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April 10, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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April 10, 1997

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14 Ttsday, plJ 1 ,' l : rnrump vaney azeue i iiiiiiiii!iiiiiii00,00ii00iiiiiiiiiiiii00iii "000000'ii%ii00i00iii00i00000000i;00iii00i00iii!0000ii00i0000i000000iiiii00ii!i00iiiiiiiii00iii0000iii! iii!00iiiiiiiiii lliiiiiiiiiiii !!iil t!iiii00!i!i0000i!ii00ii 00!!iiiiiii il iiiiii The ultimate in riding pleasure. The horse with the heavenly gait. The Rolls Royce of the horse world. These are a few attempts to describe a rider' s pure pleasure when astride a Peruvian Paso. The four-beat lateral gait carries the rider along with a smooth rhythm. There is no bone jarring trot to aggravate sore backs, painful joints or to ii i i i i i l i i if! i l i:iiiiiil !iii i iiiiiiii ii i i i i i ilii i i i i ill i i i i iiiii i:i iii ii i ill ill i i i i i! !ii i i iiii i i l i i iil i i i i i i i! i iiii i ii i iiiii !i i i :iiii:iiiii i i iiii i iiiiil i i i iiiiii i iii i:ii i i i iiiii :,iii :!i i i:,:i:ii i i i :iiiiiiiiiiii : iiii:!: i i i,i:iii:iiii::i :!i i iiii:ii ii:!ii:!ii ::iii i i i:iiiii: i i i i i'ii: i  !i i::i:i:i i i :ii:ii:i: i iiiiiiiiii i i!:ii i i i! ii:i i'i iii ! ! ! iii:ii i iiii i:i !iili i ii i ii il i:i!ii i l i i i iii!i i iiii!ii ii:i?.::i i!ii::!:.ii!ili;iiiiii !i; !i :.:i ;;i;iiiii ii?i ! i;:i;i!:: i!;i!iiiiii! iii!i!!ii iiiiii ;i;ii!:: !i  i::ii:.i::i! !i!::! :: i!: ::iiii i ::ii ! :iii!i:::i !::ii!:::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::: !.ii:: :: ::i i::i!:,!::!i:::i!i::i :. :.ii ::iii::!i::::::i::!i i::!:?: i!i ;ii :: ::i:: ::i::i! i ::i::iii:: ; iii iiii iii, i ::!;!ii:i i :. i i ii:i ::iiiiii :. i iiiiil :/: .iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii!i ii; :.i::il i:::i!i .......... ......... i! i i.;: ':ii :i: : i: ':i. i: i. !.! i !i :'' ':i i' . ..... ::" :/" " ii:.ii:i!! :. ::: " ......... i !.. " iiii! ........ !:" ': i::i::ii:: ' :.i!i I -.::> i i ....... :!:::!!i :::".!:::-' :: i :: :: :: i: .,! ......... !" CHAMPION.Celebrated mare La Contina with owner, Val Von HoIL The mare is an example of the excellent stock at Pahrump Pasos at Alamo Ranch. Photo by Patti Babcock make tiding a test rather than a treat, comfortably transport a disposition. He is tractable, intelligent and eager to please, but he is not docile. He has tremendous energy, like an inner fire, and moves with a proud, arrogant carriage. His energy makes him fun to ride but should not be confused with our idea of a "spirited" horse. The Peruvian displays consistently good manners and only does what he is asked to do. Beauty is another of the horse's attributes. The long, lustrous mane and promi- nent, full tail add pizazz to the showy action of the proud, high stepping Peru- vian. The Peruvian Paso is the result of over 400 years of selective breeding. The Pe- ruvian is descended from horses introduced to Peru in the 1500s by the Spanish, at the time the foremost horse breeders in the world. Iso- lated, the Peruvian horse retained its valued natural characteristics while care- ful breeding eliminated un- desirable traits. The plantation lifestyle required a horse that could The Peruvian Paso is a joy to ride all the years of your life. Forty plus and always wanted a horse? Your dream will come true with this horse. Used to ride but quit when you felt frustrated and achy at the end of the ride? You'll find the fun you've missed when riding a Peruvian Paso. Astride this magnificent animal, you can ride proudly and elegantly into your golden years. A smooth ride is only one of the many characteristics of this superb animal. The Peruvian is noted for his good rider look quite spectacular as they appear to be "on parade." "Brio" is another trait unique to the Peruvian. It's not easy to describe the exact meaning. It describes the horse's great heart. It's desire to be