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January 9, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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January 9, 1997

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Slim gets behind but writes anyway I ain't getting behind, it's just that people are getting caught up with me and so what if they pass me. Now they got to work just that much harder to stay ahead. But that's their problem, not mine. I learned a long time ago that the only way to go was to live in the present as that's what it's all about. The past is gone and the future is still to happen. So why sweat it. Then there is all the business about saving time thru the use of short cuts and labor saving devices. People brag about how much time they saved. How do you go about collecting it? Boy, the preceeding is a lot of heavy duty thinking, which I ain't used to. Somebody oughta do a story about it. And when you get down to it,just who are these somebodys people are always referring to. Like around our place, I'm constantly hearing things like, "somebody ought to take out the trash, wash the car, fix the so and so", etc., etc. In most cases I would leap right up and get on it. But then when I hear the words "somebody oughta" I kinda settle back figuring that ifI wait long enough, one of these somebodys will come along Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes  and whatever it was will get done. '  Sometimes it's a long wait but it's worth it. Us guys have more important things to do and besides other things will be coming up for these somebodys to take care of, usually the females of the species, will be on hand to keep us informed as to what they are. Then there's "why don't you" followed by whatever. Now l00etters to the Editor Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, January 9, 1997 11 ifa guy ain't careful these three words can lead to all sorts of stuff, physical, mental and financial. The word "why" implies a question if you think about it right? So before you start doing whatever the why was all about. You oughta think about it. The late great Jack Benny had the perfect answer. One of these somebodys would ask him "why" and he would stand there not doing anything for long periods of time. When eventually pressed for an answer he would reply "I'm thinking, I'm thinking." So give it a try the next time one of these why situations comes about. Works for me most of the time. Except this morning when somebody says, "'why don't you write some stories for the paper as you're getting behind". Not being sharp enough to think clearly, I went ahead and wrote this. Which, had I thought about it, would have been different. Have a good one. Bad, bad phone book For the first time in my life, I have actually been.moved to write a letter to the editor. This came about because of my need to call the police station. As I sat searching through our new phone book trying to search out the number, I became very frustrated. I am used to the number of the police, fire and ambulance being in the front of the book, so I kept going back there thinking maybe it would suddenly appear. It never did. As I looked through those numbers in the front I was baffled as to why they would give us the phone number to a newspa- per, but not the police station. After several frustrating moments, I began to rant about the house, which brought my daughter out of her room. When I explained my problem to her, she pointed out to me that the phone book was published by the newspaper whose name was listed on that list of frequently called numbers. She then told me to look up the number to another newspaper here in town... Surprise, surprise. It wasn't there. Pahrump Valley Times, boo to you!!! I guess next time I get a paper I will pick up the Gazette. T. Janneck Pahrump, NV Karaoke not-00 fault ...... I am writing in regards to the letters that have been written in two of our newspapers by Mike, who is the lead singer of the Shooter band now playing at Peg Leg Saloon and his wife. No one else has written anything bad. It is really sad that someone has to stoop as low as that to try and make someone else's business look bad only because ofjealousy. When you have to write things in black and white so they appear to be worse than they really are you must be a pretty sad excuse for a human being. I am writing this letter because I am sick of the crap Mike is writing. You are making yourself look really stupid, both of you. I used to have a lot of respect for you but you have shown me I was really wrong and I'm sorry for that. I was there the night in question and I'll tell you whatI saw. It was Thanksgiving and there were a lot of families there having a wonderful time singing Karaoke and being together, which is what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about no matter where it's at, and having good CLEAN fun. I saw Mike and his wife come in that evening and they hadn't been there maybe 15 minutes when his wife called the police. I knew they were there to cause trouble. I just couldn't figure out why unless Peg Leg's had no business and they came to check out Stagestop and found it had a lot of people, and in their eyes, that was reason enough to cause trouble. Also, there has NEVER been a fight in an establishment where Karaoke Kountry has played and I think you owe Pam and J.R. an apology for leading people to think something like that! It was all families that night!! As for your intelligent comment on children not being in an environment where there are drinking adults because it is a bad influence on them, well they better close restaurants that allow you to have a drink with your dinner as long as your child is with you. Fights can break out in the most elite restaurants, so don't go there, Mike. You also talked about people being shocked with what they saw that night, well if they were shocked by Karaoke, fun, laughing, playing Ixol and families sitting with each other GOD BLESS them. There was no drinking going on by children at all because Pam walks around all night watching very closely and no children were at the bar, but for the short time you were there you sure saw a lot. As for daughters ending up pregnant? Well better shut your T.V. off because they'll learn more from that than they will from Thanksgiving night. Mike, you need to stop slinging mud. Your kids have been raised in bars. They have danced, played pool and run around like wild animals, so don't go there either. Thanks to you these kids have nowhere to go to get off the streets, stay out of trouble, not drink some place because they're bored and then drive!! Yes, Mike, you did a great job and I'm sure everyone in this town is going to rush right over and shake your ignorant hand and tell you so. Congratulations, a job well done! The town of Pahrump dubs you troublemaker of the year 1996! As for Jan and Philip? Let's see you put up or shut up and come up with the money to give our kids a safe place to go and play miniature golf, go-karts, arcade and