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April 3, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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April 3, 1997

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nl.lm..m.or+. ,y + ,: rs prj[3+ I 17 7 S Volume CLIX, Numl 70 m -2-; +++ 00.rlfot+ | Copyright 1997, The Hartford Coufant Co. tlldl, M 11 Ill 117 /t-4 David S. Moelling Let's get our nuclear waste to Nevada soon The gimmicks and games in the budget-balancing acts now under way in Washington produce some amazing facts. One of the most amazing is that the safe storage of nuclear waste is being held up to help balance the federal budget. This is accomplished by that classic federal budget gimmick, the "trust" fund. The most famous of these trust funds is, of course, Social Security, but there are all kinds of these, such as the Airports and Air Cojtrol Trust Fund, the Highway Trust Fund and now the Nuclear Waste Trust Fund. The nuclear waste we are talking about is the used nuclear fuel now being held at nuclear power plants all around the country. In Connecti- cut, this is at Connecticut Yankee and Millstone. Even though Con- necticut Yankee is to be permanent- ly shut down, more than 20 years of used fuel is still in temporary stor- age at the site. Power plants in the United States are not allowed to send their used fuel for recycling, like those in Europe and Japan do, so they must store it until it is sent for burial deep underground. By law, only the Depart- ment of Energy is allowed to take this used fuel for disposal. This is to be paid for by a "fee" (really a tax) on electridW generated by nuclear energy. This fee goes into the Nudear Waste Trust fund. Since 1983, more than $13 billion has been collect- ed, with $207 million from Connecticut residents alone. The law goes on to say that the Department of i Energy must begin accepting used nuclear fuel by 1998. But DOE says its underground facility won't be ready until 20 t0 at the earliest. Why the delay? Is it technical or political? Well, in the end it all comes down to money. Unspent  Newtmand 50 money in the Nuclear Waste Trust Fund helps reduce the i " deficit. So deferring any real expenses till the next centu- ry helps lower those project- ed deficits. If DOE refuses to accept the fuel soon, utilities will pay millions of dollars to build temporary storage fa- cilities. The state of Con- necticut and 44 other states have filed a lawsuit against DOE to suspend paymems to the fund until DOE com- mits to taking fuel in 1998. Hazel O'Leary, the out- going secretary of energy, argued in court that the de- tails of the law didn't really apply to the U.S. govern- mere, so it should be able to continue to collect the tax without accepting used nu- clear fuel. The U.S. Court of Appeals didn't buy the argu- ment and neither did Con- gress and many state gov- ernments. Last year, the Senate passed a bill to force DOE to build an interim storage fa- cility at a nuclear test site in Nevada until the per- manent facility is ready. The technology for this in- terim storage is well proven and practical. It in- volves building big steel.and-ooncrete barrels that hold nuclear fuel bundles.'These are already in use at pow,r plants that have run mat of regular storage ! space. In New England, the Yankee Rowe plant is using !these at great expense to store 30 ytrs or used uel. Ptgsident Clinton threatened a veto, however, and tke congressional session ended without fur- ther action. Tle Nevada Test Site is a very good place to store nuclear waste, since no one is likely to build a mini-mall here any time soon. Hundreds of tests have been done both above and below ground until a few years ago. Even so, the Nevada congression- al delegation has opposed disposing nuclear fuel here, thinking it might scare gamblers away from Vegas. Before the election, Bill Clinton needed to curry favor with the Nevada delegation, so a veto was a painless political gift. Now that he's been re- elected, perhaps good government is possible. The bill to compel DOE to accept the fuel is coming up in Congress again soon. Sens. Christo- pher Dodd and Joseph Lieberman, as well as Con- necticut's congressional delegation, need to vote in favor of this bill. Nationally, $600 million pours into the Nuclear Waste Trust Fund every year. It would take only a small fraction of this to build an interim storage facility at the test site and leave more than enough to complete the final disposal site at Yucca Mountain (right next door to the Nevada Test Site). President Clinton needs to show that if govern- ment takes responsibility for a task, then govern- ment must follow through. He must make sure DOE dram its job.  