot in my little cornor where my coffee cup was in easy reaching distance, space for my big ash tray to catch the few ashes that didn't make it down to the rug or to the front of my shirt and the piles of papers and notes that someday I would get around to reading or doing something about. Now things have changed especially not that Carol, AKA  as Ditto has started writing for the Gazette. I aint worried as Bob the editor has assured me that my column would still appear on the top of our assigned page. At first the changes were minor. The big ash tray replaced II nl Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes with a smaller one, then gone all to- gether. Not that this mattered much as I like Newton had discovered the el- fects of gravity on ashes. Then I started noticing that the stacks of papers was also getting smaller. Which was just as well as the town fire marshal had already issued me a citation. The next big change was a suggestion that we move the telephone out of the bathroom over to our (note now we're calling it our) cornor where it would be handy. We wouldn't Out Esmeralda Way Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, April 17, 1997 11 have to get up to answer the phone. I liked it where it was in the bathroom. I got a lot done in there while on the phone. So into our cornor it went and on the way there it suffered a transformation of appearances as did the word processor the printer the monitor and the coffee cup. I don't believe in dusting or wiping offappliances. I feel that this is the true function of the dust and grime that accumulate on surfaces, It provides a protective coating and stuff will last a lot longer. Besides it's a lot easier on the eyes once the polished sheen of an item is dimmished. Try telling that to some gal on a clean up kick. Probably the next big change in what used to be my cornor will be some fancy lacy curtains and asking me to wash my hands before I get the keyboard all dirty, Like I said we should have never given them the right to vote. Next thing that will happen is that they are going to start wanting things like charge cards and their own car. Have a good one. II Ill I Goldfield Hotel Always a Debatable Topic A controversial item on the agenda regarding a request for possible settlement of the back taxes owed by the Goldfield Hotel in the amount of $232,545.65 by a payment of $50,000 was tabled when Gene Koon, Esq., CLaS Vegas Investments), attorney for Robert Spillane (noteholder on the Hotel) faxed a letter to the county attorneys office asking this item be removed from the agenda. (Too late to do so!) And he did not show up! After a very lively discussion, Susan Dudley suggested this item be tabled until more information is made available to the commissioners. The wrong decisions in this case could cost the county thousands of dollars. The Esmeralda County Commissioners met on April 15, 1997, with Susan Dudley, chairman; Gary O'Connor, Fish Lake Valley, vice-chairman; Ben Viljoen, Silver Peak com- missioner; Lynn Scott, recorder; and District Attorney Steve Evenson. Beverly Relyea said that the issues of concern to Esmer- alda County are still before the Legislature. Norma McCuster of Western Energetic discussed the costs and options of upgrading the fuel tank system facilities, new site constructions, if needed; partnerships with Esmer- alda County and Esmeralda County School District and fuel costs. Deadline for all this is December, 1998. A 10,000 gallon split-wall fuel tank, on a concrete base, with 2 dispensers, (one for diesel and one for gasoline), with the card-reader system, (which keeps track of number of gallons of fuel purchased, number of miles driven from point A to point B, names of drivers, license of each vehicle in use,) would cost Goldfield $43,325, plus card readers $6,700 plus $2,500 for installation and phone lines. All options are being studied. The commissioners signed the LEPC/SERC grant autho- rization form. Ben Viljoen discussed the idea of a certificate of recogni- tion and plaque to be presented in the near future to Elton Parsons for his loyal services over the years to the county. It passed. The adoption of the resolution supporting action of the Board on 3-18-97, regarding intergovernmental transfer of funds to Repository Oversight program passed. A motion was made and passed to turn the uncollectible Esmeralda County Ambulance bills in the amount of $10,786.69, and uncollectable water accounts from Goldfield Utility, $423.31; and the Silver Peak water, $200 to a collec- tion service in Nevada. Harry Lodell of SIIS discussed the status of Workers Compensation Claims and options the county has. The 3 options are: rehiring the party if he or she is able to resume the duties of the job; retraining which could cost the county $15,000-$20,000 being in a rural area, as the subject would need to be trained outside this area; or a cash settlement! Letters to the Editor II .. Ill I I I IInll II I 1 II I II I I I I I I I I I I Iill II1[ I I I I I I i Ill Blind naivete or corrupt Blind naivete and/or corruption amongst some people in Pahrump have led to the raising up of a Golden Calf as an unjustified panacea and his name is Leonard Smith. As the Town Attorney for eight years, he has become adept in relying upon quick, glib, and often undocumented "explana- tions" or "excuses" when queried by individual members of e Town Board or when called upon at open meetings to comment on legal matters. Those of us who are still capable of independent critical thought are sickened by the misplaced adoration heaped upon our hireling who is a money pit and master of confusion. At the Town Board meeting on the 8th of April, Smith