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March 20, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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March 20, 1997

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6 Thursday, March 20, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette Reprinted by popular demand G ov. Bob Miller is showing his party line again. Seems he will be heading for .Washington with some of his bureaucratic cohorts that call themselves the Nevada Commission on Tourism. If these folks get their way, expect your tax dollars to pay for more bureaucrats. At the same time you can expect the opposite of what they are suppose to be doing -- generating tourism interest in the silver state. Now, the whole idea of this Washington meeting is to partake of a White House Conference on Travel and Tourism. The meeting will be held on October 30-31 and will consist of 1,700 delegates. At Washington prices that equals a hotel bill of over $500,000. Add in travel, meal and other expenses and take your own guess at the final tab for this bureaucratic joke. Our Nevada delegates have decided toraise issues that the rest of the conference hasn't agreed to discuss. Let's take a look at their suggestions on how to increase tourism in our great state. Here are their proposals: * The Nevada tourism industry is unequivocally opposed to the Yucca Moun- tain high-level waste repository. It could stigmatize the state, and "severely reduce its ability to attract leisure, convention and business travelers." (Quotation is theirs). Why is the Guy's political opposition to the dump a priority of the Commission on Tourism? At last count we've blasted off about 900 thermonuclear bombs on the Nevada Test Site and during that period of time tourism has been on a gigantic increase. Las Vegas, a mere 60 miles from the test site, has grown so big since the testing program began that they can't handle the increase. So, if we get a nuclear dump facility -- what the beck does that have to do with tourism? Nothing. I reserve my opinion about the nuclear waste repository until all the facts are in. But this has no business on the tourism councils' agenda. o The federal government should develop a centralized system for collecting tourism data, as well as a centralized clearinghouse for distributing it. Terminol- ogy, definitions and research methodology must be standardized, so that data provided by one federal agency agrees with other agencies. This is bureaucratic double-talk for let's create a great big government agency to suck up taxpayer dollars. Haven't you people got the message yet? Less government, Guv. Let me help you. Terminology: Tourist. Definition: A person visiting an area for recreation. Research methodology: Check the dictionary. There! I did this one for you. A cabinet-level position of tourism secretary should be created. Given the current mood of Congress, this should be regarded as a mid to long-range goal. Sure. When the cabinet is in emergency session because a war has broken out we could use this new cabinet member to let the president know how .that war will affect tourism. A multi-Ungnal national sigaage program should be undertaken. It should include parks, airports, major highways and Interstates and major attractions. This falls in the category, When in Rome, do as the Romans. Any idea how many lang0ages there are in the world? Just what we need, an EXIT sign in 214 different languages: Probably wouldn't leave much room for the arrow. If I travel in a foreign country, rll take the time to learn as much about the language as possible. I would expect foreigners visiting this country to do the same thing. We're already accustomed to seeing symbols on signs that are supposed to be international. Tmn'ism training, to lndude foreign languages and geography, should be available in public schools. It should prepare students for occupations ranging from service to upper management. The federal Job Corps program should offer tourism training. Sure, we'll need all these bureaucrats to fill positions in the newly created federally centralized clearinghouse mentioned above. Foreign language training is already offered in our school system. So is geography. Just what is the tourism board asking for here? DA tO file embezzlement charges Just in case you missed it, and you probably did, there was a small article buriedon the back page of last week's edition of this paper, which was slightly misleading. It gave the erroneous impression that DA Bob Beckett needed additional authority from the Nevada Division of Inves- tigation (NDI) to file the embezzlement charges against former Nye/ Esmeralda Economic Development Authority executive director Darlys Smith of Tonopah. Beckett, as stated in his news release to the media. bad sufficient cause to file the felony embezzlement charges. The NDI auditor's pending report referred to in the Gazette story was for documents demanded of the First Interstate Bank by search war- for the district attorney's action. of public page story tn the Gazette under my byline. whose The hat plaint. Ills nvict i I award call of duty when they 79-year-old woman I she had.pursued him I staded one day when he went red r and even hls formal com. flne, lf Why do we need a Nevada Commission on Tourism? If this is the kind of nonsense they come up with, I say, be done with them. Let's look at some hard facts. Our neighbors up north in Tonopah are having a difficult time these days. The best count we can come up with is 60 layoffs from the Tonopah Test Range in the past 30-days. This is a terrible blast to a town that is already struggling. While the Nevada Commission on Tourism is proposing the above nonsense -- we can't even keep our own people in town because of the employment problems! The only thing that keeps Tonopah going right now is the fact that it's the county seat. Let me be the first to print what's on everyone's mind but they're afraid to say--How long before Payrump demands the county seat? Let's face it, the growing southern community already overpowers the Tonopah population better than five-to-one! Been called for jury duty lately? The largest pool of potential jurors comes from Payrump. It takes an entire day to drive from Payrump to Tonopah and back. How long are Payrumpians going to put up with that before the cry goes out to move the county seat? Our good friends in Tonopah need to start worrying .about this. They also need to take a serious look at what's happen- ing to their great little town. Pull the county seat from Tonopah and it'll go down the drain quicker than a flushed i toilet. While the water is still 1' ' " ' there, let me point out where Tonopah is missing the boat. And while I'm at it, rll show where the Nevada Com- mission on Tourism should be focusing what little energy they have. Tonopah has one big ad- vantage. It lies on U.S. High- way 95, a major highway be- TOURISTS IN TONOPAH -- This group of visitors tween Las Vegas and Reno. It from England, part of S0, stopped in Touopah for lunch, is, in fact, darn near dead cen- When the Tonopah Historic Mining Park was described ter between our two largest to them  each and every one of them stated they would cities. like to stay in Tonopah and visit the park.* On the day we Did you know that hundreds interviewed there were six buses, 300 tourists, that came upon hundreds of tourists ar- through town. rive in Tonopab every single day? Yup, it's true. Busloads of foreign tourists' pull into the Mizpah and Station House Hotel/Casinos every single day. They fill up the restaurants, eat lunch, play a little video poker and -- guess what they do then? They get back on the bus and head out of town. What's wrong with this picture? The Nevada Commission on Tourism and the town of Tonopab is what's wrong with this picture. Tonopah is sitting on a fortune  but no one seems to wantto back the movers and shakers in town. The Tonopah Historic Mining Park has the potential of becoming the greatest possible tourist attraction in the entire West ! The folks in Tonopab have been screaming this message to deaf ears. It should have been open a year ago but it's nowhere near it. Attention Tonopab Business Leaders: Get behind this project. Invest. Work. Sweat. Get these tourists to stop and spend a few days in one of the greatest towns in Nevada: Mining Town U.S.A. And here's to the Nevada Commission on Tourism: Where the heck are you while one of our best towns goes down the drain? Why aren't you behind this project? Why are you worried about a "cabinet-level secretary" when you can't even support projects in your own state? Do something useful. Cancel the Washington trip and come to Tonopah where you can do some real good. u,i Targetl by Joe Richards rom the Kingdom o[ Nye. Whether you hate him or love him, he won't let you ignore him! Cold facts on flu When you're feeling bad, do you have a cold or the flu? Here's a com- parisou of the symtoms of the two. Fever. With flu, it's characteristic and comes n suddenly; with a cold, it's rare. Headache. It's a prominent symp- tom of flu but rare with a cold. ' Fatigue. Fatigue is extreme in flu and can last two to three weeks; a cold JeaV;ou mildly fatigued. Runnynose. Sometimesyou'H have a runny nose with flu, but it's common with a cold. Sore throat. A sore throat some- times accompanies flu; it's a connnon symptom of a cold. Cough. It's common with flu and can become severe; a cold brings a mild to moderate hacking cough.