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February 13, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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February 13, 1997

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" Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, February 13, 1997 11 Another opening, another show, part I section, I saw an ad offering eight chickens and coop, good layers, for the taking.] give the number a call and find out it's for real, and ifI come right by, they're mine. But, there are Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes other people interested so I had better not delay, as first come gets them. This was too good a deal to pass up and it was fight on the way to the hotel. Ditto wasn't too keen about the whole idea, but calmed down when I told her we would just keep them in the back of the Sounds like a line from a show business production. Ditto went with me down to Las Vegas to a reception given by UNLV for the opening of the "Memories and Visions" art exhibit where some of my stuff along with a lot of others will be on display till February 26th. It's being held at the Cannery, Flamingo and Pecos, in case you're interested. As Ditto's '84 Plymouth Voyager (this is the one that the doors keep falling offwhich in a way is handy if you're doing a lot of shopping) wasn't running too swift, we went down in my trusty old truck. This turned out to be a mixed blessing. We got down to Vegas Wednesday, the day before the reception. We checked in at the Gallery to find out if they had any deals on low cost housing, which they did, Sam's Town. On our way there we stopped at a 7-11 which just so happened to have some of those free ad papers. Checking out the free Letters to the Editor truck out in the hotel parking lot. It wasn't like we were going to bring them up to the room, although it would have been interesting to see the reactions of the bellhops, room service, or the maids. The room was pretty nice and warm and I must admit I did feel a bit guilty about them poor chickens out there in the cold. Ditto finally went down and covered them with a blanket and they did all right. Next day we drove around Vegas looking at all the new places that have sprung up. I think we almost received as much attention. I guess them city folks aren't used to seeing an old pickup truck cruising the main drag with a load of chickens aboard. The reception was pretty good, lots of interesting people, free drinks and plates full of munchies. Some of the ones I couldn't identify I took out to the chickens. [To continue next week] Internationalist Although unintentionally, Walter Olney has performed an enormous favor for the American public in his January 19 review of"A Reporter's Life," the new book by Walter Cronkite. Mr. Olney exposes for the first time, and highlights my long- held suspicions, that Mr. Cronkite, the elitist, is indeed a rigidly biased, left-wing liberal utopian. In his intensely anti-American diatribe, Mr. Cronkite states, "I don't believe the public has rejected liberalism"; "I had trouble with (Rondaid Regan's) political philosophy"; and, "World government would be pref- erable to 'mindless national sovereignty.'" That last sentence should serve as a shocking wake-up call for weary tax-payers of our once-proud United States. For this ultra- rich buffoon to brazenly criticize our republic - which millions of patriots have paid with their lives to preserve - as a represen- tation of "mindless national sovereignty," is outrageous. Does this guru of the liberal media, who has attained stature, power and unheard-of acclaim from many who are ignorant of his world government agenda, give credit to our freedom loving, capitalist, free enterprise system for his success? Absolutely not. This greedy egomaniac would surrender our form of govern- ment and merge our nation into a socialist one-world govern- ment if he had his way. Shame on this reprehensible man. /s/Vince Bogdan Pahrump, NV Editor's Note: This letter originally appeared on January 29 in the Las Vegas Review Journal Thanks to emergency services On behalf of the people of Nevada, I commend all of the emergency services personnel, governmental and private, and the thousands of volunteers who responded to the needs of the victims of January's disastrous floods in the Western United States. And we send our deepest sympathies to those who lost loved ones, homes or businesses to this natural calamity. Northwest Nevada, too, suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, but fortunately, due to our mountainous topography and the hard and timely work of thousands of people, we are now dry and almost fully recovered. Our airports are operating, our scenic, cultural, historic and world-class recre- ational attractions are open, and all areas may be accessed by ground transportation. We now extend an invitation to send you and your clients to enjoy the outstanding entertainment opportunities in the Reno - Lake Tahoe.area, with our assurance that they will not be incovenienced. In short, we want you to know that when you or your clients are ready for some rest and recreation, we're here for you. /s/Bob Miller Governor Do you know what happens to 00your children once they get on the bus? I accidentally found out one day when my (very rough and not a wimp) 8 year old 2nd grader rushed home and camped in front of the heater for at least an hour. I was curious, to say the least, and upon inquiry I became increasingly alarmed at his reply. My first thought was that he had most certainly stretched the truth a bit or was seeking sympathy for a wrong doing during his scholastic day. To my horror, he wasn't even telling me the whole story. He started the recollection of his day by saying his bus was very cold on the way to school. The children on the bus leave their windows open to see who will close theirs first (even though it is 20 degrees or below and sleeting or snowing). Why the bus driver does nothing was one of the first of many questions to come. Upon arrival at school, the children are told either to go the cafeteria for breakfast or go outside. I feed my child at home so that I may be assured that his day is started off nutritionally sound since breakfast is the most important meal of the day (an empty stomach cannot feed a hungry mind). Does that mean my child is doomed to stay outside prior to school regardless of the weather? I had certainly thought not, since no school would allow such a thing, or would they? I made it a point to make a trip to Manse Elementary School. I wanted to have a calm inquiring discussion with principal Dale Norton as to the demise of my child once he boarded Nye County School District