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January 23, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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January 23, 1997

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,. Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, January 23, 1997 11 Slim Files For $10,000,000 I almost goofed! But right at the last moment before Ditto went up to the post office to mail off my instant $10,000,000 claim form, I noticed that I hadn't enclosed the release form allowing them to use pictures of me receiving the ten mill in their advertising. This release form had some pictures of a couple of guys standing in front of what was supposed to be my house up here in Goldfield. I sure hope they don't use them when they are trying to find the place as about the only white paint that ain't peeled off is on the outhouse. Which is where I will probably be sitting when they show up. I will have to remember to shut the door when I see the Prize Patrol coming up the road and to act surprised when they pound on the door. Maybe acting the Mr. Cool part and shouting out that they got to wait their turn, as right now Ed and Dick are interviewing me. On the release form along with pictures of what was suppose to be my place was a picture of some guy with his back to the cameras. I musta got a haircut before they showed Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes up. The interviewer is asking this guy "Mr. Sirnes, what are you going to do with this ten million?" I already got a reply figured out. "Count it. And now that you have laid the bundle on me, please take off. My wife will be coming home soon and she gets all shook up when she sees a bunch of strange cars and vans surrounding the place. She would probably think it's some more of my friends come Letters to the Editor up to hang out especially if they look like they're not paid for. Or, it could be AFT or DEA people. You never know when or where they are gonna show up." By the time this gets in print, I will have gotten the ten big ones from them and the eleven from Ed and Dick and be long gone. So don't be coming around looking to collect on past due bills or to put the bite on me. Us Republicans ain't got no time to mess around with you peasants. Besides, Bill and Hillary want to talk to me about investing in some waterfront property or campaign contributions. I ain't sure which as it was early in the morning when they called, them being in a different time zone. Like me, Bill can't run again but there is nothing stopping Hillary and she's already got experience. All for now, as I got to write some more stuff in case the checks I've gotten don't clear. Have a good one. ? ! 4 I C.C.S.O. Savs Thanks The Children's Community Service Organization would like to say a most heartfelt THANK YOU to the following businesses and individuals who donated time and monies to make the children's Christmas party such a huge success. The Gift Cellar, Tomato & Bautista, Weepah Shrine Club, A.A.R.P., Pahrump Valley Taxi, Ladies Auxiliary V.F.W. #10054, Ron/Carol Taylor, Marilyn Lombardo, Matt/Pat Rios, Donna's Studio of Dance, Women of the Moose # 1141, Superior Manufacturing, Markem Financial Services, Ameri- can Overhead Door, Affiliated Chiropractic Center, Knights of Columbus, Nevada State Bank, Pahrump Valley Times, Mary Parks, American Legion Post #22, American Legion Auxiliary Unit #22, Elmer/Dolores Johnson, Desert World, Abe/Evelyne Fox, Lydia Herndon, Worden's Ins. Agency, D.A.V. Chapter #15, Affordable Cars, H&M Pipe & Supply, Loyal Order of Moose #808, Saddle West Casino, Pahrump Lodge #54, Hafen and Hafen, J. Forest Cahlan, V.F.W.. Post #10054, Pahrump Volunteer Ambulance, Louise Tenberg, Helen K. Burd, Pahrump Country Health Food, Stardust Chapter, O.E.S. #32, Wilbert E. Chaput, Premier Software, Inc., Frank/Fracine Barkanyi, Anonymous, Lawyers Title Employees, Levins Plastering, Earl/Martha Wing, Gina Sone- Deandrea, Anonymous, Bill/Ginny Lyon, Kay Somes, Sherrie Boysza, J.D./Bob Hughes, Harry Snow (Snowball the Clown), Shane/Bonnie Green, Phyllis, David & Sara Mayer, Dana Levins, Joann, Mindy and Megan Truelsen, Jewell Burton, Allen Dohner (Sunflower Clown), Stacey Hanson, Andrea Barclay, Susan M. Cherry, Alyssa Diaz, Fred R. Spille, Fran B. Wagner, Lynn Peterson, Terry Sonneson, Sara Towles, Karl Coughlin (Ranger from Death Valley), Mary Marceau, Sharon Wehrly (NCSO), Virginia Johnson, Bob Barrew (NCSO), Frank Leemans (NCSO CAT), JoAnn Barner, Ray Woodcock (NCSO CAT), Jackie McDaniel, Jean McClain, the Snowbirds at Preferred R.V. Resort (wrapping of