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February 13, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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February 13, 1997

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Tele-,ision Log Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, February i 3, 1997 AAll, WEDNESDAY EVENING TVData 8 KTVN 0 KVBC O WDIV O KRNV O KVVU O KNPB 6 WXYZ 0 KOLO O KLAS qOD Wl"OC I] KTNV WNET i ] KAME (]] KRLR () WTVS AMC A&E CNN COM 5:00 I 5:30 News  ]News [] News [] ]NBC News Wings (in ]Chicago Stereo) [] ISons [] News [] INBC News Extra 0n IAccass Stereo) [] JHollywood Krstte' Iscience Creatures JOuy Grace ]Coach (In Under Firs IStere0! ; News INews News [] ICBSNews Nanny (In JPead "The Stereo) [] IWrite Stuff" News [] ABC Wld , INews Scientific American Frontiers (in Stereo) [] Mr. Cooper Roseanne (In Stereo) Fresh Cosby Prince I Show [] Scientific American Frontiers (In Stereo) [] DSC rrsvalers To Be Announced El ENC ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGN LEARN I 6:oo , 6:30 rcus News  [] INaws  i Jeopard'y! [] I ,NewsraaJo IMan Behav- i(In ;Stereo) I Bad , a INaws L lEnt. Tonight iHard COOv !Mad About You[] .Keeping LID I Businees i HeOort Drew carsv I -uen ln J (In tereo) Itereo) Law & Order "Matrimony" (In Stereo) [] Hard Copy Ilnside [] JEdition simpsons Simpaons (in Stereo) (In Stereo) Newshour With Jim Lehrer Primetime Uve . ABC WId mews I Jeopardy! IWheel of News News []  JFortune News  I EnL Inside I Tonight Edition [] Movie: "Murier in My Mind" (1997, Drama) A rookie ,News ILate Show (In Stereo) F.B.I. agent underoj::ms an experimental procedure. [] I I News: 1Highway IHome [Coach(In [Grace ICoach(In [DrewCre, [Patrol (Improve. IStereo) [] IUnder Fire JStereo) [] [(In Stereo/ Thomas Jefferson (in Stereo) (Part 2 of IWild Wodd ICheilie Rose (in Stereo) ]In the Mix 2) [] J(In Stereo) (R [] Roseanne Married... Star Trek: Deep Space ' ISentinel "Drop Dead" In [Star Trek: Voyager "The (in Stereo) I #ith J Nine "The Muse"  Stereo) ,T.. lDarkling" (In Stereo) Roseanne Cheers (in Sentinel "Drop Dead" (In Star Trek: Voyager "The ( n Stereo Stereo) [] Stereo) [] I ( n Stereo) Thomas Jefferson (in Stereo) (Part 2 ot 2)[] Movie: "Kronos" (1957) An alien robot Bioaraphy: G. Gordon American Justice "The : Warrior Menendaz Murders" (R) Prime News Ithside Uva Talk Politics [] Violations" (1985) John Murray. Beyoed ]Next Step 2o00 I(R) Gop (R) IModel (R) =.ooDers, i Bloopers- l Carol mus , Jokes I Bumett iiiii i i R :orol lumett ' 1:30 Nav urlnl" (1997, Drama) A ro(tle News [] J Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In News (R) Stereo) JWe Stuff" IFper'iprocedure. []  Stereo) [] W'. JLaw & Order "Ma'mony" News [] [Tonight Show(In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later'(In Stereo) [Sons(InStereo)IBed I(In Stereo) []. - I[] Stereo)[] Nawhow (In Stereo) [Jenny Jones'(In Stereo) I Paid Late Night (In Stereo) [] [Later (in Laeza (in Stereo) NBC News 1] I[] IProgrsm Stereo) [] Night,tide Wicago JNewsrsdio JManBehev-JLew&Order'"Matnmony" News[] Toni9htShew(InStereo ) Lste Night (In stereo) [] Later(In Stereo)r ]Sons[] [(In Stereo) Jead [(In Stereo) [] [[] Stereo)[] Beverly Hills, 90210 Party of Five iF/X: The Series Star Trek: The Next IMerried... LAPD: Life iF/X: The Series "With This Ring"[] J 'Intervention" (In Stereo) J"Quicksilver" Generation (In Stereo) [] IWith on the Beat I"Quicksilver" Scientific American ]Thomas Jefferson (In Stereo) (Part 2 of ]Marcus Chedie Rose (In Stereo) iRight Turns 3-2-1 Class. IThomas Jefferson (In Frontiers (In Stereo) [] J2) [] JRoberts JOnty! Stereo) (Part 1 of 2) [] News Nightline  Ilnside IAmerican