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April 10, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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April 10, 1997

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Based Movie: David' (1997, Drama) Leonard Nimoy. Based Movie: ,,kh Logan s Run (!976, Science F.lloo) Michael York, Movie: ** '/2 This Boy',,, Life' (1993, Drama) Robert De Niro, Ellen TNT on the biblical tale of the youth who slew Goliath. on the biblical tale of the youth who slew Goliath. Jenny Agutter. A man flees a city where citizens are killed at 30. Barkin. A rebellious boy locks home wi his stepfather. Murder, She Wrote (In Movie: Not in Thia Town' (1997) Kathy Baker. A Silk Staikiogs "1 Know Renegade (In Stereo) [] Magnum, P.I. "Lel the Movie:, 5 Hello Again (1987) Shelley Long. A Acapulco H.E.A.T. (In USA Stereo) [] mother mobilizes citizens against a racist hate group. What Scares You" (R) [] Punishment Fit the Crime" klutzy housewife is resurrected by her spiritualist sister. 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