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February 27, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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February 27, 1997

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Is it absolutely necessary? It is indeed refreshing to see the large turnout for the first meeting of our new town board. Hope- fully, the many young volunteers of our f'me EMT corps who showed up will continue their presence in the future - as taxpayers they also should be concerned for our community's destiny. A recent experience coincides with the popular Adage, "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom." I am interested in learning why my taxes keep increasing. I dropped by the County Complex to get a glimpse of the current budget. Sur- prisingly, I was told that it was in Tonopah. My response was: "But don't we have a right to view a copy in Pahrump?" Thankfully, it is now available to all for appraisal, ditto with the Nye County School District budget. Of course these seemingly, "best kept secrets," may very '.11 be oversights by our elected official and entrenched bu- aucrats responsible for disseminating them, but it does raise the question - why, until now? And where has the media been to acknowledge their availability? So it is that many good citizens have lost faith and trust in their government because of massive corruption, fraud, waste and outright deception - local and national, and taxpayers themselves are guilty of this aberration, for example, during last year's Pabrump Budget Hearings only five individuals sacrificed to attend! This surrender by default (disease), by those who profess deep concern for the future of their children and grandchil- dren, begets the downfall of their own sovereignty and secu- rity, remindful of another timely caution, "Those who fail to take a stand, deserve to take a fall!" We can hope that our town board will bring a better change from reckless spenders, by requesting of them to ask them- selves three simple questions before ever passing a money issue: (1) Is this absolutely necessary?; (2) Can the taxpay- ers afford it?; and (3) Is it constitutional? If each of them sincerely upholds his oath of office we will all be better off. For honest and responsible government. Is/Vince Bogdan Pahrump, NV Senior organization mixup Many people in Pahrump and the surrounding area link the Pahrump Valley Senior Center (PVSC) and the Pahrump Val- ley Seniors Inc. (PVSI).together. We hope by this letter we can chance this.idea. We are two seoarate organizations. PVSI has hdped the Senior Center in numerous ways and held our Swap Meets at the Center. Our members are also members of the Senior Center; however, we are two separate organizations. Our objectives are to provide Seniors 60 and over with small loans for unexpected necessities such as money for medicine, rent, etc. We have occasionally fixed broken stairs and pro- vided swamp coolers for seniors in need. We have also made donations to fire victims, and have other projects in the plan- ning.stage. Our in'come is dependant on repayment of these loans, on swap meets, and on donations. We thank you for lending your ear. Is/Name and address withhdd by request Dear Mr. Richards... I have read your comments for several years and have never felt the need to respond until your "Sense or nonsense" sec- tion in the February 13 paper. I appreciate that you recognize that the Freemasons - "do a lot more than laying cornerstones on buildings throughout the state" - We really do a lot more! The Family of Freema- sons which is Masonic Lodges, Shriners, Easter Star, Job's Daughters, Rainbow for Girls and DeMolay for boys plus the York Rite, the Scottish Rite and many other appendant and iliated bodies donate over two million ($2,000,000) a day to charity! The Shriners who all must be a Mason operate 22 orthopedic/bum hospitals without a charge to any patient un- der the age of 18. We are not a - "secret Masonic order!" We do have secrets but, they are the modes of recognition, everyone knows who we are, where we meet. We put big signs on our buildings and on the highways so they can be seen when you enter the towns. You all know us, we are your neighbor next door. We are simply a fraternity, the oldest-fraternity in the world. We are a bit too tight lipped about who we are and what we do, but Joe I know you give a lot to charity without a lot of pub- licit),. That's what we do. As for the - "that the taxpayers should pay for their stink- ing license plates." You must know that the state made over 1 million dollars on special plates last year, don't you? That is what I was told last week when I spoke in favor of the Ma- sonic License plate bill (AB 32) that I requested Speaker Dini sponsor. By the way a spokesman was there for the "Elks" and "Moose" supporting A.B. 32 and wanted to be added to the bill! We all pay for our plates just like you do! As A.B. 32 read on Thursday, February 13, 1997, $25 extra and $5 re- newable tee in addition to all the regular charges. There must be 250 applicants before they will strike the plates. Is/W. Wayne Perkins Tonopah, NV ...... Sadness and Anger Early Saturday morning, February 15, 1997, about 3 a.m., I awoke to the most agonizing screams and suddenly realized that it was my 4-H Livestock out in my back yard. I jumped out of bed, called for my daughter, and out the door we ran_ bare feet and all. Not surprising to me, there were 2 dogs WITH COLLARS ON in my animal's pen. My daughter flung the corral door open and out ran one of the dogs, the other dog my daughter grabbed by the neck and physically pulled it off our neubian goat, and then proceeded to throw it out of the pen. She was afraid if she tried to contain the dog that it would turn on her and attack her since they now have a taste for blood. Our goat was laying on the ground crying in agonizing pain, and our Suffolk lamb that my daughter had only just acquired for the 4-H show coming up in April, had been savagely ripped apart down to the leg bone, no wool, skin or muscle left. I immediately called the Police and the Animal Control office, both of which showed up. We were informed by the police that unless we have the dogs or can identify them that there was basically nothing they could do. We had to take our wounded animals up to the animal hospi- tal only to have the Vet tell us that there was NOTHING that he could do, and consequently we had to have them put to sleep. My daughter sat there with her goat that she had raised from a baby, 2 days old, and watched him die. She is devas- tated and angry. We have a very large animal pen which we have double wired for the protection of our animals. This is a notice to the citizens of Pahrump: 1) if you are a responsible pet owner and care about your animal I thank you and 2) for all you irresponsible pet owners - "I AM PET OWNER - HEAR ME ROAR," I WILL NOT stand by any more and just chase them away or do nothing about the dogs roaming the street of our town all day and night, I have come to a gracious understanding with the Animal Control Officer that ! will call EVERY DAY if necessary to remedy this problem. I now have a trap in my yard and will be using it. If I am driving down the street and see a dog, I WILL CALL. If look out my door and see a dog, I WILL CALL, if I'm at a friend's house and see a dog, I WILL CALL. If you see a dog, call animal control. They are truly willing to help us solve this problem. CALL, CALL, CALL. There are several people in mv neiehborhood that do truly svmoathize with me and have suffered some of the same devastating consequences with their beloved animals. ! am hoping these people will work with me on this problems and make our neighborhood safe for our animals and ourselves, that we no longer have to walk down the road with a BIG stick in our hand to protect ourselves from LOOSE DOGS. Each time you have to go get your dog out of the pound it will cost you MORE AND MORE AND MORE. If I do find these dogs that attacked my animals, which my daughter CAN identify, I will press charges and have them put to sleep and the owners will be responsible for our losses. I have spent hundreds of dollars to have my daugh- ter in 4-H which she has a deep passion for only to have the animals continually killed, NO MORE. I wish to also thank our neighbors the lsom's who were there for my daughter and gave the support she needed and for our wonderful 4-H leader, Tonya Wasson, and her two daughters, Amber and Heather who came right away and spent hours with us during this whole ordeal. Mrs. Wasson has made a great contribu- tion to this town. conducting 4-H meetings and helping each and every child who has wished to become involved in this group, a group that is NOT given enough recognition by this community. RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS TAKE YOUR STAND. Is/Carol Myers Pahrump, NV Am I the only one that sees this? Our Founding Fathers specifically outlined in the "Bill of Rights" certain Rights and Freedoms that are nonnegotiable. The 4th amendment is in that"Bill of Rights" and states: "The Right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not he violated and no warrants shall be issued but upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized." Am I the only one that sees this? What am I missing here? What word, what phrase gives Sheriff Wade Lieseke the right to set up a roadblock and question 1500 motorists and/or their passengers, to see if the driver has been drinking? (Of coui'se they are not asking about registration, insurance, seat belts, outstanding traffic tickets, or other non-pertinent information). What am I missing here? What sentence or phrasing gives Sheriff Wade Lieseke to right to set up a roadblock for drug searches? What inference says that the rights spelled out in the 4th amendment are to be given up to insure victim's fights" Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, February 27, 1997 11 Am I the only one that sees this? Where is the disclaimer in the 4th Amendment "NEVEPdvIIND" to these rights which