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April 3, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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April 3, 1997

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Double-Dealing in Misinformation By Brent Mathewson In last week's March 27, 1997 edition of the Gazette fellow columnist Dave Downing made an attack against a hard news article concerning the Nye Regional Medical Center (NRMS) Clinic- by this writer that was published on March 20,1997 The viciousness of the attack and the lengths that Dave went to in order to distort and twist the truth were disap- pointing to say the least. Mr. Downing did call and alert me, prior to publication of his column, that he was doing a rebuttal to the news article in order to show a different perspective. I encouraged him to do so. A news article that can be effectively rebutted using proper and honest journal- ist procedures allowed within the confines of an opinion column should be challenged if the subject matter is in the public interest. Downing's attack went far beyond these allowed perimeters. The credibility of this column and all hard news copy by this writer could and should have been effectively destroyed if Downing's criticisms had been valid. Since they were not and the stakes are so high, precious time and column space must be utilized to address the issue. The nuts and bolts of the news article in question are that because Tonopah residents are forced to wait 7-10 days before any medical attention is available at the NRMC Clinic, all day to day medical care that is available is limited strictly to the NRMC emergency room. This situation exists nowhere else in Nye County. The monetary cost conse- quences to the area residents are staggering. The informa- tion in the article is a direct result of this fact. Since the NRMC Clinic is run in a manner that is designed to disallow prompt medical care except at the emergency room facility a cost comparison between this care and that available at any and all other clinics in Nye County is not only appropriate but a prerequisite for an honest comparison. The news article makes no bones about it and 'the reader is left with no doubt that this is taking place. Dave attacks my math and says that I can't add. Accord- ing to him my figurers are off by $80. He does this by the This Man's Opinion by Brent Mathewson simple expedient of ignoring $80 in doctor fees identified in the article and then wondering aloud about the discrepancy, leaves his readers won- dering whether I ever passed third grade arithmetic. One can't help but wonder if Mr. Downing's attack is simply against a news article containing unfavorable infor- mation about an issue of some importance or is it much deeper than that? Any dedicated reader of the Gazette must realize that this column, and news articles by-lined by this writer, specialize in highly controversial subject matters of enormous politi- cal and economic importance to Nye County. By and large the information orovided is not generally available from any Pre-paid legal services By Shannon Himes In regaras to the artacle entitled, "'this man's opinion" dated, March 20, 1997, the Independent Associates of Pre- Paid Legal Services, Inc., would like to set forth the actual facts of how our company operates. The Nye County Com- missioners past legal problems are not Pie-Paid Legal's concern. The residents of Nye County are. In regards to Mathewson's claim that Pre-Paid Legals' benefits would be an "unfunded expense to all f Nye County taxpayers," this is a misnomer. The comprehensive benefits covered under the $25 a month plan which include: phone calls and letters, document review, will preparation, traffic defense, tragic accident and damage recovery, trial defense, IRS audit services and reduced fees would be at the voluntary discretion of the employees of Nye County. At no time does the plan incur costs to the taxpayers of Nye County. If Nye County was to become a primary associate this would create benefits for all employees as well as additional revenue for Nye County. Once employees enroll as mem- bers they can in turn become associates themselves. Asso- ciates can enroll members from inside or outside the com- munity. Hence, additional income is generated not only for themselves but Nye County as well. In regards to Mathewson's phone contact with Pre-Paid Legal's Provider Law Firm, he stated the Gazette's call was not returned. It is company policy that all inquires be made to the corporate office or the independent associates office. The Provider Law Firm speaks only to the members of Pre- Paid Legal. The Law Firm is solely in place to service its' members. If there are any questions regarding Pre-Paid Legal, the number for our corporate headquarters is (800) 654-7757, our Pahrump office at (702) 727-1339 and our Hazard County Comes to Nevada By Bruce Stevenson Shades of "Boss Hogg's" Hazard County comes to Nevada. The Gazette learned that the paid employees of the Nye County Ambulance Service in Pahrump have been placed under the heavy thumb of Nye Counties Emergency Management Supervisor Robert Nelson. Nelson verbally transnaitted a memo declaring he would be the only speaker for the services. The employees feel violating "his order" will result in firings. Commissioner Carver's "Sagebrush Rebellion" affirms that the Constitution gives us unalien- able protection from the U. S. Government. Then appears a Nye County supervisor threatening those Constitutional rights, where does Nye County really stand? What compels Nelson to think that he can thwart a person from speaking out defending