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January 16, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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January 16, 1997

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2Thursday, January 16, 1997 The Pahrump Valley Gazette, formerly known as the Death Val- ley Gateway Gazette, (USPS 709- 230), established July 22, 1983, adjudicated as a legal newspaper of general circulation July 10, 1985, is published weekly on Thursday by Goldfield Group Pub- lishers, Inc. Editorial, production, and advertising offices at the Val- ley View Plaza, 1330 Hwy. 160, Ste. 3, Pahrump, Nevada 89048. Telephone 702/727-5583 or FAX 702/727-7192. Second-class post- age paid at Pahrump, Nevada and additional mailing offices. Post- master: send address changes to The Pahrump Valley Gazette, P.O Box 97795, Las Vegas, Nevada 89193. For billing or subscrip- tion inquiries please telephone 800/682-2640. Copyrights: No part of this publication may he copied or reproduced by any means without the express written per- mission of the Publishers. Included axe photos, stories, staff produced advertisements, columns, cartoons and all other materials. 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Item: The commission does not seem to be cognizant of the fact that by ignoring the information provided to it by the D.A. - and instead pursuing a direction encouraged by the county manager - this activity places the commissioners individually outside the legal umbrella provided to them by Nevada stat- ute. Item: Legal advice, allegedly given to the Nye County Treasurer, the Nye County Auditor and the Nye County Commission - by the Nye County Manager pertaining to the county's ability to borrow payment equal to taxes (PETT) fund monies without the approval of the Nevada State Department of Taxation - has placed these elected officials' jobs in severe jeopardy and could result in their mandatory removal from office. Item: The county manager's actions are in violation of the code of conduct demanded of him as a member of the Nevada Bar Association. The reader can easily be forgiven for having doubt about the truth of these allegations and asking the obvious ques- tion, "How can these things be true and still be allowed to go on?" Not too many years ago, when a man named Bill Beko ruled Nye County with an iron hand, he ad- vised his underlings, "Don't wash your dirty underwear in public." Beko's statement was not in- tended, and everyone involved knew it at the time, to be trans- lated into, "Don't wash your dirty underwear." As an analogy, I will use a true life story that happened to me back in the late 1960's when I was working in Baker, California. I had gone to the Bun Boy Restau- rant to get something to eat and the place was very crowded, I identified an empty chair at a table that was occupied by a single in- dividual, The person was an eld- erly man whose dress and appear- ance would be generally classi- fied as that of a bum. I asked the man if he minded if I shared the table with him. He replied, "Of course not." I ordered my food and was waiting for it to be served. About ten minutes went by when which I noticed a most unpleasant smell that was impossible to ignore. The trans- lation of my question to my table companion could most politely be put as, "Did you just have a bowel movement in your pants?" He assured me that this was indeed the case. I then asked him, "Well, why don't you go into the restroom and clean yourself up? You smell something horrible[" The man looked at me with an expression of watery eyed honesty and responded, "I ain't done yet." Could it be possible that the ongoing refusal to "clean up the act in Nye County government" is simply because, "they ain't done yet"? The available evidence suggest that this is SO. The alleged criminal activity revealed and expressed in this column by high level officials in Nye County govern- ment does not in any stretch of the imagination represent nitpicking. These allegations are not borderline. Au contraire, they are in your face and the subject matter touched on involved infractions of the law that, if prosecuted and convicted, would result in prison time ot automatic removal from office. "So why isn't anything being done?" you say. The answer is that it is being done. But the wheels of justice sometimes move slowly. In the real world every infraction of the law is not prosecuted. It can't be and shouldn't be for a variety of reasons. In the real world it is not uncommon for a violation of the law- even a felony violation - to be handled by informing the perpetrator of the violation and the problem involved. It is usually done through an intermediary. It is sometimes the quickest, cleanest, most effective method to resolve a prob- lem. If the violator has an iota of intelligence that is not too far diluted by arrogance he or she will correct the problem with a sense of relief that the consequences could have been This Man's Opinion by Brent Mathewson "The translation of my question to my table companion could most politely be put as, "Did you just have a bowel movement in your pants ?" i much worse and has a clear understanding not to do such a thing again. Such an approach has been tried - with an amazing lack of success - concerning serious ongoing violations of the law in Nye County government It appears that a central figure that is constantly undermining these warnings is the Nye County Manager. Compounding the problem is politics and the incorrect political attitude of elected offi- cials that what is being attempted is an erosion of their legal base of power. This is simply not true. These people are not above the law in spite of apparently as much as they would like to be- lieve otherwise. The" Nevada Constitution and NRS law places the district attorney in a position of a check and balance with the commission to see that it acts within the perimeters of the law. To circumvent this check against their perceived powers the commission and county staff developed some time ago a "don't ask" policy. This attitude is encouraged by the Nye County Manager, Mr. Les Bradshaw. As a single example, of a multitude I could give, where this type of attitude leads to the following is offered: I wrote a hard news article, published in the Pahrump Valley Gazette on January 2, 1997 exposing the fact that 3 1/2 million dollars of PETT fund borrowing that had taken place in late 1996 had been done in viola- tion of Nevada law. During a break in the January 6, 1997 county commission meeting the county treasurer spoke to me and told me I was mistaken. The basis of her contention was that because PETT funds were federal money the interfund loans involved did not need the approval of the Nevada Department of Taxation. I spent quite a bit of time re- searching that article and knew I was on solid ground. I suggested that she call the Nevada State De- partment of Taxation and talk to the people who were responsible for making the determination in this matter. She replied, "1 have made the determination that it is legal." Any reader who is left wondering who is correct in this matter need only to call the Ne- vada State Department of Taxa- tion - Local Government Finance Office - to get the point clarified. The number is (702) 687-4892. The problems arising from the county's "don't ask" policy have been exasperated by the county manager giving legal advice to the commission in conflict with the opinion - even formal written opinions - of the district attorney. The result has been to undermine - so far successfully - the power and position of the D.A.'s office and cause the district attorney to lose control of his client which happens to be the Nye County Commission. Bradshaw's actions constitute a most serious violation of the rules he is sworn to uphold as a member of the Nevada Bar, and as an attorney he has to be well aware of this fact. There is a big poker game going on and Bradshaw is running a bluff. He is holding a pair of deuces. His "special assistant" Rachel Nicholson, is holding a 7 high broken straight. The commissioners collectively have three sixes. The treasurer and county auditor are onlookers with side bets placed on Bradshaw's deuces. The district attorney, Bob Beckett, is holding a full house. There are no hole cards, although Beckett's hand is backed up by 4 aces held by the Nevada Attorney General and a royal flush or two held by the Nevada Supreme Court in previous rulings. A code of ethics that I have not attempted to go into in this article makes Becket reluctant. But ethics must sometimes go out the window when dealing with people who abide by no known rules. The citizens of Nye County have been placed at the mercy of a rogue government for far too long with disastrous results as to fiscal obligations that will have fo be met in the near future and for years after. Few in Nye County are yet aware of the implications imbedded in the previous sentence. The time is fast approaching when Beckett will be forced to play his hand. And it's going to be a train wreck when he does. That is this man's opinion. 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