cleverly led most of those present to falsely believe that the appoint- ment of Bob Little to the Board followed the law. This is not true! Specifically, Nevada Revised Statute 245.170 states "County commissioners to fill certain vacancies. When a vacancy exists or occurs in any county or township office, except the offices of district judge and county commissioner, the board of county commissioners shall appoint a suitable person who is an elector of the county to fill the vacancy until the Ist Monday of January after the next ensuing biennial election." N'RS 269.018 which was passed in 1985 further addresses the subject of how board members are to be elected and for how long. Pahrump Town Ordinance 21.220 provides for an orderly and fair public process to be followedin making RECOMMENDATIONS to the county commissioners as they the commissioners go about making their decision. Smith is responsible for the mother of all snow jobs! He claims that the governor should do the appointing in defiance of the law and he has made the further unsubstantiated claim that a lower court in 1992 made this ruling. It should be understood that lower courts in Nevada may not set aside the laws passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. Smith sees his duty as defending any member of the Town Board whether or not said member obtained his seat lawfully or not. Smith's actions are clearly those of the attorney for the Board and not for the Town. Much as many seem to worship their idols in showbiz, a group of sycophant locals have elevated Smith upon a false alter of his own. This unseemly idol worship, supported by a sacrifice of $4000 each month in our tax money, must be stopped! No detailed and itemized public accounting of his "work" for Pahrump has ever been made. I predict that it never will. The reason being that it could not be fairly seen as anywhere near an honest justification for the funds expended. Many see Smith as not actually the Town Attorney but in reality an advisor to the ruling or connected faction on the Board who seem to rely upon his councils in order to facilitate circumvention of the will of the majority in Pahrump and of the very law itself while avoiding retribution. Alert for manipulators Paul J. Miller Pahrump, NV Dear Mr. Holtman, I read your article titled "Old Case Remembered with New Student-Teacher Sex Bill" in the April 10, 1997 issue of the Gazette. I just want to thank you for writing such a nice and supportive article. I would like to thank Sheriff Lieseke and his staffofinvestigators for their tenacious job on the Peterson case. Big thanks goes to District Attorney Bob Beckett and Chief Deputy Kirk Vitto for their successful prosecution. Thank you to Judge John P. Davis for removing Peterson from our community and putting him where he belongs. God Bless you all for supporting Senate Bill 122. Terri L. Miller Alzheimers is tough to cope with My name is Phyllis J. Kittaka - Walker. I am writing this letter because my husband John R. Walker is 74 years of age and has Alzheimers. It is a deadly disease, not only for the one who has it, but for their loved ones. Because of the loneliness that sets in. People should be more aware of it. It is worse than a divorce because you know that person is alive and can start over again. It also is a lot worse than grief of death cause you know the person is gone. I know because I've been there. But when they are in a nursing home because they can't take care of themselves of you can't take care of them any longer. It is worse than anything, to watch their body's go down to nothing and become a vegetable because their mind is gone. Oh yes every body says well you have the Church friends, and family none of mine are in the valley. Commu- nity activities to keep you busy yes, by that is just a cover up for the loneliness temporary relief. I am doing crafts, taking in all the craft shows I can, and I am up at Uncle Al's indoor Swap Meet up by the race track. But still all these things don't cure the loneliness which is a killer also. Like in the morning when you wake up, you don't have anyone to say good morning to. At supper time no one to talk about the events of the day, evening to watch TV or movie or go for walks with etc. No one to come home to after an event or activity, or a days work, to say how was your day. Or to take you in their arms and say I love you and everything is going to be alright. I tell you if tears could gather on the ground like rain; Pahrump would have been flooded a few times since De- cember 18th, 1996 when I had to admit John to the nursing home. He is at Hurricane Utah. It hurts and tares me apart everytime I see him. I don't sleep good some nights I stay awake all night crying myself to sleep. I can't eat good because it's hard to cook for myself and set down at the table it hurts. You make friends some say they will stand by you, but they aren't real, they turn around and hurt you, and some do stand by you and I want to thank those who have. You know who you are. I am a people person, I have to have people around me. I love people and love to do for people. Still no matter how much I do or how busy I stay I still get very lonesome. We need more research done on this disease. So I will be donating 10 percent of what I take in each month on my crafts to the Aizheimers Foundation. You can see me and my crafts at Uncle Als indoor Swap Meet up by the race track or write to: Phyllis J. Walker 471 W. Wilson Rd. #3 Pahrump, NV 89048-4527 or call (702) 727-8926 Thank You The views expressed above are those of the Pahrump Valley Gazette. All other opinions expressed on these pages are those of the artist or author indicated.