gifts), Pahrump Valley (azette, The Observer (all advertising), Pahrump Volunteer Fire Department, Chelsa-Jordan Nurs- ery, Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce and all the entertainers who did such a fantastic job of keeping the children entertained. To all that I may have unintentionally missed, Thank You. Without your generosity and help, this party could not have happened. It was a very rewarding day and you made lots of children happy. It's the community working together for the betterment of our children that will pay off in the future. May God enrich your lives, as you have enriched others. Is/Janet R. Picketing, Sec./'It-eas. Bob Tomaro, President From a woman's point of view January 6, 1997 a day, in Pahrump history, that will live in infamy. That was the day that Dick Carver of Smoky Valley was elected chairman of the Nye County Commissioners. Mr. C. stated that the last time he was in Pahrump that "he hated Pahrump and everyone in Pahrump was greedy!" So now Mr. C. is chairman and as a result never again will the commissioners meet in Pahrump if Mr. C. has his way. Pahrumpians once again will have a 3 hour drive to the county seat to do our business. Mr. C. has stated that he may move all services back to "Tonopah were they belong." Mr. Harry Brean, at the Pahrump Valley Times, (and a young whipper-snapper) may not mind the drive (he has a newer car) but those of us over the age of 50 find this ride a chore. When one takes water pills - from Beatty to Tonopah can be an interesting experience - at least you know if your kidneys are working. It cost me 2 tanks of gas to go to Tonopah and back. At $1.39 plus a gallon, that is over $40 to do 20 minutes of business. Mr. C. forgets (when he was first elected) that it was the Pahrump vote that got him elected. Now to get him un-elected there are only 4 options: 1. Recall by his district - not by the whole county. 2. Change the vote instead of by district to county-wide and then wait 4 years for his term to expire. 3. Vote to change the county seat to Pahrump. 4. Get the county to split or ask Clark County to annex us. Of all the above I would go for recall. But Mr. C. knows which side his bread is buttered and will not do anything destructive to his district. So there may not be any Options but to change the rules and wait 4 years to repair the damage Mr. C. will have done as chairman. Sure he isn't the only one on the commission board but you know only 2 will vote for Pahrump. Two out of five is never going to win. Although I always thought a chairman was only to vote in the case of a tie - that is not the case in commission meetings. When Mr. C. would rant and rave at Cameron McRae for at least 10 minutes and then, being the gentleman Cameron is, Cameron would say, "Thank you, Mr. Carver, and go on with the business at hand." So I guess we can now hear Mr. C. rant and rave at someone else! I wonder who his whipping boy will be - Sheriff Wade Lieseke perhaps! Thank you for letting an old lady spout off her frustrations at a situation she has no control over. Is/Liz Blythe Pahrump, NV P.S. I grew up believing such things as''Good guys wear white hats and "true champions come from behind." Mr. C. doesn't wear a white hat. He told me he likes being a "bad guy" and "will never wear a white hat." (In case you've never seen Mr. C., he always wears a black cowboy hat). Who pays for trip? The article "Assistant sheriff Richard Marshall South Africa Bound" (January 2, 1997, "Pahrump Valley Gazette") notes that Assistant Sheriff Richard Marshall has been se- lected by the Citizen Ambassador Program of People To People International to serve as a delegate to South Africa to help train that country's law enforcement personnel. Sheriff Lieseke stated that this is yet another example of the recogni- tion his agency has received and that it is something "that all of Nye County can be proud of." I wonder if we taxpayers can afford our Sheriff's pride. Anyone who reads the Gazette regularly knows that Nye County is very deeply in debt- perhaps even illegally so. Most readers also realize that the problem is that our county spends too much, not that it taxes us too little. Who is paying for the expenses of Mr. Marshall's trip, which includes transportation, food, housing, salary, health insurance, workers compensation insurance, retirement fund, Nye County Sheriffs Department, building overhead, and vehicle overhead, and assistance by other Sheriff's office personnel in preparing for Mr. Marshall's trip to South Africa? Are any of these expenses being paid by Nye County taxpayers directly or indirectly? I note, further, that