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April 10, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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April 10, 1997

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mlllll if Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, April 10, 1997 11 Opinion County Manager Gets Feathers in an Uproar I received a piece of something in the mail the other day from the Nye County Manager, Les Bradshaw, that may be of more than casual interest to the reader. Lee's communiqu6 is headed with bold letters across the top of the page stating, "Request to publish correction". The letter states that I published false statements which said that he had committed a crime. The specific statements that Bradshaw identifies are a complete five-sentence paragraph in a front-page hard news article published in the Gazette on January 2, 1997. The article was headlined, "Nye PETI" loans violate NRS law". The five sentence paragraph includes four statements of t plus an allegation. At least in part because of the facts ed in the paragraph the allegation appears to me to be completely logical and have merit. I confess to being some- what bewildered by Mr. Bradshaw's request. Am I expected to publish a retraction of printed facts simply because Mr. Bradshaw is not comfortable that they exist? How do you retract a fact anyhow? How do you even begin? Am I expected to retract an allegation that seems solid on its face when looked at from every known angle available to look through? As Mr. Bradshaw should be well aware, an allegation is not a statement that a crime has been committed. That can only be determined in a court of law. It is certainly alleged that certain improprieties appear to have taken place in violation of Nevada statutes. For clarification to the reader the paragraph in contention is reprinted in full and is as follows: Since early November, 1996, Nye County through actions taken by the Nye County Commission and Adminis- THIS MAN'S OP]N :ON by Brent Mathewson tration staff has obligated itself to 3.5 million dollars in debt that clearly ap- pears to be in violation of applicable Nevada statutes. Several Nye County of- ficials have openly stated in public meet- ing that the chances of these loans ever being repaid are remote at best. The loans were allegedly orchestrated by the Nye County Manager, Les Bradshaw, and his Special Assistant, Rachel Nieholson, with the tacit ap- proval of Nye County's (sic) chosen independent auditor. Bradshaw and Nicholson are both attorneys. Violation of Nevada's"Local Government Budget Act" isa misdemeanor, but carries a heavy penalty and states in pertinent part, "any officer or employees of a local government who willfully violates NRS 354.470 to 354.626, inclusive, is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof ceases to hold his office or employment." The Nye County Commission's actions, with no discour- agement offered on the part of the Nye County Manager, since these violations of Nevada statute were so rudely brought to its attention on January 2, 1997 have been on the strange side and somewhat incomprehensible. 5 million dollars in Payment Equal To Taxes (PET/') fund money that has been approved for expenditure by the commission since mid-November 1996 through loans, borrowings, or interfund transfers has been done in violation of Nevada's Local Government Budget Act according to information I have received from the Nevada Department of Taxation. Can the Nye County Commissioners and Administrative staff actually believe that its insistence to continue and magnify a violation of Nevada Law by repeating it over, and then over again, lessens the severity of the offense? If this be the case then multiple investigations presently ongoing by the Nevada Ethics Commission, the Nevada DepartmentofTaxa- tion and the Nevada Attorney General's Office may soon change their mind. That is this man's opinion. Letters to the Editor I didn't get my March 27 issue until Monday March 31. That's a problem; a problem for me AND a problem for you. I don' t know who Dave Downing is (editorial page 10), but I appreciate your printing his submission. Brent Mathewson is good for your editorial page, but when he states opinion or goes beyond the bounds of responsible reporting it is your job to keep his stuff in the editorial section and not allow it elsewhere in the newspaper. Oh, and while we are talking about Brent, could you get a better picture than that to print with his column. He is my neighbor, and I know he does not look that awful. Thanks for the coverage you give to Kathy Scott and her work. I do volunteer work for her organization from time to time. I never read Gazette on the street, I always read Nevada Then and Now. The other day I was on the top of Eagle Mountain (south of Death Valley Junction) and saw Mike Doughtery's name in the registry that is on the peak. Seeing that he can climb mountains as well as write about them causes me to respect his column a little bit more. Trevor B. Dolby Amargosa Valley, NV Had a toothache lately? Somebody in this valley with a population of maybe 25,000 probably has a toothache right now and desperately needs dental care, right now. Somebody with a swollen face, unable to eat properly or even talk well, has probably already tried to get an appoint- ment from Pahrump's one and only dentist. Probably even tried to find a dentist in l.,as Vegas, assuming he can get to Las Vegas if he should be lucky enough to find a dentist who can help. Poor guy, or gal, or child. Heaven help those who have to aYthfor their dental care without insurance or Medicaid! Van Ronk Pahrump "the golden hour" We have read, with interest, the recent letters concerning a comment made by the Chairperson of the Hospital District Board. In at least one of these letters, the writer stated that CPR could not be stopped to place the patient on a gurney. With this thought in mind, we started wondering how any patients are ever transported, for the gurney is a must