employees under his guidance? Any prudent supervisor expects the supervisor in Pahrump Bill Pyzyna to speak for persons placed under his administration, whether they are paid or volunteer. To explain or buffer attacks from persons outside the ambu- lance service that are not aware of the appropriate medical care demanded by protocol. The "Good Old Boys Club" is alive and well in Nye County, be-fore-warned that speaking the truth does not matter to the "Good Old Boys Club" members. Covering it up, sweeping it under the carpet, whatever is done with it - defecated material still smells the same wherever it is placed. The Pahrump Ambulance Service is one of the best in giving not demanding. Backup your ambulance service. Help them upgrade your ambulance service to Paramedic status Demand that they provide Paramedic training in Pahrump allowing the working EMT the opportunities too attend the classes. The volunteers, even the paid people cannot afford to quit their jobs to obtain Paramedic train- ing. Get behind your ambulance service before it is lost, support it now! Letters to the Editor other source. A great deal of time and effort is usually necessary to gather and provide the information given. And people in high places of political and economic power in Nye County in all cases covered, sincerely wish that you did not have access to it. The economic disaster surrounding NRMC is only the tip of a much larger problem. The larger problem that is being covered up with some degree of success is like trying to hide the Rock of Gibraltar under a doily. Baring some unex- plained mounds appearing in the desert, or the complete destruction of the credibility of this newspaper by whatever means that may be possible, the truth will come out. The magnitude of a conflict of interest of stupendous proportions that exists between the chairman of the Nye County Commission and the votes he has made regarding the financial county support to NRMC are staggering and that is an understatement of some size. The only possible proper vote that the chairman should be making on these issues would be to abstain with full disclosure for his reason for doing so. The issue is so politically explosive that it is hoped that other news media in Nye County will share in the accurate distribution of this information to the public at large. If past performance is a guide to the future this hope is probably forlorn and the Gazette will have to break the story on its own and fight the misinformation coming through the ether at the same time. If this be the case it would at least be helpful to not have to devote time and space dealing with misinformation com- ing from within our own pages. That is this man's opinion. Las Vegas office at (702) 248-0969. Pre-Paid Legal is a publicly owned company that has been in business successfully for 25 years. Pre-Paid Legal has been touted by magazines such as, Forbes, Business Week and Financial World, as one of the fastest growing, well run companies in America. Last year, Pre-Paid Legal was ranked third in growth on the American Stock Exchange. Addition- ally, our benefits are now in place with eight state govern- ments, numerous counties and municipalities as well as private enterprise employees throughout the United States. The fact is that this nation which prides itself on efficiency and justice, has developed a legal system that is the most expensive in the world. Our intention is to provide "afford- able justice for all," so that citizens, regardless of income levels are afforded legal protection. That is this woman's opinion. Pahrump Community Hospital Board Do you mind taking your OPINIONS! down the hall before I call Cameron. I I I Boring through the Sierra Beyond April" 1997; we the People's "Yucca Mucker" tunnel boring machine at Yucca Mountain, Nevada; apparently won't have a tunnel-boring mission anymore and will go on the United States Department of Energy (DOE) auction block to the highest bidder. Simultaneously; the High Sierra Mountain Range and the Truckee Meadows of northern Nevada are seemingly on the Horns of a Hard Rock Dilemma; having less or waste tubes of commerce linking northern and Central Nevada with northern and Central California beyond 1997 and into the early 21  century. I These tubes of commerce tunnels if bored through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the early 2P t century could be for:. (1) Electric monorail bullet train passenger trains from the Bay Area, California to the Reno-Sparks, Nevada area and eastward to the New York area. An Anaheim, California to Las Vegas, Nevada bullet train is underway in early 1997 and it conceivably could be constructed one day eastward to Atlanta, Georgia area. Also a bullet train could begin at the Antioch- Stockton, California area and go tl-avugh a tunnel on the north rim of the Yosemite National Park and proceed eastwards to Colorado Springs, Colorado and to Washington, D.C. and to Annapolis, Maryland and to Atlantic City, New Jersey. I (2) Auto and trnck travel tunnels for year around travel could occur through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range includ- ing file Yosemite National Park Valley Floor area and also the northrimofthe Yosemite Park rea; thusly linking US-395 Hwy with central California (3) A freight Wain re-route way northwards fromthe vailey floor oftheTruckeo-Meadows of Reno-Sparks, Nevada area; by of an early 2P t century railroad tunnel for freight trains through the Sierra Mountain Range way north of Reno-Sparks, Nevada; would possibly be free from floods knocking OUt railroad tracks through the High Sierras; as occurred to railroad Continued on page 27