L  is dli# Viseer at Tetm E.- ieri .GmP i Sirv. havre Letters to the Editor Continued from page 11 tracks in the High Sierras in the Great Reno Hood of early 1997. The open trench for railroad tracks through the Reno-SImrks, Nevada area in the early 21 = century has been proposed in early 1997. This open trench railroad track system could pour diesel zs"moke on a more grand scale than exists in early 1997 above ground or on the ground railroad tracks; through Reno-Sparks, Nevada; especially if 38 freight trains a day pass through. Is the "Yucca Mucker", multi-million-of-bucks, boring ma- chine for tunnels too radioactively contaminated to be used in any future tubes of commerce construction projects in the High Sierra Mountain Range in the early 21 = century? David Hermanson Lulling, NV Domestic Violence gun ban Enclosed is the text of a letter sent to Senators Bryan and Reid concerning the domestic violence gun ban and a copy of their responses. One immediately notices that both Senators quote statistics from the same sources in defense of this odious legislation and that their numbersdon't agree! In fact, these "statistics" very much resemble the garbage handed out by Handgun Control, Inc. toj ustify their anti-Constitutional agenda. I might also note that the FBI under the current Attorney General and current director is no friend of Honest gun owners and The New England Journal of Medicine along with The Center for Disease Control considers firearm ownership a "public health" problem (I don't re- | :ucall a,,reference to "public ( ,health intheSecondAmend- ment). The attitude of both our Senators seems to be that the Washington, D.C. Politicians have determined that states are not acting in a politically correct manner so it is up to the Federal Government to DO THE RIGHT THING. Really Senators? I hadn't heard that the Tenth Amend- ment was repealed. Senator Bryan completely avoids the Constitutional question I raised and he would bot express any support for honest gun owners in our state. Incidentally, he did vote for Clinton's "assault weapons ban" after stating publicly that he would not. Senator Reid addresses the ex-postfacto question with a convoluted statement (I can't call ii logic) that contefids that adding a punishment after conviction and sentencing is not adding a punishment. This is a best legal gibberish and at worst an attack on the very fabric of the Constitution. Senator Reid also contends that he is a friend of the Second Amendment. However, his voting record speaks differently. He voted for the useless Brady Bill and Clinton's bogus "assault weapons" ban. I must conclude that honest firearms owners in Nevada have no friends in the U.S. Senate. Editors note: Referenced Letters on f'de at Gazette office. Lloyd Hauger Notice service surveying firm Boundry Surveys Subdivisions Topography Improvement Locatiou Surveys Full Construction STaking Surveys Plot & Grading Plans Pursuant to NRS 244.085 (7), the Nye County Board of Commissioners will hold its second meeting of April on Tuesday, April 15, 1997, at the Bob Ruud Commu- nity Center located on Highway 160 & East Basin Road, Pahrump, Nevada. The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. Publish 3/27, 4/3, 4/10. zane ,nvesiT!9oay,ons 25 years exp.erience [ I 00er+ona, an+ +us,ness I civil I I ALWAYS FREE I I mloStiCen t I I 00EAS00o0000B0000i00TES I I p ym II, OCAL.IONAL- I I Loss Prevention II STATEWIDE I | Litigation I| ..... | ii[iJ +:;"P n1{h6@P atfd ,ielld li!fll l Accidents il I Mark A. zane I I +Ill 00[i]H l Surveillance II I Nevada Ucenses I l 000000ll)bet'S l Insurance I I I ,. o_r00:o I I I Security ll i 70007P,700R00 1 I Process Service +I12-00==22 "" II , Attorney Ref+errals given HE a'i+mn;tiOat-or PI 18933 I| --,.,,'--,,,,',.,,.,vv I and aeeepted 11 " --- | H I+)?. = n+ 1 d Correspondence To: I I 215 Booker Street. P.O. Box 1344, Tonopah Nevada 89049-1344 I !/ i$:Yi [H I Telephone: 702-482-5750 I " rlll' 1:++++::1 " 1+++ 9+++ :+++:::+:++:" + .+ 1' + + " " I Facslmile:702-482-6755 !  :  I Eme enclesE'Mail: Zaneeo @ MSN.COMHandled 24 Hours A Da   ++: !+::::::':::: " "+ :::*+!::::::"++ "