are so precisely described? Am I the only one that sees this? I must be, because the Sheriff of Nye County states that for victims' right we all must forego our own rights and freedoms. His argument is that the U.S. Supreme Court says it is okay. I say it is not okay. The 4th Amendment says it is not okay. Our founding fathers said it is not okay. What do you say? Am I the only on that sees this????? Is Ray Mallows Pahrump, NV Water in Pahrmnp drying up H My thanks for a well-researched and well-presented article on our bleak water supply future. The options available to us were organized and explained in a manner that was easy-to- understand by this "beginner." You definitely got my wheels turning and isn't that what it's all about? I would like to address some of the options you outlined in your article. The option of"Managed Overdraft" - it seems to me that the long-feared incorporation issue (oh no! ;he said the 'T' word!) could work towards overcoming som( of the problems that hamper "management of the ground w.'er of Pahrump." With incorporation comes City Services. le should have had a "City" Water Department, Police DepaJ t_- ment, Trash Department and, yes, a "City" Building Inspec- tor long ago. Give the "City" Water Department an opportu- nit), to utilize their budget in a manner which will provide the necessary resources to efficiently direct water from higher alluvial wells to the low-lying sections oftbe valley, thus as- suring water quality we can all count on. The problems hindering successful water importation such as the federal government's greedy lock on water rights in "ali other basins close enough to cost-effecti vely ton vey wa- ter" to us kinda got me thinking (again). Aren't the feds and the Nye County attorneys old courtroom opponents? Is it possible for Nye County' (or the ''City of Pahrump") to sue them for their water? They surely do need some of it. Cer- tainly, all the federal income taxes paid by Pahrump citizens and business owners should be worth their weight in water! Just an idea that might be worth a try. I'm all for the option of "Development of the Carbonate Aquifer." Once again, the "City" Water Department could handle the installation of production wells, storage tanks, and pipeline. Just as we do now for telephone and electric ser- vices, property owners could pay an "installation or hookup" fee to the "City" to heln oav for said wells, tanks, tfivelines and the fine folks who install them. This whole scenario trans- lates into many new, good jobs for you and me! We sure need them here. Haven't you noticed? Furthermore, it make sense to stop the parcelling of lots now. One family on I0 acres will use far less water than4 or 8 families living in separate dwellings on the same 10 acres! If you are still stuck in the past and are one of those that voted against incorporation, this is your wake-up call! (By the way, you're really late for work!!)" Pahramp's phenom- enal growth is real. People are flocking to our lovely valley at an extraordinary rate. The hour has come to catch up with the times and ready our community for the future. As a regis- tered voter, you cannot delay the inevitable any longer. A special election is needed to, once again, place the incorpora- tion issue before us: Either VOTE YES ON INCORPORA- TION and give Pahrump control of its own destiny or MOVE ON to another area. It's going to take work, lots of work, to catch up while we still have a chance. We can all begin by shorteningthe length of our showers, turning the water off while brushing out teeth reducing the length and frequency of lawn and plant water- ing, utilizing water-free desert landscaping and demanding your licensed contractor install only water-saving fixtures. The times aren't just "a-changin" - the tim done changed and will continue to change. We have a responsibility to our children and their descendents. How can we as Christiaps, let them down?. We also cannot help but notice this huge water supply problem staring us in the face! Education in- corporation and cooperation are all essential components of a solution to many of our current and future problems. I.xk to your elected leaders. Demand action. We could have saved $8000 in the recent study regarding a multipur- pose building we neither want nor can afford. Tell us some- thing we don't know. Let's demand attention be called to the water supply issue now. The formation of a Water Supply Management Advisory Task Force (oh no! Not another Task Force!) would be a logical starting point. (You can count on me should volunteers be needed.) Attend your Town Board and County Commissioners Meetings. How else will they know our needs and'concerns? We need a plan. A plan for a sound water supply future. Without it, we can just board up our custom homes and head on out of this heavenly valley. The thought of it brings tears to my eyes. Inclosing, THANK YOU Pahrump Valley Gazette for yet another excellent piece of journalism. I always enjoy Patti Babcock's micl .es (especially her recent gardening piece) and,