IPoliticatly IPat Builard'itn Stereo) [] To Be JCaryl & Marilyn: Real iABC World I lews NOW ] [Edition = [Journal [] Ilncorrsct [] I Announced IFrieods r I(Joined in Pn gress) [] Grace [Coach (In IDrsw Carey IElien (In Primetime Uva [] ightSine  Politically Night Court 1Paid News (R) Under Fire JStereo)  J(In Stereo) JStereo) : J [Incorrect re [Pro:,:,:Jr Nanny (In Pearl "The [Movie: "Murder in My Mind" (1997, Dramal Late Show (in Stereo)  Late Late Show (In Maur [] Stereo  . IWrite Stuff" ]F.B.I. Stereo) [] . . "The qdte Stuff" .oach (In Under Rrs ;tereo) spire of ;pirlt of o orado i ;(dorado ;hir. ;one[] lid( Frsno: 'ascher wm ,n) Suoennsr- IDebt :'New I owa mooumv J Nheel of I Newohour h Jim Lehrsr [] n tent e ] ome mprove. [ mprova. Commi=h ".'ventures in UFE the Skin Trade" [] (4:05) Movie: ** "The MAX Poseidon Adventure" MTV Prime Tim (In Stereo) lJle aad 13reel of HAS H Richard Potty (in Stereo) Late Late Show (In CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) Stereo) [] Primetime Live [] Murphy News (R)  e ]Brown wshour With Jim Instructional Programming French in Lehrer  Action (R) in Palm Time COm'-b'y ***% "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956) Kevin McCarthy. World Today Person With Maureen Gordon Elliott Prigious Sally 3'Boyie (In Stereo) ch dren. . , izranee Psychic umverse Friends Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Govern- ment Matlock "P.I." (In Stereo) Return" Scientific American I Thomas Jefferson (In Stereo) (Part 2 of Frontiers (n Stereo)  !2) [] ,f,_1=|,l ., Remember Movie: "Kronos" (1957) An allen robot Movie: ***', "Invasion of the Body WENN (R) is intent on absorbin, Snatchers" (19661 Law & Order "Mother r: G. Gordon eUnerican Justice "The 20th Century (R) Love" [] r Warrior enendaz Murdars"  Moneyline I(]ng Uve Talk IV Nation [Part2of2) , NICK PS SCIFI TBN TBS TCM TNT USA WGN HBO DSN SHOW Saturday Night Live 3ruce Dam. [] a comet. (R) Wattona "The Ferds Highway to Heaven (In Rescue 911 (In Stereo) [] Wheel" Stereo) [] Movte: "Murder in My Mind" (1997, Drama) A rookle Newsrm ILate Show (In Stereo) rel LsteLataShow(In Stereo) Pdmetime Uve [] Movie: *** "Stormy Weather" (1943, Hi, Robinson, Lena Home. Thnas Jefferson (In Stereo) (Part 2 of ] e Foot In Je Grave the Grave I Law & Order "Mother Love" [] Gordon Bliott Prodigious !New, (R) [ .. Rolonda Centerfold Odd Couple "Big Mouth" Business File IIII "Bright Eyes" 'PG' Movie: **Y, "Eternally Naweroum [] Paid ILff'oonLITI Paid Progrm Move. *** , "Frenzy" 'R An Awsde I Courage In Sport= (R) Paid IPeld Program ]Program Paid Paid Prolram ]Program The City (In ABC World Stereo) rffi .... INewl NOW ' Landslide Reasons for landslides. Chile Rose (In Stereo) TonigM Show (in Stereo) (In Stereo) [] [] Star Trek: The Next , Star Trek: Deep Space ... I Generation "Violates' Ni 'Body. Parts" [] T(R) 1 )opu Revolutionary War (R) Landkb Reasonstor I ience (R) I(Part 4 of 6) landslides. (R) Unsolved Mysterk (in IMovie: "Their Second Chance" (1997} Awoman Stereo) Ireunites the parents who gave her up for adoption. [] Late Night (In Stereo) [] Rickl Lake Movie: ** "Tale= From the Hood" (1995, Horror) A ]Movie: , "To Die For" 0995, Satire) A woma w(B nortician Dears host to four stories o twisted terror. 'R' Istop at nothing to achieve television stardom. 