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January 16, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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January 16, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, January 16, 1997 11 Slim thinks he could get disaster relief pay Disaster area. I don't know whether I should be happy, teed off or what? What got me in this somewhat more than confused state of mind was the recent flood situation up in northern Nevada. Most of the time when we learn of events like this they are usually occurring somewhere else in places we have never been and aren't likely to go to. It's a lot different when you've been in and have spent some time in the affected areas. Rent and the parks and bridges on the river being a case in point. I've been on the bridges and hung out in the parks up there in Rent. Parks and bridges, I learned back in my single days were a good place to meet or take chicks. Now they got one heck of a cleanup job ahead of them- selves. One bright spot maybe is that Bill has signed stuffthat will provide some federal funding to help out. This is what has or least at this time contributed to my more than normal confused state of mind. He had dispatched teams Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes of investigators who, unable to reach Rent by air as the airport was closed, had to resort to land-based travel. One of these teams landed in Vegas where after refreshing themselves for several hours headed north up U.S. 95. They were making pretty good time considering that the only map they had was the one put out by the resort-ranch owners. They were pretty beat by the time they got to Goldfield. Most of the passengers had nodded off. Their driver, not familiar with the crowded congested Goldfield metropolitan area, made a wrong turn onto one of our bumpy unpaved side streets. This bumpy business is what woke them up. Right by chance in front of my place. Thinking in their just awoken states of mind that they had arrived in the Northern Nevada disaster area, they all got out with their clipboards and started to assess the damage. One of them came up to me and said that from what he could see, I'd be a cinch to receive disaster relief funds. I was just signing the papers when Ditto come out and innocently asked if they were on their way up North to Rent. A guy just can't win. Have a good one. Letters to the Editor Sheriff Lieseke Responds I recently read, with great interest, in a Letter to the Editor in your newspaper (PVG, 1/2/97) where a strong supporter of mine, Ray Mallow, expressed concerns about the possibility of the violation of constitutional rights of persons stopped at DUI checkpoints, and the seizing of property from persons convicted of selling drugs. Let me first say that neither activity, according to the U.S. Supreme Court, violates the constitutional rights of citizens. In 1990, the U.S. Court ruled in a six to three decision in the case of "Michigan Department of State Police vs. Sitz" that the brief intrusion experienced by motorists at DUI checkpoints is slight and is outweighed immensely by the states' interest in preventing the death, injuries, and destruc- tive carnage caused by drunken drivers. Approximately 38,000 persons are killed annually by drunk drivers and hundreds of thousands injured, whereas, the U.S. Supreme Court, recognizing these facts, rules in the Sitz case that law enforcement has a vested interest and vast responsibility to protect innocent people from the indiscrimi- nate killing by drunk drivers. Concerning property seizures, again, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1996 in the case of"Bennis vs. Michigan" that seizing and forfeiting property from convicted drug dealers, or even persons in possession of illegal drugs, was upheld as constitutional. In fact, the Supreme Court in Bennis vs. Michigan ruled that propert]/may be constitutionally seized when said property is used in the commission of a crime. In every case in Nye County, seizures and forfeitures have occurred after persons have been convicted in either traffick- ing or selling of controlled substances, or the possession of such drugs with the intent to sell. Mr. Mallow also talked about the blatant federal interven- tion in local jurisdiction, as occurring in Nye County. I can say, unequivocally, that this has not occurred concerning law enforcement issues which I have authority over, and I have no idea what he is referring to. In conclusion, Mr:Mallow is correct that since "Day One" of my becoming Sheriff of Nye County, my goal is to provide safe and peaceful communities in Nye County, and, on a daily basis will continue to do this. I believe strongly in our constitutional rights, that we, as Americans, enjoy in this country. Also, Mr. Mallow, what about the rights of the victims of crime? I will not forget them either. Thanks for your continued support, Ray. Is/Wade A. Lieseke, Jr., Sheriff Pahrump, NV Good editorial, Doug I must commend Doug McMurdo for writing a very accurate and objective editorial - I know, I've been the subject of a few myself. On another note, I always read who writes the letters to the editor, because if it is Paul Miller, it is probably some horse. By the way Paul, did you ever register to vote in Pahrump? Is/Pete Wallace Pahrump, NV McGillivrays say thanks The Ray McGilliway Family wishes to acknowledge the many cards and donations made in Ray's name. Thank you. Is/BHlie and John McGillivray Laws must conform to the Constitution Since California passed the initiative to allow medical use of marijuana, many columnists have backed the Federal Government in its threat to prosecute any doctor who prescribes it for an ill patient. According to the U.S. Constitution the Federal agent only has jurisdiction on Federal property. Article 6 of the UNITED STATES Constitution, clause 2 "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall b bound thereby, any Thing in the constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary not- withstanding. This clause is considered to be the supremacy clause by our domestic enemies, in control of The District of Colum- bia the seat of the Federal Government. Since the Congress must follow the Constitution in order for any Law to become supreme, what part of the Constitution did they follow to enact a Law that forces an individual to relinquish his property without due process? A violation to the 5th Amendment," nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken fro public use without just compensation." To confiscate private property without being charged and take such property for the use of public officials, is so repugnant to the Constitution and the American way, that any one devising such and un-American act should be charged with trying to overthrow our Republican form of government and any public official making an effort to enforce such un-Constitutional laws, is an act of tyranny and should be stripped of his or her right to hold any public office and forever be held in contempt. The United States of the District of Columbia will violate the chain that is supposed to bind it, at every opportunity and for the state government body to stand by and let these tyrants abrogate state laws without the authority to do so, are derelict in their duty to uphold and defend The Constitution of their state and the United States. We must remember, that to make laws that have authority they must be in conformance with both constitutions. Is/James Lee Pahrump, NV Beatty Seniors Thank you A sincere Thank You to all the Beatty people who made our Christmas so very pleasant, such as the Boy Scouts who made the attractive wreath centerpieces, and the Bullfrog Mine for the beautiful vases of flowers, holly and candles for our tables. Another special Thank You goes to the "Little People" from the nursery school for their songs around our tree, and the cake and cookies they decorated for us. Thank You to Lorayne White for the beautiful Christmas tree she bought for us. Our Thanks to all who donated homemade cookies and candy for our Senior boxes of goodies. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity very much. Is/H. Meabry (Teddy) Kreuter Historian, Beatty Seniors Kids and bars don't mix Every year, millions of tax dollars are spent on hundreds of programs in this country convincing kids to resist the temptation of using alcohol and drugs. It is beyond belief, and very disturbing, that so many people in this town would choose to advocate and glorify this in front of children. Let's just thank God the law won't allow it. The letter supposedly written by a"Mr. & Mrs. Masters," (PVG 1/9/97) is completely absurd. I refuse to even address their ridiculous claims about being starved for business, that my kids have been raised in bars, or even their psychic ability. But I will say this: I donot know these people, and they do not know me. Their letter was the most inaccurate, uninformed, inarticulate, unintelligent, thoughtless piece of trash I have ever read. With their use of the word "ignorant," it's obvious they don't even know the true definition of the word. Unlike the "Masters," everything that I have written is true. The fact that the only defence against my letters has been to attack me and my family with bold faced lies, and that children are no longer allowed in the bar, clearly proves that. It's incredible that the "Masters" believe that kids are influenced by television, but not by watching people con- sume alcohol and gamble. And it is a very weak argument to say the kids here in town even use the entertainment available to them outside of the Stagestop on a regular basis anyway. Let's not forget that everything on the premises designed for kids was once at other locations here in the valley. These businesses failed due to lack of interest. But now that these facilities are in operation at a bar, it's the only place in town. Think about it. There' s an establishment up in Tonopah that used to have a teen dance night once a week. No alcohol and no gam- bling. This both within the law, and the only way the presence of children should be accepted in a bar. I suggest everyone go to the library and read the NRSs under "Crimes against Public Health and Safety." Particularly the part about protecting the "Health and Morals of Minors." (#202.040-3). I found it to be very enlightening. To Pam & Jr.: I'm sorry if this whole thing has caused you any negative repercussions. I never insinuated you folks were in the wrong in any way. And to all of you who are angry with me because your kids can no longer use the bar, I am very please that the law is now being enforced, and if I'm dubbed "Trouble maker of the year" because of that, I proudly accept. Is/Michael A. Cohrac Pahrump, NV Pahrump Chamber thanks you Pahrump Chamber of Commerce and the Little Britches  Rodeo Committee would like to thank the following indi- viduals and businesses for their support in sponsoring the rodeo on December 28, 29. The Little Britches Rodeo could not have happened without your gracious and continued support. A.S.A.P. Apprasials, Wes & Liz Adams, American Fence co., American Overhead Door Co., An Anonymous Spon- sor, Big 5 Trasport Inc., Bill Beatty Construction, Business Office Supplies & Service (BOSS), Case's Country Corner Store, Cecil's Barber Shop, Chief Auto Parts, Mitch & Lisa Christensen, Cook's Ice, Cow County Title, Crewel World, D&D Tire, Davis Homes Inc., Davis Lumber Company, Desert Palm Homes, Desert World Realty, Desert Sanita- tion, Eagle Publishing, Family Chiropractic, Floyd's Ace Hardware, Gold Coast Casino, Gunner's Court, H&M Wholesale Pipe & Supply, Dr. Gerald Hensler- Veterinatian, Hollis L. Harris Realty, Darlene Howard, Impressions Win- dow Treatments, Krumm Childcare Services, Kellershon Inc., Pahrump Arena Committee, Pahrump Chamber of Commerce - Melinda Heinrichs, Pahrump Harvest Festival Board, Pahrump Valley Gazette, Pahrump Valley Times, Pioneer Mini Mart, Miller Stockman - Fashion Show Mall, Nye County Ambulance, Option Care of Nye County, Owen Plastering, Chuck and Pat Price, Rebel Swap Meet, Roadru- nner Pipe & Supply, Saddle West Hotel & Casino, Smiths Food & Drug, Stagestop Casino, The Gift Cellar, The Perfect Pet, The Valley Observer, Tim Hafen Inc., Terrible Herbst, Town of Pahrump, Valley Electric Association, Worden's Insurance Office, Wyatt Ehrps Dirt Works, Atha Young. IS/Pahrump Chamber of Commerce and the Little Britches Rodeo I I The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. OOO All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists. - Ill I