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January 2, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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January 2, 1997

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Slim gets some new boots By the time this bit of nonsense gets in print, the holiday address. It was supposed to be South America, not North and New Years business will be over and I can shed my Bah America. Humbug attitude which comes in mighty handy this time of By the time both parties, the Indians and the Pilgrims year. To me, who runs on a different time schedule than other people, Xmas and New Years comes every day and I don't Slim Sez have to wait all year for them. The twentyfifih and the first are by Slim Sirnes just another couple of days. Actually, if we were to make a special day, it should be the 21 st of December, when the winter solstice gets here. From here on out the days will be realized they had goofed, the Carnival getting longer and we are no longer going downhill. Cruise Line ship had already taken off While looking at the calendar to make sure I had spelled and the rest is history. solstice fight, I noted that this was the day when the Pilgrims I did try to do some shopping during the holiday season, landed in 1620. I wonder how the resident Indians felt when thinking maybe I could pick up on some of the hot items they saw this big Mayflower moving van pull up on the shore which I could later sell to some late shoppers at a good profit. . along with a bunch of station wagons and compact cars all But they was all out of Cabbage Patch Dolls so I missed out loaded with stuffand people of assorted sizes and shapes who again. I did make one good buy which will stand me in good looked kinda funny the way they were dressed? stead, especially with all the traveling I had to do in connec- Looking at it in hindsight, they shoulda told these new tion with my art. arrivals that the Century 21 sales agent gave them the wrong Luggage has always been a problem as it's constantly Letters to the Editor PahAhnt'Vey Gadte.'ursday, Jaguar? 2, f9"7"n getting lost or mixed up and you end up with somebody else's stuff, which wouldn't be a bad deal if it fit, but in most cases it doesn't or the colors are wrong. I'd been wanting to buy a new pair of work boots as my old ones were past the point where duct tape did much good. Now I normally wear a dainty petite size 13. The wrapped duct tape, with its silvery color makes them appear larger. But the only boots on the shelf which the salesman offered to make me a deal on were 16 tripple EEEs. They hadn't been moving well and the manufacturer was discontinuing them. I could see where shoes that big would indeed be hard to move. When I started to demur, saying that they were a bit too large, being a sharp salesman, pointed out the advantages of having too large shoes and how they would prove an asset while traveling. A guy could fill up all the excess space with items normally carried in one's luggage and being on one's feet wouldn't have to lift and carry them. Made sense to me. Well, I think I will wrap this up and go downtown to show off my new boots. Tyranny at the town board? We who were present at the last Town Board meeting, held on 10 December, were treated to a gross example of CRIMI- NAL TYRANNY at the hands of temporary Board Chairman Stevie Rainbolt. In direct violation of the Nevada Open Meeting Law, he took advantage of the temporary absence of the real Chairman, Charlotte Levar. Not long into the pro- ceedings Stevie summarily declared that the duly published official agenda which is prescribed by law was not going to be followed because it was his arrogant personal preference, This action was a crime in itself and was further compounded with the aid of two other criminals on the Board, namely Haulman and Little, plus several outlaw Deputies from the Nye County Sheriff's Department, most especially, Sergeant Eddie Howard. Nye County Commission Chairman Cameron McRae, who is also an auxiliary Deputy, was present and made no protest. Ditto for the Undersheriff. Not a peep from him either!?! Specifically, then and there, Stevie removed from the lawfully published agenda, item number 6, "Old Business: Items which have been on a previous agenda will be dis- cussed, upon request, as time allows." He did this to suit his personal agenda which is rabidly in support.of an unlawful form of business license which is being used as a new tax source in Pahrump. In this specific instance, Stevie took note that a good Pahrumpian, Mr. Al Pryor, had taken position near the podium in order to speak against this unlawful application of a perverted law. Mr. Pryor had spoken regularly in the past on this subject and has earned the respect of all Pahrumpians. Stevie obviously despises anyone who does not accept his absolute authority and grossly violated the letter, spirit and intent of the Nevada Open Meeting Law in order to snub Mr. Pryor. He abruptly declared a recess when the brave Mr. Pryor refused to accept Rainbolt Tyranny by beginning to address the assembly at the proper time. Mr. Pryor acted with complete propriety. He spoke to the issue calmly as the three outlaws on the board raised their arms and beckoned to Deputy Eddie to come forward to intimidate a good Ameri- can. Eddie forced Mr. Pryor out of the building! Such a blatant crime committed before so many witnesses was shocking. Board Member Jim Lee was alone on the Board in ignoring Stevie and following the law. He stayed in his seat and listened to Mr. Pryor for the brief moments before the victim was driven outside. About an hour later at the end of the meeting, Mr. Pryor, having not given up, tried again during the public comment period clearly to the chagrin of the conspirators. When this writer approached Sgt. Eddie, with a retired deputy as a witness, and stated the desire to make a criminal complaint again Rainbolt, said request was denied. It is a very sad thing to see ostensible officials openly defying the law and breaking it themselves! Loving the Republic. /s/Paul J. Miller Pahrump, NV Thanks for a fine newspaper Please allow me this opportunity to thank you and your staff for publishing a fine newspaper. Without the PVG the average voter/taxpayer would never have access to the facts about our Nye County (lack of) management and waste of tax dollars. I personally want to wish you and your staff a most successful and prosperous 1997 and many more to come. One other thought in passing; I have only had the oppor- tunity to know one of the Nye County Commissioners long, well and very personally. I find your staff to be excellent judges of character in your writings about Mr. W. Perkins. Mr. Perkins' honesty, integrity, and character are seldom equalled and never surpassed, I know Mr. Davis only casually and chn find no fault in him. It is very clear that the citizens of NyeCounty have lost a valuable employee. What remains to be seen - will Mr. Davis step up to the task and fill Mr. Perkins shoes, or merely take Mr. Perkins seat on the Com- mission? Time will tell!! Sincere best wishes for 1997 and beyond. Is/Daryl D. Taylor Tonopah, NV Have a pleasant New Years The New Years recurrence is a pleasant co Beside the beginning of anoth year, the New Years celebration extolsahope;weeelebrateawish: ahealthy, happy,ful, and  future to all mankind. /s/Guido  vmmrcv IF ONLY I COULD WRITE---This sweet little mixed female dog didn't find a home for Christmas and was a little shy around the strange person with the black box around the neck. But she soon warmed up and came to the fence to lick hands. If you didn't find a puppy or kitten under the Christmas tree, come to the Pahrump Humane Society on Hwy. 372 behind Mario's Burgers to use money from your stockings.' Thanks, Candy On 23rd December I left home at 0615 hours. About 10 minutes later, atHwy 372 and Woodchips my right front tire went flat. Lots of cars passed, some going east and some west About 0645 hours a van stopped and a young lady said "You need help, I' ve got a phone." I didn't know who to call at that early hour but suggested D &D Tire. She got herjackout and jacked up my car-- then the lugs were so tight she couldn' t g them off (and I'm all crippled up and nohelp). So at 0700 hours shecalled D &DTn'e, they answered. About 20 minutes later D & D showed up, put the "donut" on and I drove to the shop. Them was a big wood screw imbedded and my fire was shredded. It was replaced with a new tire. The enfirecost to me was less than $20., includingtheroadside service. The caring young lady who stopped to help was Candy, a nurse with Pahrump Home Health Care. THANKS CANDY. The people you care for are indeed fortunate to have you on hand. Is/Bob Nelson Pahrump, NV What have we done with the sheriff?. I have supported Wade Lieseke in his initial campaign for Sheriff, and in his goal for a safe and peaceful community. I have initiated additional support for Sheriff Wade Lieseke from family and friends who accepted my judgement and voted for and su this Sheriff. These same friends and relatives are now asking me, "What have we doneT' Evidently, through his actions disregarding the Constitution of the United States, the Sheriff has upset some people. DIM roadblocks,  seizures and allowing Federal intervention in local jurisdiction ate blatant. To continue support of this Sl-axi in my opinion, would be sanctioning constitutional violations. I am asking the Sheriff to discontinne these actions immedi- ately. If he does not I will have no choice but to start a grass roots movement to vote him out of his office in 1998. If I let these actions continne without doing what I can to stop them, I will consider myself a 'Sunshine Patriot' and not worth to call myself an American. /s/Ray Mallow Pahnnnp, NV Osteoporosis The more we learn about our health and the more we realize that a lot of maladies could be avoided if.we would really take care of our health. Not too long ago I had an amiable conversation with a dear friend of mine who is a fine physician and very much up to date about medical science and research. She told me, among other things, that many people do not follow their doctor's advice. She said: 'Wake for example some of my patients who suffer with osteoporosis. I tell them not to smoke and not to drink coffee since nicotine and caffeine aggravate this disease and, believe you me, they wouldn't quit smoking and they keep on drinking coffee. Sometimes it seems like talking to the walls!" Whoever is affected by this terrible malady, he or she could alleviate the discomfort by (like my friend said) quit smoking, stay away from coffee, by losing weight (if you are too heavy), exercising or even brisk walking for about 45 minutes a day and taking calcium tablets. However, my best advice is to see your doctor. IS/Guido Marzullo Pahrump, NV Human Remains According to the news-media, the Italian government closed the leaning-Tower of Pisa to the public for repairs. Experts and local engineers said the tower could collapse at any time unless it is shored up immediately. They also said that the dense pollution in the air is causing this unexpected rapid corrosion of the walls. And do you know something? Unless our leaders (all over the world) stop their lucrative games with each other, and especially with the big industries who are polluting the air we respire, contaminate the food we eat and the water we drink, some day in the future we (our skeletons) will be called "Human Remains" by some creature from outer-space. And that's not a joke! IS/Guido Marzullo Pahrump, NV I The Pahrump Valley "1 Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be / brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. All opinions expressed in the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. 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