'R' [] (Jut tLovoline (In Stereo) ]Alternstive NSt (in IDreamltme (in Stereo) In :+lereol i Istereo) I Marry Party III (R) (in Datlas "Go(x, Cliff Duke= of Hazzard "Enos (Off All') Barnes" (in Stomo) !Earth Di".ovedng IDisoovering ;Revuled [] PayoholOly IPsyoholo/ Megs Extra (in Jenny ,Rasdinl Stereo)[] ]Jonas[] I HoneY-m__rs [] rh ']News(R) Paid Paid Paid Program ' Proo'm lPropm I (In Narm m,wlon Inlno L;J i (R) Sightings (R) (In Stereo) Sightings (R) (In Stereo) [] - [] [] Pree the Lord [] Jesse 'an 'R' la=S'"R' j Drsamtime (In Stereo) 1 (1991)A z terrifying secret in a house's recesses. Rhoda imo L I Did(Van J Dyke  | + Paid Paid ProQram rorsm i Progrsm Prsh the Lord [] Movie: **V= "The Swarm" (1978, Horror) Michael Caine, Richard Leave It to verns & ' W'mark. Atdcan killer bees terrorize North America. Beaver iriey omer Pyle, USMC TMC Movie: 'r h The World, the Flesh, and the Devil' Movie: **, "The Landlord" (1970) A young man Movie: *,',Or "Dark of the Sun" (1968) Rod Taylor. A IMovle: ** "Hum/Sundown" (1967, Drama) Michael Caine, Jane "Haft Shot 1959, Science Fiction) Harry Belafonte, Inger Stevens, tries to renovate a ghetto apartment building, pair of Congo mercenaries rescues a besieged town. lFenda. A greedy developer wants two families off their land. at Sundae" Movie: **'/z Movie: ** "Double Impact" (1991, Adventure) Jean-Claude Van IMovie: **% "point Blank" (1967) A gangster vows 1Movie: *** "Paint Your Wagon" (1989, Musical) Lee Marvin'. Two his partner. Damme. Twin brothers join forces against I eir parents' killers. Jravenge on the partner who left him to die. Jprospectors during California's gold rush share a wife. Murder, She Wrote Movie: "Tails You Uve, Heads You're Dead" (1995) vmgs (in I ngs (in ISilk Stelldngs "Baser IKnight Rider "Knight JMovie: **,' A Case for Murde (1993) Jennifer ]Acepulco H.E.A.T, "COd, "Funeratat50-Mile"[] A sedalkilleriasuesanearlywamingtohisnextvictim ;tereo)[] .... J;terao)[] ]lnstinots" (In Stereo) [] ISon,"[] IGrey. An unscrupuiousattorneyrasortstomurdar... . . [] IName'Stalkin, Horse'... .. Sister, INick Frsno: Wayana IJamle Foxx JNews (In Stereo) [] Wisoguy "Aria for Don In the Heat of the Night Simon & Simon "Nuevo Paid IPaid IMovie: ** "American Ninja" (1985. Adventure) An Sister [] Teacher Bros. [] I(In Stereo) J Aiuppo" (tn Stereo) "The Law on Trial" [] ]Salvador" JProgrom Program American GI battles ninja warriors in the Philippines. z z z ..,=,=,,,,,at,,,=.,=,._,+,+.,=,.., l I I I IIII00 III II (4:15) Movie: "By Dawn's Movie: ** "Last of ,,e Dogmn" (1995) A modern- Movie: *Y+ "Black Sheep" (1998, IComedy ILam/ ]Tracay IMovie:**"Rambo: Rrat Blood Part IMovie: ** "Saints and Sinners" " Eady Ugt" (t990)[] day tracker finds a Ionlost band of Cheyenne. ',,PG'r rnedy)Chds Farley. 'PG-13'[] JHelf ISander= [] ITakes On... ill" (1985) Sylvester Stallone, TI'[] I(+m, Drama) Oamian Chepa. 'R'tm Tale Spin [] Ducktalas Chip 'n Goof Troop Movie: .**%' Belto ,oofing Around With IEiton John In Concert From Rio IMovie: *** 'Midnight Run' (1988) A bounty hunter Movie: "Etvis" (1979) A dramatization .... ][] Dale r ........ J(1995) 'G' [] Donald Duc k lend an accused embezzler must duck the mob. R' of the life d superstar Elvi s Pras. 'G' (4:35) Movie: ,P** "Babette'e Feast" IMOVI.e 'Jr* "Chu Chu and the Philly Movie: **Vz "Dead Preaide.s" (19951Larenz Tare. IMovie: *% "A Low Down Dirty IMovie: *** "Fear of e Black Hat'* 131FMtnute I"Mon-No (1987, Drama) Stephane Audran. 'G' !Rash (1981)Calol Bumett. 'PG' . A jobless Vietnam va! and his buddies organize a heist.lSheme" (1994) Keenen Ivory Wayans. 1(1993, Satire) Rusty Condleff. 'R'[] IMovle ]mport" (4:05) Movie: P*, Movie: *'P* 'The Crude Oasis' (1995, Movie: "The Sweeper" (1996, Drama) Movie: ,, "The Demolltionbt" (1996, IMovle: "The Donor" (1995) A stun IMove: .*** "La Laotflce" (1988, I"Chopper "Down by Law" (1986) ISuapeose) Jennifer Tayiorl 'R' r ]C. Thomas Howell. {In Stere ,)'R' IDrama) Nicole Eggert. (In Stereo) 'R' [] Istru,, les to find out who stole his kidney. JComedy) Miou-Miou. 'R' JChleke" , 36