Transportation and the subsequent time after- ward. When I asked Mr. Norton what this was about I was immediately hit with a "How dare you speak to me, you under- educated beneath me" attitude. I overlooked this at fast but started to grow increasingly agitated when in the middle of my sentence he turned, and walked away from me saying that there was not enough room for all the children to get out of the weather. At this time the secretary on duty cut in by saying she made sure her child (also attending Manse) was dressed warmly and given money to go eat breakfast in the cafeteria when the weather was bad. She further suggested to me that I drive my child to school daily making sure to bring him right on time so that he would not have to wait in the weather. I made sure the unthinkable statement I had just heard was right. The cafeteria was for children eating breakfast only and that even though all the teachers at Manse Elementary should be there on campus the children would have to wait in the freezing rain and weather or under the puddled awnings of this aging building. I was and am appalled to think of a school thinking of itself and not its children ! Our schools are there for our children, right? I then inquired what could he done to save this unacceptable condition. Mr. Norton replied "We have no money but if you would like to do something, go right ahead." I asked who's butt I could possibly light a fire under but silence bestowed the room (which fueled my frustration further). I reminded him that my son would not be subjected to neglect or abuse from anyone and suggested I speak with my attorney. He then asked my son's name and (singling him out) stated he alone would be allowed to sit in the office when the weather was bad. I left the Manse Elementary School office in bewilderment and uneasiness won- dering the other ways in which an establishment built for the children was practicing child endangerment. I have since talked to many people regarding this incide.nt and have been shocked to hear much worse happening. The most recent being to increase the zoning area of Manse Elementary so that it would be allotted more money even though they are going to start year-round schooling due to overcrowded conditions. The whole ordeal sickens me as I have 2 other children due to enter the school system within the coming 5 years. I openly welcome other questioning and concerned parents to speak their minds as well. Hopefully we can all find a way to remind this school district of its main priority, the children. Is/A worried mother and parent (name and address withheld by request) A thank you from the SONYCO Lions The SONYCO Lions Club wishes to thank Bobby and Nadine Boiling for allowing us to have a cookshack in the Pit Area at the racetrack for the last four years. Your generosity in not charging us was deeply appreciated. We also want to thank the drivers, pit crews and their families and friends for supporting us by buying from us. After operating expenses we net $2500 to $3000 dollars for each race season. We purchase an average of 100 pair of glasses a year, send a child to camp for a week, donate to burned out families and too many other things to mention in this letter. Sadly we will miss your kindness and generosity from this year forth. The track has been sold and the new owners are building a new facility for the pit area which they will operate. We wish them success. We decided to take this time to publicly thank everybody and to let the community know how much you have helped us help the community. We will be having other functions throughout the year to replace this loss. We hope everybody will come to them as they are announced. Again, thank you. /s/Clara Cook, Board Director, SONYCO Lions Club Pahrnmp, NV A legislative update I have been asked why the Nevada Legislature opens on a holiday, Martin Luther King Day. The 69th Session of the Nevada Legislature began on Monday, January 20, with opening ceremonies and the swearing in of newly elected legislators. The opening date of the Legislature is set by the Nevada Constitution, the third Monday in January. The session does not have a determined date to end, but has averaged 160 days for the last few sessions. This year the Governor's State of the State message was dominated by education. His proposals will have a large impact on rural Nevada schools. I have always supported control of the education at the local level, but the Governor is talking about mandatory kindergarten and class size reduction at 16 to 1 grades 1 to 3. These programs could adversely affect the local manage- ment of local school districts. I will be communicating with local school boards soon to get their input on these issues. Let me invite everyone to become involved in "the system". That means calling me to let your feelings be known or leaving your message about particular legislation with the Legislative Message Center. To call my office toll-free from rural Nevada, the number is 800-367-5057. The fax number is 702-687-5898. All Legislative Committees are open to the public and anyone can testify during hearings. The address during the session is Mike McGinness, 401 South Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89710. /s/Senator Mike McGinness Carson City, NV The balanced budget amendment Currently the U.S. Senate is debating the positives and negatives of amending the Constitution to require that the federal budget be balanced. As with all discussions in Wash- ington, politics are playing a significant role. The "stumbling block" being placed on the floor appears to he the issue of whether or not to include Social Security in the budget. Reasonable people can disagree on the merits of this issue, but we must not let this keep the Senate from passing this vital amendment. We have not had a balanced budget in 29 years (the last was in 1969), and it is fairly obvious that the majority of the American people do not trust our elected officials to do it on their own. Rhetoric aside, if they cannot summon the nerve to take a heavy slice off of corporate welfare, what realistic chance do we have of them ever balancing the budget? Senator Bryan is co-sponsoring the Balanced Budget Amend- ment, and he deserves our support and thanks on this critical issue. Remember, if the Social Security Amendment fails, it does not change how the budget is currently being done. The only real change will come through passage of this Balanced Budget Amendment with or without the Social Security ele- ment. Now is the time! We need to do it for our children and grandchildren. /s/Bob Tonelli Reno, NV The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. ooo All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists.