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April 10, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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April 10, 1997

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Oklahoma City---The Closure Begins By Richard Reul Some of my readers will remember the series of columns I published on the Oklahoma City bombing. I created a fictional federal project called "OCTAGON." Highly classi- fied, its members were drawn from the Justice Department, the FBI, the BAIT and the CIA. Its clandestine purpose was to create a credible terrorist threat that would enable the passage of draconian anti-terrorist legislation by the Con- gress. In these columns I tracked the hypothetical activities of this group through the Inslaw case, Ruby Ridge, the World Trade Center bombing, Waco and finally Oklahoma City. In the process I used facts published by both the mainline and off-beat medias and conclusions deduced from these facts. Since then there have been numerous revelations that suggest ) both ineptness and prosecutorial bias in the handling of evidence by the FBI and the Government has reluctantly paid around $3 million in reparations to Randy Weaver and his remaining family. The careers of several prominent FBI agents have been derailed. It's taken two years, but jury selection has finally begun. Justice is imminent in the case of the accused Oklahoma City bombing suspects. Timothy McVeigh and his friend Terry Nichols who will receive separate and successive trials. The Government's case is that Tim McVeigh, aided and atletted by his friend, rented a Ryder truck and loaded it with 4,800 pounds of ANFO. It is claimed that he then parked it in front of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City on the morning of April 19, 1995, after arming it for a timed detonation at 9:00 AM. A total of 168 people died and more than 500 were injured. It is further claimed that this act was in retribution for Federal actions at Waco, Texas, exactly two years earlier. The Government will assert that McVeigh and Nichols ob- tained the money to purchase the explosive in an earlier Arkansas gun burglary. Tim McVeigh, in his late twenties, is a bright young man with extremely high military test scores and had made Ser- geant very quickly. He was a decorated Gulf War Conflict veteran who aspired to the Special Forces. He was upset about the Waco raid and had some contacts with the Michigan militia. He is defended by Steven Jones, a prominent Okla- homa attorney. Richard Matsch is the Federal judge assigned to the case that was relocated to Denver, Colorado. He has a reputation for fair-mindedness. Here are some of the facts anticipated to be raised in McVeigh's defense. 1) ANFO (a mixture of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and fuel oil) is a relatively low-order and tricky explosive. Even with the best of hand-mixing, it is difficult to obtain a uniform explosion. (Left in cans, it tends to "settle out" and become even less efficient.) The truck was located 60 feet from the nearest structural columns of the building and there would have been a massive attenuation in force. In the World Trade Center bombing, a larger ANFO-ioaded truck was parked adjacent to a structural column in the basement of the build- ing. When it exploded, very little structural damage occurred. In the more recent Saudi-Arabian terrorist bombing of the American barracks, a truck loaded with conventional high explosives was detonated beside a modern building. Damage was confined to the outer segments with column integrity left intact. At Oklahoma City, the outer row of seven columns, and one on the second row, appeared to have been sheared through at the 3rd floor level. This is consistent with the technique used for building destruction by implosion, with Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, April 10, 1997 25 explosive charges at the individual columns. There was no soot or unexploded ANFO scattered about. The truck bomb may have carried something more destructive. 2) The seismograph at the University of Oklahoma at Norman recorded two distinct explosions, ten seconds apart, with the second one stronger. Several witnesses also reported this. 3) The FBI claimed that the truck was identified as the one rented by McVeigh by a Vehicle Identification Number taken from the rear axle. There are no VINs on rear axles. 4) No BATF agents or secretaries were in their offices, nor were their children in the day nursery where they usually could be found. In fact, even the contents of the BATF files had been removed. Federal Judge Alley had offices across the. street; they were also vacant on the day of the bombing. [ 11 ' l" ' 111[T!" / 5) Rescue efforts were halted for more than an hour while |  a" ib .I.IAj  .A('|  | a BATF team made a sortie into the wreckage. Allonlookers[ -- -: --''.11[ -vv [ were banned. Even before the last bodies were found, Federal |   llllltllml  |  .   ,i  ..... /  -- [ 122051-ft'IWAVIt0L(8001433-3987CavtmtnFAXC/021727"5315 | OIIIClalS oroereo me clemolltlOn O17 the remamoer o17 the building. 6) At 10:45 AM on 29 April 1995, Tim McVeigh was arrested on 1-35 for speeding and not having a rear license plate. He seemed totally surprised and shocked when the Highway Patrol officer told him about the bombing. He informed the officer that he was armed and meekly surren- dered his Glock pistol. Before he was released, he was identified as John Doe #1 in an FBI flyer that had suddenly appeared at Highway Patrol Headquarters. 7) The Government has been unable to reliably place McVeigh in Oklahoma City on the morning of the bombing. Multiple and conflicting sightings have suggested the pres- ence of "doubles." Likewise, he has not been placed at the scene of the Arkansas burglary. (The robbers were ski- masked.) 8) From the beginning, the Federal cover-up was overt and brutal. Local news dispatches were kept from the national media whenever they disagreed with the official line. Every attempt has since been made to destroy or discredit evidence contrary to the Federal scenario. Eyewitnesses have been coerced into recanting their original testimony. Grand jurors were prevented from even questioning the alleged perpetra- tors. The indictment was only possible by intimidating an alleged accomplice, Michael Fortier, into turning "state's evidence" in a plea-bargain. Steven Jones, McVeigh's i attorney, has been relatively silent under a gag order by Judge Matsch. But he has stated that the trial will change the entire way in which the American people view their government. Two leaks of selected, stolen defense docu- ments to the media have al- leged McVeigh confessions. There are strong rumors of a BATF"sting" that went sour. I would not be at all surprised if a fatal accident happened to Timothy McVeigh during his trial. Our Government has a lot to lose! 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