show their talent with music. Drop it Mike before you make yourself look worse than you already have. We will stand behind the Statestop before we agree with you!! Is/Glen and Eileen Masters Pahrump, NV Karaoke can be fun I have been living in Pahrump for a little over a year now and have enjoyed listening to the bands I have heard play. I have to tell you that I have noticed people in this town do not know how to have fun!! I started getting a little bored with only having bands to listen to so I was hoping something else would come into town which would take the monotony away. I had gone to Bummers to see the Karaoke being done by an old man and got really BORED but that was the only other thing going at the time. They had a bartender who sang too much behind the bar and took up the other singers' time and couldn't make drinks or walt on her customers while she was singing so we would have to wait until she got done!! Then I went down to the Stagestop one Thursday night to try Jan's 50 cent taco night and met a real lady named Pam who owns KARAOKE KOUNTRY. She was performing and hosting Karaoke that night. I really had a good time. She made everyone feel special even if we couldn't sing a lick. She even acknowledged the people who were not singing. She got everyone involved and got them to laugh, I had a really good time and have been there every Thursday since and anywhere else they are playing. I just want to let people know that Karaoke can be boring if the right person isn't doing it and Pam is far from being boring. If you want fun and like getting attention go see Karaoke Kountry wherever they are. They are always in the paper somewhere. I personally want to thank Pam and J.R. for bringing so much fun into Pahrump. Hope you stay for a long time!! I am glad to be a part of your Karaoke family. Is/Jim and Kathy Dolin Pahrump, NV McMurdo commended I would like to commend Doug McMurdo for his recent column: "Running against the wind in Nye County." It is not often that an Editor bares his soul so eloquently. Nye County has long been dominated by politicians who ignore the Nevada Revised Statutes or interpret them any way they like. Carson City seldom notices and the people are blithely unaware. Until the latter part of 1996, all three Pahrump newspapers declined to seriously criticize Town and County government. They concentrated on innocuous local news and stayed clear of political entanglements. The politicians were encouraged. They continued to award con- tracts to a favored few, ignoring the NITS... and the resulting lawsuits. They also continued to plunder the County treasury by playing illegal games with various grants and supporting, beyond all reason, a failed hospital in Tonopah. But times they are a changin' 1 Pahrump and Nye County are growing by leaps and bounds. Our newerresidents, unlike the old timers, are not intimidated by government officials. They pay their taxes but demand results. Commencing with the town board row over our erstwhile Fire Chief, newspaper coverage began to change. This was aclear case of a County Commissioner using his influence with the Fire Department to oust a proposed Chief for purely personal reasons. The authority of the Town Board was undermined in the process. This gambit was properly rejected due, in no small part, to the excellent coverage by McMurdo in the Gazette. (The Chief resigned and was replaced, but the Commissioner's gambit was soundly put down and is unlikely to be repeated.) Since then the Gazette, the Valley Times and the Observer have taken determined stands on political issues affecting Nye residents. This is as it should be, with the press riding herd on the politicians. As usual the Gazette has taken the lead with its commentaries on the Nye County sexual harassment suit, the role of Rachel Nicholson and ridiculous attempts to balance the County budget. The Times has supported Nicholson but has also revealed the saga of Michael Rippie's successful battle against the NCSO and the NDI, Doug, keep it up! The County needs you and Brent Mathewson to help keep our government in line. This is one citizen who is with you all the way[ Is/Richard Reul Pahrump, NV McMurdo put down In the January 2nd edition of the Pahrump Valley Gazette, Doug McMurdo outdid himself in writing a mass of error and incompetent prattle. McMurdo does not have a clue as to the nature and purpose of the Nevada Open Law (NRS 241.). In fact its purpose is to provide an honest open forum for all Concerned citizens to speak out without being harassed or oppressed by savage partisan officials. This law serves to negate the often tyrannical egos of amateur officials by proscribing a strict set of rules governing public meetings in Nevada. In reference to the instant case involving the Pahrump Town Board meeting of 10 December, the ego-driven Stevie Rainbolt, like a spoiled child is wont to do, declared that he would disobey the law. Acting as temporary chairman, he arrogantly asserted his personal will and unlawfully altered a formally and lawfully published agenda. This a crime! You see, once an agenda for a public meeting is published - NO ONE INVOLVED may change it! This is the law! McMurdo, unlike a professional journalist, did not re- search sufficiently in order to learn the above facts. Further- more, he foolishly relied upon the spurious words of two divisive politicians, Rainbolt and Cammy McRae. This was the "foundation" for his wholly misleading story. While it is true, as he stated, the law does not require an open meeting agenda to contain an Old Business item, once it is published as part of an agenda it may not be removed. Doing so would yank the rug out from under members of the public and other board members who may have planned to address issues falling in that category. In fact, some may actually base their decision to attend upon the specifics of an agenda. The role of a chairman is to be a trusted servant, a simple moderator who will be fully expected to know and to assidu- ously follow the law. A chairman has no special powers over the law. Rainbolt is mistaken in assuming he has been anointed to rule summarily over an assembly of peasants. Shame on this poor pride consumed man. And, shame on McMurdo for pretending to be a real journalist. The subject of the outlawry on December 10, Mr. AI Pryor, certainly did have his rights seriously violated but he was not the only victim - all of us were victims and our precious law was trashed. Remember, the law is our property not an alien substance belonging to arrogant rulers. Never forget it! All who acted to oppress, on 10 December, including deputies, are shamed by their own lawlessness, a hot readi- ness to trample on another. They are buckaroos wallowing in a lust to exercise power. Thefact that not a single person, who has refused to pay for the unlawful business license, has been prosecuted and con- victed for the entire two year "life" of the so-called ordinance, speaks volumes. Be brave folks! Is/Paul Miller Pahrump, NV Editorrs Note: Prozac, try Prozae.