one of Mr. Marshall's official duties here in Nye County as mentioned in the Gazette article, is to supervise the Sheriff's Office's Africa Regional Training Academy. What are the names and titles of all SherifFs Office personnel involved either directly or indirectly in this project? What other taxpayers' resources are being used? Remember that the total cost goes far beyond salaries (which may be covered by a grant); it also includes health insurance, workers' comp, retirement fund, amortization, depreciation and maintenance of county vehicles and buildings, and all of the above for personnel preparing a grant application and monitoring grant compliance. Grants are not a free lunch; they almost never cover all the very substantial hidden indirect costs, such as retirement funding. One has to wonder what Nye County Taxpayers are getting out of an Africa Regional Training Academy or a trip by a Nye County Assistant Sheriff to South Africa. The continent of Africa (and, indeed, the nation of South Africa) has a great deal more money than Nye County does. Let them pay for their own law enforcement training, including all lhe indirect costs. At a recent County Commissioner meeting, Sheriff Lieseke asked fbr permission and funds to hire an Assistant Sheriff. Why is our Sheriff continually asking for more personnel (and a bigger budget) when he has people to spare for solving South Africa's problems? We taxpayers cannot afford Sheriff Lieseke's pride. Wouldn't it be better if he could forego national and international fame in favor of taking pride in higher solution rate for burglaries? Is/Sandy Shaw Tonopah, NV P.S.: If there was a grant, and if(exceedingly unlikely) it covered all the hidden and indirect costs, we taxpayers are still not off the hook; if it came from the federal government (perhaps after routing through People To People International), just who do you think really paid for it? Your Congressman? Clean up controlled burns We in Pahrump should be very proud of our Fire Depart- ment and its volunteer firemen. They are a real important asset to our community. In order to prepare themselves to handle fire situations, it is necessary to practice methods in bringing deadly fires under control. Today, my husband and I watched from the front of our property, a planned and controlled burning of a mobile home at the west side of the fire department's building. I assume that different methods of fire containment were being practiced during this session. This is a common procedure that all fire departments take part in, in order to give their firemen on-the-job training. It is a good thing - but after the practice and after the fire has been completely contained there is a big mess to clean up. Whose responsibility is this? Surely not the firemen, but I would think that the county would provide the manpower and equipment to clean up and haul the remnants away to the dump. The important thing is that the debris is cleaned up. Well, there is another leftover fire containment mess that has not been cleaned up and I am sure that this is an oversight that the county should take care of. There is a partially standing remainder of a mobile home situated just west of the fire department and near Basi n Road. It is really an eyesore to our great community. Over a year ago, this home (abandoned because of a previous fire) was set fire again and contained under the careful direction of the fire department. The remnants of this planned fire are still in place. I would think that the county could arrange to have this sorry looking mess cleaned up. Please - whoever is responsible, take care of this. Is/Patricia Warburton Pahrump, NV Peace officers need retraining? I would like to start this letter by stating one strong opinion. I personally feel that Nye County should consider retraining their deputies! I can state this opinion due to the recent encounter with these "so called PEACE OFFICERS." They seem to think that they have the authority to rough up tax paying citizens for a minor traffic stop. Where do the boundaries for the law enforcement lie in Nye County, or should I say, "Are there any boundaries to these unjustified acts from OUR law enforcement.'?" I feel with the proper training, OUR deputies could be- come proficient law enforcers. Is/Tama'e Buehman Pahrump, NV imll i i The Pahrump Valley " Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727.5583. e@lt All opinions expressed on the lelters page are those of the artist or author indicated. Furthermore, letters with names withbeld will only be published ff a legitimate fear of retribution exists. , ,I J