the best it can be and to give all that it can and then try to give more. Medium size, the horse stands from 14 to 15.3 hands with the body and the legs about equal height. The wide color range includes black, brown,, gray, chestnut, bay, palomino, buckskin and roan. The small, hard hooves usually do not require shoes, but need to be trimmed regularly. The animal is considered an "easy keeper," but still requires responsible care and handling. Highly valued in its native home, the Peruvian Paso is finally being recognized in the United States for its supe- rior traits as a pleasure riding, show and parade horse. Two Pahrumpians can attest to the exceptional qualities of the Peruvian. Val Von Holt moved to Pahrump from Hawaii to establish a breeding and training facility for the distinctive horse. At Pahrump Pasos at Alamo Ranch, Von Holt has several standing stallions and offers horses for sale. She has an indoor arena under construction. "At 74, I'm realizing a dream I've had since I was five years old," Val says. She looked at property in California and Oregon before she selected Pahrump as the site for her 40 acre horse ranch. "My father, who was from Puerto Rico, first intro- duced me to Spanish horses," she says. She loved them all rider over long distances fre- quently traveling from dawn until dusk. The natural gait of the Peruvian horse provided the comfort. The gait is inherited by all purebred Peruvian Pasos and is the only breed that can guarantee a gait in 100% of its offspring. Selective breeding built on the natural energy, stamina and strength of the early horse. It also produced a horse with the good disposition essential for a reliable working horse. The Peruvian moves easily from an outstanding work- ing horse to a show and parade horse with several unique traits retained in its careful breeding. It is the only horse Purina Presents I _CHIC, K but found the Peruvian Paso unique even among Spanish horses. Von Holt tides regularly and says with a Peruvian she plans to ride forever. To visit Pahrump Pasos at Alamo Ranch contact Von Holt at 751 - 1776 or 751-1778. Nadine Walker, a lovely golden age woman, rides her favorite Peruvian Paso mare, Candy, most days in spite of serious health problems '2 first purchased a beautiful Arabian mare to ride, but the jarring trot was too uncom- fortable for me. When I rode a Peruvian, I knew I had found the horse I would be able to ride all my life," she says. Walker, who moved to Pahrump five years ago from Buy A Dozen Pullet Chicks Get A Dozen FREE! with"termino" the outward Las Vegas where she was born and raised, has a breeding SMOOTH RIDE-Trainer Derethy Remlngten rides Nadlne Walker's stallion Travlie-m who naturally looks like lie's "ell parade." rolling of the front leg some- what like a swimmer's arm motion. This combined with the high lift as the knee and fetlock flex makes horse and Photo by Pa Babcock facility with two standing stallions. Training and tiding lessons, not restricted to the Peruvian, are available with Walker's trainer, Dorothy Remington. Walker doesn't currently have any Peruvians for sale, but she and Remington will be happy to help prospective buyers find the Peruvian Purina Mills, Inc. GOLD Dealer/Distributor Shadow Mountain Feed, Inc. 727-5527 rr of  I Bell Vista gds $1DP, F, HOURS: 'le., Thurs.. . 9 a.nt-S p.m.. Sat, 9 as4 p,m i i i i I I I l i NS UIIANCSII State Farm Sells Life Insurance. JEFF BANSER Off751-1515 1311 S. Hwy 160 Fax 751-1616 Rcs 751-2474 n l I I Paso best suited to their needs. They can be con- tacted at 727-8447. i, The Peruvian Paso Horse Registry of North America i, (PPHRNA) will be happy to send you iafommlion about the horse with the RoilsRayee ride. Contact PPHRNA at 3077 Wiljan Ct., Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95407-5702. Phone: (707) 579-4394. As great numbers of us move into middle and senior ages, the Peruvian Paso could be the horse ofthe future. The horse we'll fide into the sun- seL I