on an ambulance or a helicopter. Also, this particular writer informed the board that they should be getting some paramedics in Pahrump. It, seems to me that about the time PMC opened, there were three EMT's in Paramedic training. What has been the result of this endeavor? As to the stopping of CPR to place patient on a gurney, the American Heart Association Protocol allows a cessation of One (1) minute for this action. After five minutes' CPR on the gurney, a cessation of one (1) minute is afforded to place gurney in ambulance or flight. This information comes from an ICU nurse who is now an ER nurse and a former para- medic. Last, we hear regularly in the media today about the "Golden Hour," which is the most important time to these patients. Hopefully, this information will be of use to the service in the future. Bob Coati Pahrump, Nevada I Agree, Where's Richard? I agree with Doris Myers who wrote a letter published in your March 27 issue requesting you bring back Richard Reul's column. I used to always read Richard's column first, too, and I miss it. Richard was allegedly fired because he wrote a column about the National Institute of Justice study which criticized the D.A.R.E. program, and reported it had no significant effect in reducing drug use among children. Since this has now been all over the media, including such prime time shows as 60 Minutes and in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, it is now obvious that Richard was just ahead of the pack on the story. That's supposed to be good in the newspaper business, right? So do us all a favor and bring back Richard. Trish Rippie Tonopah, NV Editors note: we appreciate the interest and loyalty of our loyal readers. See Richard's article in this issue. Pahrump population? A recent article in a local paper quoted the State Demog- rapher as putting the population of the Pahrump Valley at 14,62L This figure is very interesting, since the Review/Journal just ran an article stating new statistics showing an average of 2.6 persons per family or household. In the same two-week period, Valley Electric announced the 10,000  customer signing. Now, by way of simple arithmetic, we find if we take an educated guess and place the number of business licenses at 800, and deduct this figure from the 10,000 Valley Electric customers, we have approximately 9,200 residential custom- ers, when you multiply x 2.6, you get a total of 23,920. From this point on, it gets more complicated so I will let the mathematicians among your readers figure out how many households in the Valley have only one resident. It would seem to be somewhere around 3,576 homes. Does any one want to go out and count all these one member homes? If so, while your're counting, count the homes still using their own generators. Bob Coad Pahrump, NV Where are entry level jobs? According to liberal columnist Bob Herbert, a Chicago study "found that while overall unemployment rates in Illi- nois are at their lowest levels in more than 20 years, the jobless rate for those needing entry-level jobs was nearly twice that of other workers." So what's happened to all those entry-level jobs? Think aback to last summer. Can you say government- mandated minimum wage hike, "boys and girls? As pre- dicted, raising the minimum wage has forced businesses to eliminate many of the entry-level jobs needed by the poor to get started on the road to self-sufficiency. Don't government-loving liberals ever get tired of being wrong? Charles A. Muth Is year round school practical As part of a broad-based, grass-roots coalition, I get hundreds of calls from frustrated parents and school admin- istrators who aren't content with the rose-colored sales pitch of year-round education (YRE). And, they're asking tough questions. If YRE is such a proven concept, why after eighty-plus years in existence only 3 percent of our nation schools have such a calendar? Why do school districts continue to spend millions of tax dollars to evaluate the merits of YRE only to conclude the benefits really aren't there? And, why have hundreds more schools tried YRE only to drop the program and return to a traditional calendar? Fact is, districts are dropping their year-round programs because the concept proves too costly, disruptive and educa- tionally inferior. Recently school board members in Orange, Seminole and Volusia Counties in Florida ditched year-round education, due to lack of academic achievement, parent and teacher discontent. And, districts in Maryland, Colorado, Indiana and Kentucky, to name a few, scrapped the idea after studies revealed the merits of YRE were unfounded. Yet, some continue to grasp at the empty promise of increased student achievement despite the lack of evidence that such achievement occurs. In a recent national survey of principals currently on a year-round calendar, over half indicated their students did not score higher than students on a traditional calendar. Acclaimed academic honor society, Phi Delta Kappa concluded that YRS has little impact on scores and is not associated with great leaps in achievement. AS for costs, cram enough kids in a school with a multi- track year-round calendar and you may save money (133 percent capacity to constitute a savings). Yet, few schools were built to handle this gross overuse without falling apart. Most districts that try YRS find themselves anteing up to pay for installing air conditioning, additional utility costs, interces- sion staff salaries, and extending teacher contracts for special subject teachers, nurses, administrative and facility staff. So you see, despite the glowing claims of its proponents, year-round education is not all it's cracked up to be. Make sure you have all the facts before you expose your children and your community to this disruptive, expensive and un- proven educational trend. Jm Parker Time To Learn Charlotte, North Carolina The views expressed above are those of the Pahrump Valley Gazette. All other opinions expressed on these pages are those of the artist or author indicated.